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Free For All on Friday

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Hello everyone on yet another Friday morning.

This being the case I offer, as usual, the opportunity to post off-topic if you would like, keeping your posts within our Community Guidelines.

I also extend a warm welcome to any of you who have newly joined us this week.

Please feel at home here. We want it to be a safe and useful space for all and for you to feel happy to make contributions and ask questions.

My chosen topic for today is the good old cup of tea, or cuppa. Those of us in UK or Ireland know that a good strong cup of tea is the panacea for all of life's ills. It's even served up in hospitals and the last time I was lying on a hospital trolley in A&E, the most welcome medication I got was a big mug of steaming tea. One time, after a rear end shunt to my car, a lady appeared from a nearby house with a cup of tea for me in a lovely bone china cup on a tray with some biscuits. It made everything feel better instantly. And on another occasion when our car had broken down in Ireland a farmer's wife invited us into her kitchen and gave us boiled eggs, toast and yes, you've guessed it, a pot of tea.

But even I was a bit astounded to read one claim for tea this week. It was mentioned in an online article because some research had apparently shown that tea can lessen the risk of stroke and dementia. Here's an excerpt from the article which appeared in 'Lifted', an online magazine for dementia sufferers and their carers.

'In the research, 365,000 people aged between 50 and 74 were followed for more than a decade. At the start the participants, who were involved in the UK Biobank study, self-reported how much coffee and tea they drank. Over the research period, 5,079 of them developed dementia and 10,053 went on to have at least one stroke.

Researchers found that people who drank two to three cups of coffee or three to five cups of tea a day, or a combination of four to six cups of coffee and tea, had the lowest risk of stroke or dementia.'

That's quite a big study! Often I read studies which have published results based on less that 50 people, and I was expecting that here. But even so I think it would be safest to treat this very speculatively!

The reason tea is on my mind this week? I took delivery of the tea kettle pictured above, an awful extravagance I had sent to me from US as an early Christmas present from me, to me. I like lots of different tea, from a Yorkshire brew to any of the more delicate herbal teas and tisanes and I have no idea why, but I love the ritual of tea making and ridiculously, a lovely kettle to boil the water adds to the whole thing. (Maybe I was Japanese in an earlier life!)

Anyway, whatever you've done this week, I hope it had its moments of pleasure and I wish you all a similarly pleasant weekend and hope that all of you will be able to find some moments of rest and relaxation.

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Thank you for your Friday post Callendersgal. I do enjoy tea and drink decaf tea and coffee. The research about dementia and stroke is very interesting. I’ll keep drinking then. We’ve had a quiet week with some good news….. Pete will be picking up his motability car on Monday. He can’t wait. It’s a BMW X1 so he’s very happy. I’m hoping it’s not as low as the car we have now as I struggle to get in and out. I have back and knee problems.

I really love your new kettle, it’s so pretty. It’s good to treat yourself sometimes.

I wish everyone a good weekend. It’s due to get colder on Sunday.

Stay safe everyone. Take care xxx💜💚💕🤗❤️🥰💖😘

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to sassy59

Hi sassy59,I'm so thrilled for you both about the car. It will make a huge difference. Happy days! Yes, I don't see any harm in hoping that the tea and coffee might help ward off dementia. I'm not as good as you and often resort to caffeine laden coffee which sets the old ticker off, but it's a bad habit I find it really hard to dispense with!

Probably not popular, but I'll be glad when it becomes colder again. One of my beefs about the climate here is the way that temperatures fluctuate so much in spring and autumn/winter. I hate going out all bundled up for winter and find myself huffing and puffing from the warmth! Have a lovely weekend sassy, and enjoy your new car when it arrives! 💖🙏👍😆🚘🚗🚘🚗🚘🚗 xxx

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

Thank you Callendersgal. I agree actually and wish it would just get on with being cold. I was born during the winter so don’t mind the cold too much. Have a great weekend. Xx💜❤️💚🤗💕🥰💖😘💙😍

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Catgirl1976 in reply to sassy59

Thats nice for Pete getting a new motability car!

