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Hi everyone and I hope your week is getting off to a good start.

Our members have spoken.... and thanks so much to all who did. The poll isn't closed if you still want to vote, but there is now a clear trend as far as a result is concerned. It wasn't a huge result but 16 people so far have taken part, and ahead of all the other responses came a wish for more social interaction between members.

That means some change, but an easy one. I've been pretty structured in the past year or so in keeping social posts to Fridays, but I'm more than happy to drop that rule, as I do understand that loneliness through becoming isolated is one of the more horrible aspects of a carer's life, and interacting with each other socially online, must surely be of help

So I'll abolish the Free For All on Fridays and please feel free to post socially at any time from now on. This one is down to all of you to get the ball rolling. Share those photographs, hobbies and thoughts with each other, and get to know some of the other carers out there.

As always there has to be some sort of rule about excessiveness, so in the event that anyone comes to the group with the wrong intentions, I'll retain the right to intervene and put limits on unsuitable or over-frequent posts such as links to external sites, if necessary, and the only other thing to say is please be polite and also kind to each other. So general guidelines will still apply.

Second in the poll came more general articles on Care from outside sources and you are welcome to suggest or post your own, but I'll also try to include some of these myself, when I find things of interest.

The same number of people would like question and answer sessions. Please let us know if there are topics you'd like to cover.

So now, over to you...... 👍😊🌈

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Thank you Callendersgal, an excellent idea I feel. I’m not quite up to par today as only managed three hours sleep due to a nasty bout of reflux/indigestion. I’m on the nod now…lol. Hope others will post whatever they want within the guidelines. Spring will soon be here and the bulbs are already coming up in the pots. Can’t wait. Xxxx👍💜

in reply to sassy59

Spring is my favourite season of the year. It brings with it a promise of a new start. Lighter nights, leaves returning to the trees, flowers coming back to life. This year, for the first time since covid, hopefully lockdown free. Even so, be careful out there, take precautions because covid is not yet beaten.

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sassy59 in reply to

I like Spring too, it brings a sense of hope. I agree about covid though and we all need to take care. Xxx

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Catgirl1976 in reply to sassy59

Thing is covid is here to stay and it's all about taking our chances and learning to live with it is what I think!

I have felt very strongly how i cant hide away forever and have enjoyed my time in Swansea having nice walks round the Marina and the seafront and the b and b opposite the Swansea beach has been a nice place to stay as the owners and other guests were nice.

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sassy59 in reply to Catgirl1976

You’re right Catgirl. We go out and just take care. We don’t mind wearing a mask and going out at quieter times. We have our shopping delivered. Xxx

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Catgirl1976 in reply to sassy59

We have a monthly shopping delivery nowadays as it's quicker and easier!

I remember just before the spring of 2020 started and everything shut down when I became ever so upset when spring and summer plans got snatched away!

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Catgirl1976 in reply to

Thing is masks will be part of life for a while yet!

I feel strongly how I can't hide away forever though!

in reply to Catgirl1976

My wife and I have both said that we are going to continue to wear our masks. We have seen so many people with no masks, sneezing without covering up their nose, coughing without covering up their mouth. It is very basic stuff, having a bit of respect for the people around you. They may not have covid but I still don't want what they are sneezing or coughing out at me. We were in Costco a few months ago and there was this man there wearing a mask. He lifted his mask off so he could sneeze! Unbelievable.

in reply to sassy59

h crumbs, sorry to year sassy59, that's so uncomfortable, I know. Hope you're feeling a bit better now!

Doing better thank you Callendersgal. Hopefully I’ll have a better night tonight. Xxxx🤗💜

in reply to sassy59

Good news and sweet dreams sassy59! xx 💖👍😊

Thank you xxx💜💕💜💕🤞🏼

Sounds good to me

I’m looking forward to Spring and happier and brighter days. Our grandson Jacob has kept us going throughout Covid and he is one year old today! Time has flown over!

However, he has been waiting months for an operation and guess what? They could only fit him in today on his first birthday 🥺🥺 He has been thoroughly spoilt with cards and gifts but will be hungry later 😔as can’t eat after 7 am. I haven’t slept all night thinking about him as he is such a treasure 🤗🤗 take care everyone xxx

in reply to Goldenanny

Oh poor little sausage Goldenanny, but still, better to get it over with, and I guess he won't really feel the full impact of having missed his celebrations as it was his first birthday. But many happy returns to him!

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Goldenanny in reply to

Thank you 😊

He has had to isolate for three days before the op and we can’t wait to give him a big birthday hug and lots of cuddles 🥰🥰🥰

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