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Free For All on Friday

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Hi everyone,

So… the last month of the year is here and has arrived along with such a lot of uncertainty with regard to the new omnicron variant of covid19. It’s a touchy time, not knowing how serious this will turn out to be, particularly as lots of us are beginning to have thoughts of Christmas and a better one than last year. We can only hope.

While Christmas is still three weeks away, our Jewish members (including our own dear Leah), are now celebrating Hanukkah, so very happy celebrations to all of you.

Also warmly welcoming anyone who has joined us over the past week.

It’s time for our Free For All on Friday once again, the time for your off-topic posts if you wish, so long as they are within our community guidelines.

I’ve had an average sort of week this week. It was time for my 6-weekly hair cut on Tuesday, and I was taken aback when booking my next appointment to realise that this will be next year!

On the same day I received a surprise parcel in the post. I really was flummoxed, not recognising the writing on the package and thinking that this was far too early to be a Christmas gift. And it was in fact, a surprise gift from two dear friends which I had absolutely not expected, thanking me for my friendship. What a lovely thing. It really did cheer up an otherwise very mundane day. I think something like that can really lift your spirits and make you feel all warm and fuzzy!

I have to mention Barbados having become a republic, giving up its last real tie with the United Kingdom. It's my second home so I do feel a little sad about the changes which are bound to come about there gradually now. It was always known as 'Little England' and had a very defined character. But change is inevitable and this is what its people have chosen as the way forward, so for anyone else with ties to that tiny jewel of the Caribbean, wishing you all a successful onward journey as a nation.

In the community we heard from MikeMan58 with an update on his situation after his mum sadly died and he was faced with having to sell her home and to move himself. I’d like to thank him for including us on his difficult journey. He’s been really good at checking in throughout his mum’s final few months of life and it’s been really helpful to learn first hand of some of the unexpected problems which crop up around the care of a loved one.

We also saw a really sweet picture of Milo, thara9643’s dear little dog and a great photo from FredaE of one of the the rooms at Trerice, (the National Trust’s Elizabethan Manor House near Newquay in Cornwall), complete with its pretty Christmas tree.

How has the week been for you all? I hope it’s been pleasant for as many of you as possible and that the weekend will follow in similar vein. Take care and please stay safe.

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Hello Callendersgal, I can’t quite believe another week has gone by and we’re now in December. I’m ready for the big day and reftse to think about it not going ahead again. With boosters and lateral flow tests we should hopefully get through. Your friends are very kind and are indeed good friends. Nice to feel valued and appreciated. Not much has happened this week. I’ve worn a small heart monitor for three days to see what’s happening with the AF. Took that back on Thursday so now have to just wait. My tie is almost healed after 12 weeks so that’s good.

I’m sure Barbados will do well and be happy as they are. It does seem strange though.,

It’s been good to see posts from some community members and it’s always good to stay in touch. Good wishes to all.

Hoping everyone has a good weekend. Stay safe and warm.

Take care xxx💜💕🥰

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Catgirl1976 in reply to sassy59

I got my booster tomorrow afternoon at 4.20pm.

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Catgirl1976

That’s good Catgirl. I’m sure it will be fine xxxx

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to sassy59

Glad to hear your toe's healed up nicely sassy59 and good luck with that hear monitor! Oh AF is like the scarlet pimpernel isn't it? I know the feeling 😀. Stay safe too and enjoy your weekend! xxx 👍😊💖

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

Exactly Callendersgal, very evasive. I just hope something shows up. 👍🤗😀💜

Hello sue and all reading I cannot believe also it's Xmas soon I did buy pixies ptessie a couple months ago from the vets as I got his flea drops a mouse with catnip, he rolls in exctasy with it, I shall be glad when it's over and look forward to spring my DIY is nearly done and house getting valued 27th December, I'll probably spend another spring or summer in this house which I won't mind as in garden most the time and my old kitchen extenshion is now a kinda conservatory summer room well it was soposed to be but I had to wait about 6 months then the electrics showed dodgy old rusty sockets and wires so that had to be re done then the plumbing as I moved the kitchen in the room beyond after the wall was knocked out, I have this week got running water downstairs, I hoped the changes would help me stay but all the upheavel really set me back and even now it's all done exept bit decorating which I'm.doing now and a few bits n bobs I still want to move so looking to be on sale by January, sorry for the rabble, hers pixie last Xmas hope you have a good weekend 🤗😺xx

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to

Our lovely old cat Tessa loved catnip and would go crazy for it. Pixie is a lovely cat. Hoping your house valuation and subsequent move will go well. Xxx😽😻

in reply to sassy59

Good morning sassy he's under cover now I've just seen a full eclipse on TV did you see it have a lovely weekend 🤗😺😻🌟🌝xxx

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to

Bless him. Yes I did see the eclipse and thought it was amazing. Enjoy your weekend too Mandy. Xxx💚💜😻

in reply to sassy59

Eclipse xx

On news just now

Rolling in ecstacy 😁

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Catgirl1976 in reply to

Prince Pixie looks like a rug on the floor!

in reply to Catgirl1976

Lol 😂😂he's just got to his Nana's he found me here were having fish 😺😺😺

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Catgirl1976 in reply to

Prince Pixie will be meowing for fish same as Baby does!

