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Free For All on Friday

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Hi everyone. Friday rolls round once again so welcome to another Free For All on Friday, for your posts on any topic you wish, keeping it within general community guidelines, of course.

A very warm welcome to those who have joined us this week, wherever you may be. All are welcome and we welcome your comments and questions. I hope we can help in at least some small way.

BrentW has beaten me to it this Friday with an absolutely wonderful study of a rabbit. Such talent BrentW. I really love this painting!

My own comment about the past week is that it seems in quite a large measure to have been one of those rare good news weeks.

I'm thinking firstly of the little girl in Australia, who against all the odds has been rescued from her kidnapper and returned safely to her parents! Surely everyone must have had moments of fearing the worst, so this would gladden anyone's heart, especially as, from TV footage, she doesn't appear to be too traumatised by her experience. I hope that proves to be the case.

Then not one, but two new medical announcements! Firstly a medication to help with treating the worst aspects of covid19. Surely that has to be really good news for helping people to avoid hospital admissions and to recover more easily.

And secondly the great statistics on the effects of the HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccine. This seems to be stunningly effective with such a high rate of preventing cervical cancer in the young. A wonderful result.

It's all combined to make me feel a little less bleak about the current state of affairs in the world.

Meantime, more mundanely, but importantly, I hope you've all had a good week and that a good weekend will follow. Take care everyone!

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Great week here this week as yesterday I went out for a pub lunch after my interview which I enjoyed.

We had an enjoyable Halloween weekend watching movies and eating lots of pumpkin and winter veg and Baby is fine and received trout in her dish on Monday!

Today has been a quiet day watching coronation st from 1991 and a short walk to the shop and back for some bread and milk to put us on and a delicious lunch of winter veg along with meatballs which was enjoyable.

Yesterday I got a phone call demanding I have an interview with them today and I told them no I couldn't make it and before they had chance to argue I had put the phone down on them and feel it was the right thing to have done for myself as when you say no to something you can say yes to other ones.

Tomorrow I have a job interview at 2pm working in the theatres at the university hospital and I did ring them to ask had they given me the wrong date and did they mean today but no it's tomorrow!

I don't mind doing a Saturday interview as I used to work Saturday's when I worked in the bakery and as a catering assistant many years ago and I hadn't planned anything anyway for tomorrow so it's not like I'm missing out on anything!

I'm looking forward to a week this Friday when I will be packing my bags to go for a weekend away in Weston the first one for a long time as the last time we stayed away from home was when we went to Exeter just before everything shut down back in March 2020.

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Catgirl1976

Good luck for your interview tomorrow. Thinking of you. Xxxx

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Catgirl1976 in reply to sassy59

I had interviews yesterday and Wednesday this week that I didn't get but I feel that not getting those jobs is a blessing in disguise as I wouldn't have enjoyed them and one of them was part time but still it's all experience!

Next week I have interviews Tuesday and Wednesday at 12.45 and 12 noon so it's not like they're early on those days and Saturday I am looking forward to going away to Weston and coming back on the Monday.

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Catgirl1976


Good luck with your interview cat 🤗😺hope baby was ok last night pixie was out 🙀🙀🙀

Yes Baby was fine last night and hid from the fireworks!

Having an easy morning this morning watching coronation st from 1991 and made a start on packing my bag for my weekend away next Saturday and I booked the train tickets yesterday afternoon to pick up at the station when I'm ready.

I haven't stayed away from home since just before everything shut down back in March 2020 when we went to Exeter at the end of the February 2020 for the weekend and that was the last time we stayed away from home.

In my travel bag I found a magazine with things to do in spring 2020 published before everything shut down that got cruelly snatched away when covid destroyed everything in its path!

Thankfully a lot of those things can be rearranged for another time that I was interested in that I still want to do but sadly no matter how hard you try some things can't be replaced.

Today I will be walking to and from the interview and I will set off about 12.30 to have lots of time to get there and settle in before I go to the interview room for 2pm.

Tomorrow and Monday I am off out with my sister in law for a trip into the city centre.

A lesson in covid for me is to by all means put down to do nice things but be flexible with plans say have alternative things in mind should plans fall through say my back up for the pub crawl a couple of weeks back was that if there was any reason it couldnt do ahead we would see about getting something delivered instead and perhaps rearrange for another time.

When things are taken away in the manner they were when covid swept in back in March 2020 at the time that struck it had felt devastating and like the world had ended but as time has gone on new opportunities have arisen for me and new interests.