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Catgirl1976

It certainly is Catgirl. He can’t wait. Xxx

I sympathise with you Catgirl1976 as there’s nothing worse when you have been ‘used’ to make the numbers up for an interview only to find the decision was probably already made.

This happens in lots of jobs, especially in large companies, the NHS and teaching and education. Before I retired and attended the odd interview I would ring up and ask was anyone already in post in a temporary capacity because this happened frequently. It is worse if applicants are really well prepared and travel a good distance to the interview only to find the person you are sitting next to already works there! ☹️☹️

Good Luck but you sound a happy person not working 😃

Had my first week at home in 3 months, finding it difficult, I have got carers coming in at 9am, my request, to help me wash, and again at 5pm to check I'm OK, unfortunately I'm not able to bend down at the moment so my second call sometimes involves picking stuff off the floor my grabber won't pick up. Due to no bending I can't cook a decent meal as I can't get into my freezer, but somehow I'm managing, lots meals out of tins. I sent some contact us forms off regarding learning to use my stick outside, one went to the Red Cross on Sunday, they responded with a please ring us with your needs email, lady came out Wednesday and completed a form, had a phone call yesterday and a support worker is coming to see me on Monday, I've had virtually no exercise or fresh air in the last week and combined with not eating proper meals I'm really fed up.

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Hellebelle in reply to Jennymary

So sorry you are struggling. I hope that you get a bit more help from the support worker coming on Monday. If you are able to get a bit of fresh air, I am sure it will help with your mood. Perhaps the person coming to support you can walk with you for a short time. Sending lots of love for a speedy recovery. xxx

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Jennymary

Hi Jennymary,So sorry to hear that you've been confined to barracks and are now feeling so fed up about it. That's understandable after so long in hospital and I hope you'll find a way to enjoy some fresh air very soon. But it is wonderful to know what a good recovery you've made and I'm sure you'll go on to do even better because you remain determined to do so. Take care Jennymary and wishing you all the best. 💖

I'm not surprised you feel really fed up after all you have been through and I would feel the same way myself!

This week we have been using up our pantry here having meals out of tins like beans on toast for breakfast.

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Jennymary

That sounds miserable Jennymary. Like Hellebelle says, I hope you get more help and support and can get some fresh air. It will be such a boost. Wishing you better days ahead. Xxx😘

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Catgirl1976 in reply to sassy59

Yes it does sound extremely miserable doesn't it?

It would drive me crackers!

Hi Callendersgal, what a beautiful kettle/teapot. I am with you on the ritual of tea making. There is something so comforting about the sound of tea being poured into a cup. A friend of mine was having such a bad time recently and I invited her for a cuppa and a crumpet and by the end of it we were laughing. I saw her happy for the first time in ages. I know it was probably the company and the chat that made her feel less alone but the ritual of making the tea enabled that to happen.

I also think that having beautiful things around you like your kettle, make it a very special occasion which is psychologically good for us. It means we are paying attention to our needs and what makes us feel good, which is so beneficial especially for carers.

I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend. 😍 xxx

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Hellebelle

Thanks so much Hellebelle, I keep trying to justify the expense and I shouldn't really. I should just enjoy having it and feel lucky that I was able to have it. What a lovely story of your friend. It goes to show what good simple pleasures can do for us and I think that any tea related thing, like going out somewhere special for afternoon tea, too is just lovely, as was cheering up your friend in that way. Happy weekend Hellebelle! 💖👍

Today I really really enjoyed meeting up with my sister in law for a pre Christmas festive Fayre lunch at our local pub that we sadly lost out on last year when there was that silly pubs closing at 6pm thing.

The weekend will be a quiet one which is fair enough as we had our weekend away last weekend which we really enjoyed.