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So interesting about Pixie's love of catnip Mandy as none of my cats, including Kasar, have ever shown any interest in it and I've always wanted to see one which does love it. I think it's a good plan to market your house in January as it all falls very flat in December with everyone's thoughts on winter celebrations and now we all have to think of covid again for a while too. But it's good to have a definite plan and things usually buoy up a bit by the middle of January. Enjoy your weekend too!

in reply to Callendersgal

Hi Sue yes the agents say boxing day is the day they start looking again, there quite scarece here now and get snapped up so I'm hoping they will compromise on only back garden parking not front although my builder took my gate and posts down and there is room to drive a car next to bus shelter which I am.still trying to get taken down there's no buses now, fate is fate and if I'm.destined to live at mam's forever so be it 🤗😺

Having a bit of a stressful time.Jim has had his bowel procedure and nothing serious found but to complete the investigation he has to go to a different hospital next week for some kind of scan.

The medication they gave him complely emptied his bowel and we had a dreadful night dealing with it all. Don't think he will agree to that again. I managed to convince him to wear the pads/pants on the journey and luckily they did there job.

His kidney consultant will be Phoning on Saturday. From a different hospital to the one we chose. No way can I cope with getting him to that hospital. It's so far away. Also will have to cope with city centre traffic.

Will have to see what can be done.

He wants the heating blasting out all the time with living room door shut. I am wearing a t shirt to cope with the heat. Being home is very uncomfortable at the moment. Keep telling him about the cost of it too but he doesn't care. We pay a fair bit already so worried about that.

Not given to much thought to Christmas yet. Booked our Christmas lunch out with family but not sure what will happen now. I have the emergency Christmas lunch in the freezer just in case.

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Catgirl1976 in reply to Lynd

Best thing to do is pop an emergency Christmas lunch in the freezer just in case!

What we decided would be best for us is to have very low expectations of Christmas and not book anything at all as it feels the best thing to do is save ourselves the upset and not bother like we did in the summer which we enjoyed!

We have had some pre Christmas get togethers in November which we enjoyed as we felt it was best to do them whilst they were there as covid has taught me how tomorrow is guaranteed to no one!

One of my friends said how you can't rely on anything these days in response to plans for Christmas and holidays but says how he can always rely on me!

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FredaE in reply to Catgirl1976

i agree with you

we are hoping davids daughter from france will be able to come and see us but don't count on it

itis no good setting yourself up for disappointtment

it is so sad if you set your heart on something and we have never met but we shall believe it when she is on the doorstep.

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Catgirl1976 in reply to FredaE

I remember back in 2009 when there were those whispers about bird flu going round and I was working in caerphilly and a colleague was worried in case her trip to Mexico was cancelled so I had suggested why not make some backup plans or other things she enjoyed and if Mexico did get cancelled to rearrange to go to Mexico another time and she had cried saying how she wanted to have gone to Mexico and I had comforted her and had said how its always hard to take when you have set your heart on something and it might not happen and had said about some of my disappointments and how I had overcome them.

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Lynd

I'm pleased that Jim's had his procedure Lynd and that nothing bad has been found. That emptying of the bowel really is dramatic isn't it and so unpleasant. I hope the scan will show what it's meant to show so that he doesn't have to suffer that indignity again any time soon. Good news that you can have a phone appointment with the kidney consultant. Life's been hectic enough recently without another long hospital journey.The rising cost of home heating is pretty eyebrow raising isn't it, but I expect poor Jim is really feeling the cold, even though you feel as if you're in the tropics.

And yes, hope for the best but prepare for the worst regarding Christmas I think. Remember how we were told last year that it wouldn't be derailed and then most definitely was! Hoping that you get to spend it with family though.

Last Christmas I feel was a lesson in taking promises from unreliable people with a grain of salt!

I remember back in the September whispers about the Christmas supposedly being cancelled and had become ever so upset but thankfully had time to learn from the autumn things getting cancelled the lesson not to listen to unreliable people full of promises and it was the right thing to have done as an least in the September there was plenty of time to sort something else out whereas when that bulletin came on the TV last December just before Christmas was about to start slamming the door in people's faces saying no they wouldn't be getting the Christmas promised I had felt gutted for the poor people who had been led to believe that yes they were getting Christmas only to have had that door slammed shut in their faces at the last minute!

This year we decided not to book anything and just have some quiet reflection time at home for those days as I feel the best way forward is to have no expectations as it saves us the upset by deciding not to bother!

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Lynd

I do feel for Jim and the bowel medication, not nice. Good that nothing was found though. Wishing him well for the scan if you can get there. Not sure I could cope with the heating blasting out but needs must.

Wishing you both better days ahead. Take care xxxx

Busy and interesting week this week and having a quiet day in today watching old episodes of Coronation street from 1991!