Glad your going away at last, I think.a vacation would do me good but pixie doesn't travel well and there's no accom for cats,going swimming is like been on Holliday and especially as couldn't go last week and in the pool with glass roof and false plants like been on tropical resort, the sun was out and it was so warm, it really lifted my mood, and it's such a repreave relief that I can walk in my house and see the fireplace and rug and walls with bricks plasterred over and not falling over tools and kitchen units, I think we need to make the most of little things that give us pleasure while we have them as you say COVId snatched things away and now climate change my town be one first to go under the tidal flood barrier isn't that big, we don't know what's round the corner, I as you know got my dream job and was snatched away after only been there couple weeks, take care good luck for today 🤗😺

Yes Hull and Holderness are only a few metres above sea level arent they?

I admit freely that I was full of burning anger for a long time after those managers snatched that job away from me that turned toxic but now I have forgiven them as I feel when they did that to me they accidentally did me a favour in getting me out of that ill suited job however I'm not making up excuses for them as its wrong to bully no matter what the circumstances and it was the unfairness of it that had rankled but time has helped and now I am at peace with that.

Forgiveness doesn't mean I am friends with them though it was a present I gave to myself for my own health and peace of mind.

Yes it was extremely unfair the way your job was snatched off you wasn't it and there was nothing you could have done about it either as with natural disasters like covid they destroy everything they come into contact with and don't care either!

Had my interview this afternoon and they rang me just now to say I hadn't got it and I wasn't surprised as I had a hunch the job had gone and they were only seeing me out of courtesy and the excuse today was that I hadn't done enough research which I think was made up!

Point is the world doesn't revolve around them and their stupid job and I have lots of other things that take priority as well but I'm glad they rang and gave me the results so I'm not sat around tomorrow and Monday worrying.

I don't think I would have enjoyed it there anyway as the communication in regard to the interviews was rubbish in my view so it's a case of good riddance really but the silly excuses really get me annoyed but I do see the funny side to them though after I have calmed down!

I did enjoy my walk through the parks to and from the interview though and I bought myself a meal deal from Boots which I enjoyed as I decided I would treat myself rather than pack my own lunch.

Onwards and upwards!

Is Prince Pixie still asleep then?

Hi cat sorry late reply pixie got under bed in the draws last night he's asleep in sun now on bed, the right job will come when the times right as you know fate is fate, I went swimming this morning glad to be up out early, yes my anger so bad with nebours for drain inspection delays back then but my anger went and feel better for letting it go she did right thing in end, as for her nebour I look away as tried smiling twice and she ignored me not worth it one day I'll live in s nicer area at least for now my nebours at other side are lovely and I'm friends with my other nebour, and as for my job I never got there loss and I'm free to do other things, as you are, catch up on my pixie post bit later as am doing DIY which I'm sick of but things are moving on 😺😺😺

Been out for a carvery lunch with my sister in law which we both enjoyed and had a good chat to her and went to the shops and for me to pick up my prescription which was due on thursday just gone but got delayed but thankfully it wasn't needed urgently as I always order ages in advance and I have to book a review with the doctor in December which I feel has come round quickly!

I said how I had felt really cross yesterday over that interview and how I was treated and my sister in law reckoned that the job had already gone before I went to interview and that excuse about doing more research and going to visits was just an excuse!

Hubby had said why don't they explain when they ask people for interview that part of the process is a visit and invite them to book a visit prior to the actual interview itself and how with respect to them the world doesn't revolve around them and their stupid job and how grown adults are busy people say with jobs and having to deal with young children they are responsible for and visits take time and we only have so much time in the day for our priorities and that their selfish attitude is ridiculous!

We laughed about Thursday when I put the phone down on that place that wanted me to interview on the Friday and my sister in law said good for me for having done that to them hanging up the phone before they had chance to argue with me after I had told them no I couldn't make that appointment and had put the phone down on them and that it's great when I tell places no!

Point is the world doesn't revolve around them and their stupid job!

Back in June I had booked a video interview for 11.30am and the internet went wonky and they decided without asking me first to book me in for 1.30pm that day and I was furious at they hadn't asked me first if that was OK so what I did was left the flat and went for a walk and then got in contact with them to tell them to forget about the 1.30 appointment as I was cancelling as I was no longer interested in the vacancy so that was that!

Now I'm glad the internet broke down that day as it showed their true nature and that job has been readvertised twice since that happened back in June but when it happened at the time I was absolutely devastated and it had felt like the world had ended.

I'm looking forward to my weekend away next weekend so perhaps not getting the job yesterday is life telling me yes to the things that can be rearranged that were stolen away from me due to covid day like weekends away can easily be rearranged for another time.

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Catgirl1976

Good luck for your upcoming interview Catgirl1976 and glad to hear you've had a good week!