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Catgirl1976

I always think November's a good time to have those pub lunch catch-ups. November's dreary and it's not time for Christmas yet, but it's close enough to be a great excuse for a catch up with friends or family.

Last year we had sadly lost out on those so enjoyed them more today!

Next Friday we have booked a lunch out at a pub in whitchurch in cardiff called the hollybush which we have visited many years ago and found it acceptable as I have an interview up that way at 10.30am so we thought why not?

We decided not to book Christmas day pub lunches as we don't want to upset ourselves after that fiasco last year led to believe we are getting things and no we aren't when the door is slammed shut in our faces at the last minute!

We were gutted for those poor people who had set their hearts on their usual Christmas last year when they had the door slammed shut in their faces at the last minute!

Its lovely ,the kettle ,it matches what you come over as a warm hearted English lady,have a nice cuppa on me ,and your stories cheer me up..have a good day.❤️🥰

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to goldieoldie

Oh that's so sweet of you. Thank you so much goldieoldie! 💖

What a lovely kettle you have there Callendersgal to nice to make a cuppa in but very nice to have on show to your friends when they come round . I love the pattern and colours .

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Byron2020

Thanks so much Byron2020. I'm so happy with it!

Busy week here again this week as I have had 3 interviews and one today at 9am and I have had a festive pub lunch out with my sister in law which I really enjoyed 3 courses for £15 at our local pub.

I really really enjoyed our weekend away at weston last week and the b and b was nice but it's sad the amount of things that have shut down there but we decided not to expect very much to save ourselves the disappointment and it was the right thing to have done given the circumstances.

Tuesday I had an interview for a medical secretary's job for 9am and I had a feeling the job had unofficially gone before anyone went in the interview room and I got asked if I was married which isn't really on at interview so I was happy when the job wasn't offered!

Yesterday I had an interview for a ward receptionist job at the neurology ward at university hospital called B4 and I had walked up the stairs to B4 with my mask on which was hard work and went to reception and said I had the interview for 12noon and then I got taken back downstairs to another room for the interview and gave it my best and again I had a feeling the full time job had been offered to the lady already working there doing part time and I was right!

It's not that I begrudged her the job or anything no what I did begrudge was that they were unfair over it is what it was that upset me!

Hubby and my sister in law said how I wasn't the only one disappointed and how yes it's unfair to get people's hopes up when the job has unofficially gone before they go to interview!

Baby is well and has some leftover pub lunch from today in her dish which she is enjoying and is still spoilt!

This mornings interview was at 8.45am for a typing test which I found nice and easy as it was copy typing rather than audio typing like on Tuesday at the place where I got asked was I married?

The staff at the interview today were nice and friendly and put me at ease and said they will be in contact on Monday afternoon which is fair enough unlike yesterday's interview who phoned at 5pm to say I hadn't got the job and I was in my pyjamas as well when they rang!

This morning about 4am I woke hubby up and asked if I could have a chat with him about yesterday's interview and how it had upset me and why and he said how its not the not getting the job that had upset me it was the being unfair that dud which was about right and talked through some other things that had upset me like the one in May when I was due to have been seen at 2.30pm and got a call at 1.30 when I had just sat down to eat could I move the interview forwards and I said no I could not as I wasn't ready dor them so interviewed at 2.30 and you would think the world had ended with their miserable faces and then they claimed they couldn't hear me and I reckoned it was deliberate just because I wouldn't give them their own way so I had terminated the interview and gone and watched TV!

When I am early at places I get myself a drink and wait until the appointment time and do not bang on the door and demand they see me NOW!

Hubby said when that happened it showed their lack of manners and maturity!

If I dont get the job I went for today it won't be the end of the world!

Tomorrow it's a quiet day in after the excitement of last weekend being away the first one since February 2020.

