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Caring and shielding


As a home carer for my husband , and we are under shielding , I am amazed at what I hear from others and read about the food boxes . We are more than grateful for ours , the first of which we have received this week . Yet people are moaning about them , sending them back . I don’t understand why . Along with the food box you also get a free food delivery slot , so you can use that as a top up for all the things that you would use each week too like washing powder, pet food etc. The box contents are so lovely and a pleasure to receive . As home Carers , with all that we do each day , and the extras we have had to sort during this time we are in , a food box on the doorstep is a massive help to me . My husband was used to going to the local hospice as a day patient one day a week , now that isn’t happening things are more difficult , so any help out there I will really make use of and be grateful for . What are others experiences .

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It must be sad to be so unappreciative. Some people seem to go through life in a haze of complaint and discontent, If they send them back, they don't need them so let someone else have them who knows how to say thank you, that was ind of you.

However bad things are and however impssible to put right - some people can always be relied upon to make things worse for themselves and everyone else.

good for you Daisy, I am sure that with your spirit you can find a way of saying thankyou.

As I type this there is asmall flock of seagulls shouting and bickering over some horrible thing they have found. So very human aren't they?

FredaE in reply to FredaE

I talked across the ro to a neighbout today. She said the seagulls were mobbing a that's me jumping to conclusions


Hello Daisy, it’s good to read that you’re getting help and support. The food boxes sound amazing and nobody should be complaining. I have read of some who don’t require the food boxes and would rather they go to those less fortunate or they send them to the food bank which is nice.

Having a shopping delivery is a must as we too are shielding. We’re lucky enough to have one.

I wish you and your husband as good a weekend as possible, we will get through this.

Stay safe xxxx

Good morning Daisy55

I agree with you that some people don't appreciate the food boxes that the good People of the UK have kindly provided for people in need I received one box and rang them up to thank them but I don't need it anymore because I am on list for a supermarket as a priority customer and I manage to get what food and other things that I need to my next weekly shopping. I asked them to send it to someone else who needs it badly. Sadly some people are never satisfied with what they get. Maybe due to the fact that it isn't not what they are used to buying for themselves. Plus the fact some people think that they can catch the virus of paper and some wash food in soapy water how silly is that washing under a cold tap water will get any surface germs of the food. I am glad that you are liking the food parcels. You take good care of yourselves and stay safe and well always


I have to defend those people who don't want or need a food box, I am able to go shopping and still do once a week, I would like to have my usual delivery slot from the supermarkets but so far haven't managed to get one, so much for Waitrose looking after their regular customers 😡

Anyways my daughter is living at home at this time so she is also able to shop for me if needed, so I wouldn't need a food box and would rather it went to someone who can't get out, it wouldn't be because I was being ungrateful or didn't like the contents, I and probably many others on "the list" just don't need them. So far I've not had a food box or been offered a delivery slot ☹️

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to bantam12

I totally agree with you bantam12, but I think it's a whole different scenario to not need help and refuse it as you are doing. But to receive the help and claim it's not good enough is unrealistic. Grateful for help seems the wrong phrase, but appreciation of help given seems only right.


Hi Daisy55,

I'm so pleased you are feeling so upbeat about the challenges of lockdown and that you are making the best use of your first food box. It's taken some time for those being shielded to get the help they need, and I have to agree that it's needed and must be of assistance, and I too don't understand why anyone would be unappreciative. When I think of all those people who have lost all income and having to rely on food banks and food vouchers, it's puzzling and concerning, and I think you are right about the ability of some to go through life in constant complaint and discontent. (I think it's a 1st world problem to be honest). You'd have thought that the moaners would, by now, be realising that life's not safe and that any help you receive in times of trouble should be appreciated.

Glad to hear from you and pleased that you are weathering this storm in such a cheerful way. I hope both of you continue to stay safe and well. Take care.

Hi Daisy55,

Sending my greetings to you and your husband. I am so pleased that your food parcel came in handy. I don't have any personal experience to report but I know people who have received them and they too have really appreciated them. I know they vary so much in their contents. It seems that the most important thing for most people is that they are thought about and not forgotten.

It must be tough for you during these times with not having any respite as caring is tough even with respite. I hope you have organisations you can call upon to give you help if needed. In the area I live in a community hub has been set up by volunteers to provide help needed for carers. I hope you have something similar?

Hi Daisy ( lovely name )

We got a food box, just a few things we could not use, because of other health issues, so what we did not use , we gave to the food bank.


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