Originally when they said Saturday I had thought it was a typing error so had rung them up to ask and yes it is tomorrow and I picked the last slot 2pm which gives me plenty of time to get ready to go there and have a slow morning.

I feel not getting the jobs I went for on Wednesday and Thursday was a blessing in disguise as the wednesdsy one was only part time and the one yesterday I was glad I didn't get as I don't think I would have enjoyed it there and I have a hunch that the job had already gone before I went to interview.

I did enjoy my pub lunch out yesterday though.

Sunday and Monday coming up I am having some time out with my sister in law who says how the health service management are crooks and how they give jobs to their favourites before anyone goes to interview and that my instinct yesterday was right that job more than likely had been unofficially promised to someone else before anyone had their interviews!

Back in March I had interviewed at a place and had been glad I wasn't offered a job there as at interview they had said they were automatically going to give someone a part time job before interview and I had thought thats not fair and had hoped I wasn't going to get the job there offered to me so was happy when it wasn't!

To be fair I do respect that they were upfront and honest when they said that!

That job has reappeared 3 times since March as well.

That wasn't a waste as it was a lesson not to apply to that employer again!

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You’re right Callendersgal, good to have some cheerful news this week. I’m so happy little Cleo was found safe and well. We’ve had a good week and just on way home from lunch celebrating our daughters birthday. All very nice and we’re going to watch fireworks locally tonight.

Wishing everyone a good weekend. Stay safe and well. Xxxxx

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to sassy59

That sounds like fun sassy59 and so glad your week went well. Enjoy those fireworks! xx

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

Will do, thank you. Xx🤗💜

I've had a, second bannister fitted at home, also some helpful gadgets were delivered all in preparation for my return home, on Monday we should find out what help I'm getting through the social worker, I'm going to take all that's offered and then gradually offload it as I'm not allowed to bend down for 8 weeks after surgery, 3 down, 5 to go, the OT has also got a gadget to help me put socks on

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Jennymary

Sounds as if things are moving forward nicely Jennymary. Wishing you well and better days ahead. Xxx

Great to hear that you are making great progress!

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Glad things are underway at home to prepare for your return Jennymary and it's quite right to accept whatever help is on offer, so that you can retain some independence, and you certainly won't be able to get back to a full range of movements, at least for the immediate future. Thanks for giving us the update and it's all sounding really good, so lets hope there are no setbacks now and you can continue on this great path to recovery that you are making! 👍😊

Hello. Hoping that she is found soon alive. I have had a nice week. I had a fun French lesson on Wednesday morning and went for nature walks this week too. Off to a hotel on Sunday for the entire day. Went to a nice classy pub dinner on Monday evening. Today I went to town and walked back. Flu shot tomorrow.

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to thara9643

The lovely thing is that she was, happily, found! Glad to hear you had a good week and great that you’re getting your flu jab Tharp 9643!


Hi Sue yes great news and also HRT has been reduced in price from a campaigne, as the price was double as classed as 2 as 2 hormones should have been 19 pound a month I had been getting undercharged as some chemists didn't know, and was paying 9 pound 4o ISH can't remember the pence lol, I'm back swimming too really helped me and mam's anxiety about COVId has eased as we survived my builder coming who's children had it and mam's great granddaughter and pixie got through last night he got out and had to hide outside he came back when the fireworks eased, I will keep closer eye on him today he's so fast tho, who'd have thought last year we were in a panic about finding a vaccine, but now it's panic about climate change at least there doing something now, so that was good news on news too, I remember years ago they were on about bringing trams back and making people have more than one in a car going to work, there funding bikes for work but need easier way on tires mam's and my bikes puncture and it's a nightmare repairing with deralyer gears in way and mam's electric bike well we tried mam's really good at it but her backs in agony from bending think.slow puncture and we got the inner tube back in yesterday couldn't get it all out as it's different to ordinary bike and a lot needs in bolting mam is going to speak to the bike shop about some spray stuff which repairs inner tubes, she read about hope you have good weekend, here's pixie making most of his Saturday lye in feeling snug n safe 😺🙀😁xx


When isn't Pixie having a lie in?

When he's roof rolling and roof jumping 🙀😺


I said to hubby how Pixie is just a kitten at 7 compared to elderly Baby who is 17 and he says Pixie is a funny looking kitten!

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This is all really positive Mandy and can also be counted into 'good news week' including your own personal achievements. We've certainly got a long way to go with the climate change challenges, but, as you say, any first step is better than doing nothing. Pixie is looking extra chilled-out and I hope that you and he have a really good weekend!

Beginning to discuss Christmas again

Its amazing how quick it comes round isn't it?

How are you and Milo getting on?


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