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Ask Me Anything with burns survivor Catrin Pugh

Welcome to Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Catrin Pugh.

We’re excited to have Catrin join us to answer your questions on the Support Forum on 14 May 2019 at 6pm (BST) for an hour.

When Catrin was 19, while on a gap year in France, she was involved in a major coach crash which resulted in her having burns on 96% of her body. Since then she’s won Woman Of The Year at the Welsh #WomansAwards, become a long-time champion and supporter of other people with a visible difference, a model and we’re proud to say that she’s the first person with a visible difference to be a #PledgeToBeSeen ambassador - when Avon signed our call to fashion and beauty brands to represent more people with a visible difference.

We’re seriously grateful that Catrin is taking the time out for this AMA and answer your questions. If you have questions for Catrin, make sure you log in to the Changing Faces community on 14 May @ 6pm! If you can't make it, don't panic - share your question as a reply below and we will post it on your behalf.


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I have a facial scar. I struggle with comparing to how my face looked before the scar. As well as comparing my face to other people's without scars, it really makes me depressed.

How do you deal with learning to not do that, and also comparing to how you used to be

My scar is on the front of my nose :/

And I also struggle with wondering when I am talking to people what my scar looks like, as it looks different in lightings and so I wonder what lighting they are seeing it in and find it hard to focus on what it people are saying :/

I know there is a lot there, so just answer what you want. If you also know anyone I could talk to about this as I don't know anyone else going through this. Thank you beautiful x


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