Tomorrow it's my booster jab at 4.20pm so that will be my priority for tomorrow.

Monday myself and my sister in law went for a carvery lunch after I had a job interview for a temporary job nearby and I was happy when I didn't get it as I don't think I would have been happy there!

Tuesday I had an interview for a switchboard operators job and some of the interview was in Welsh which I gave my best to and felt like I had given it my best which is all I can do really and had a picnic lunch out as well.

Busy day on Wednesday as I caught up with the washing and changed the bed and watched old coronation st from 1991 whilst I waited for a doctors appointment on the phone when they rang at 3.50pm and everything was fine and it's easier when you know and trust your doctor as the one that rang I had known previously and found him ok.

Yesterday I had a day in Cardiff Bay and a walk round the commercial part of the bay and as interview at a place called Giovanni's that went badly as they told me to my face I wasn't suitable for the job and I thanked them for their honesty and said how I respect those who are honest even if it hurts!

That interview wasn't a waste as it was a lesson not to go to them again and even though I was disappointed and upset I managed a nice walk afterwards round the commercial part of Cardiff bay and to the wetlands and the hamadryad park and had lunch outside in the bay and then went home and decided to put the interview that morning down to experience as I would rather regret trying things and doing them and it not working out than being full of regret wondering what might have been.

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Catgirl1976

It really was another busy week! I'm glad that most of it was pleasant but that interview sounds horrid. On the other hand at least you knew from the outset that you weren't going to get the job and I know what you mean about appreciating the honesty. I always feel the same way when selling a house. So many people view and declare it's the best house they ever saw and they can't wait to move in..... only to vanish, never to be seen again!

This afternoon I gave the doctors a ring to sort out a blood test that had been discussed during my phone appointment on Wednesday and sorted one out for the 14th January for 9am as with 9am it's over and done with for the rest of the day!

Hubby and my sister in law said how they didn't think that interview yesterday was very nice either and said I was right to thank them for their honesty as at least I wasn't sitting around waiting for a phone call and how I was right to have gone for a walk round the bay afterwards to calm down and get some lunch from Greggs there.

At the interview yesterday they said how they had had lots of staff start with them and leave only after a few weeks and if they spoke to them the same way they spoke to me yesterday then I'm not surprised!

It's a lesson not to go to that employer again so it wasn't a waste!

This evening we have had a family bucket of chicken from KFC delivered as a treat and Baby has had some in her dish as well which we have all enjoyed!

No more interviews now until next Wednesday at 11 on video for a temporary job but it's my booster jab tomorrow at 4.20pm.

More downs than ups for me, the upside was that on Wednesday the OT came out, was happy with the way I walked in the flat, then came the big moment, down my stairs, no problem, a slowxsteadyvsalknup to the post box as I had a letter that needed posting, then back down, OT was really pleased with me and the way I walked, the 20 minutes it took was the longest I'd been out for months and also the longest walk.

The downside is last week I had a call from my council wanting to know why my salary has dropped, told her, she then wanted copies of pay slips for the last 4 months, which were sent to her last weekend. Yesterday she rang wanting copies of my sick notes, one is hand written as it was issued in hospital the others were by email to be opened within 28 days so sent the latest one and the hand written one. I've also developed a, rash close to my surgery scar, after delays at the Dr's surgery I spoke to someone today who thinks it's an infection, she's issued antibiotics and eczema cream, I arranged for someone to collect it for me, she arrived empty handed as the pharmacy need to order it in so I won't get it until Monday

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Jennymary

Oh dear, yes, I can see that you had some challenges, Jennymary. However I suppose it's just too much to hope that all would go really smoothly, and especially when dealing with your local council. Your rash sounds uncomfortable so I hope you can get your medication for that as quickly as possible and it's frustrating that this will mean after the weekend. But so glad that your stairs and the walk went well with your OT. That's great progress!

I went to a art exhibition yesterday afternoon at a local library. I wish I had taken photos but I was too fascinated by the pictures. Then I came back, showered, ate dinner and played a game.

This past week was challenging ! As you know we celebrated Thanksgiving Giving here in the USA the last Thursday in November. My sons joined us along with grandchildren the Sunday before . Our next door invited us for the Thursday, saying everyone was vaccinated so we joined them . Last Wednesday we got a call to say an attendee had tested positive. We immediately drove to a testing facility, it was jammed and it was closing time . Our appointment the next morning went smoothly , again it was crowded, our results were sent to us later that night ; both were negative, thankfully. In the meantime our hostess tested positive. She is okay except for no sense of taste or smell.

It just shows , how careful we still have to be .

Waiting for the test results was like waiting for scan results . So everyone, please be careful, we are still not out of the woods with this virus don't spoil Christmas for yourself or family.

Gillian , Mookie Fox 1244

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A nervous moment Gillian! I'm so glad your tests were negative but yes, this just shows how easily transmission can take place! Wise words with regard to Christmas!


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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to thara9643

Looking lovely thara9643!

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