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MA Student Project

My name is Jack Parkin and I am a Masters student at the university of Sunderland.

I am currently in the middle of my MA research, for a project involving medical disability. Focusing on types of medical injuries that involve lasting and life changing physical and psychological trauma. The purpose of the project is to find a way of understanding the psychological effects of people recovering or living with such a disability and how it has changed or impacted the way they visualise themselves as individuals. People with such injuries are often treated differently by others and it is often difficult for people to fully understand, how a person living with such an injury has been affected psychologically. The impact of the injury must have a great effect on the way a person see or interprets their body and the purpose of my project as a designer, is to help express this visual interpretation.

The project will involve using 3D design and animation, as a visual aid. To help put these interpretations into reality, as a way of people living with such injuries to help family and friend better understand how they feel and visualise their injury.

I would like to to ask if it would be possible, if anyone may be willing to fill out a questionnaire. Asking a couple of questions regarding your injury. I understand this is a personal matter and I will not be using any of this information for anything but an educational project. Which will not be shown or released to anyone outside of the university.

If you wish to help use the link below

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As a point of reference, you may find it beneficial to go through Changing Faces, so that interviewee's personal information can be carefully processed from a Data Protection Act perspective. I am more than sure they would be able to advise you accordingly.