This weekend is a quiet one. Going to church tomorrow however and a walk on Monday afternoon

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to thara9643

That sounds nice thara9643. Sometimes a quiet weekend is good.😊

I like camomile tea ,myself- I love the kettle - very colourful

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Sara_2611

Thanks Sara_2611. I like camomile too occasionally.

youre welcome no probs

Lovely pic and post Callendersgal. 😃😃William Gladstone enjoyed a good cup of tea -

“If you are cold, tea will warm you;

If you are too heated, it will cool you

If you are depressed, it will cheer you

If you are excited, it will calm you.”


Every morning my hubbie brings me a cuppa before I get up and it’s a nice start to every day.👍👍

I’ve had quite a few health issues this week and numerous blood tests which took four attempts to get a small amount to test! So my husband, daughters and baby grandson are all joining me for a pub lunch today which hopefully will cheer us all up 😃😃

Callendersgal profile image

Thanks Goldenanny, tea really is special stuff isn’t it and Gladstone has it spot-on. I too get treated to tea in bed and that first cup is extra special. I was interested to read a travel book one time in which the author, visiting India, was asked by his host family if he would like ‘bed tea’ each morning and I’ve wondered ever since how common that might be there too.Our blood’s also precious too, so I suppose no wonder that our bodies are sometimes reluctant to yield a little. But I’m sorry to hear of your health issues and hope all will be well.

It’ll be lovely to meet up with your family today, especially your precious baby grandson and I hope you all have a lovely lunch and family catch-up.

My belated contribution. Iona Abbey, based on a painting by John Poploe (1871-1935). It was done as an exercise in three point perspective. Jacqui tells me that my abbey is apparently sliding into the sea.

View of an abbey behind some barns and haystacks.
Callendersgal profile image
CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to BrentW

Hi BrentW, yes it's really important to get the hang of perspective isn't it, but I have to say that if your abbey is sliding into the sea, it must be doing so very slowly indeed. And after all isn't that what happens anyway with coastal properties? 😉Yours is a really pretty painting anyway, very delicately coloured and looks charming. And in the main, I'd say you've really conquered perspective!

Hi Sue sorry just seen this had lot going on would you believe I got reported by a member on anxiety site for been funny 😂😂oh well I'm on a break from there and HU again the tea pots lovely I love oldie worldie stuff strangely enough mam got a one cup pot teapot with cup attached shop other week after I had my booster which I've now recovered from, I had bad side effects crying and depressed ended up binge drinking I'm now cocoa total of a night tea by day I do drink lot tea wanted to show you this I'll post Friday for all it's funny 😁😻hope you have a good week and saw the full moon flying by are these moons xx

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to HappySwimmer

Just seen this Mandy. Sorry not to have replied. That's a lovely tummy to be tickled! Glad you liked my tea kettle, and I hope your mum's pleased with her teapot and cup set. Some of those are so lovely.

Hi Sue thanks for reply bit out sorts right now hope to check in on Friday take care oh pixiebob refused his drops bit stillbwant to be in bed 🙀😺😺😺


No show without Prince Pixie!

How are you both getting on?

We are fine here and yesterday was busy with catching up on the cooking in the afternoon and Baby got haddock in her dish for her Monday treat!

Interview tomorrow for a temporary job so if I don't get it the world won't end but I didn't Get the job I interviewed for on Friday and my sister in law reckoned they did me a favour as it was only part time and she says that the staff who work at the infirmary old building where that was are really nasty to work for but those calls are never very nice!

Baby sends her regards to Prince Pixie!

Hi cat sorry late reply How did you get on glad you and baby are ok I still can't get his flea drops on he's too quick when sees me pick it up I'm.bit out sorts can't motivate to do DIY did some emuslhion testing yesterday thinking it would dry ok but as it's round a corner to a lighter part of the room it's not same as the rest totally different I'm just off to mam's to help.her eat a pitza we take a lot of cheese of as so high in cholestrol take care 🤗😺xx

Went away from this mornings interview feeling I had given it my best which is all I can do really and got more coming up soon.

Rang the bank at lunchtime to sort out a new standing order and I got really wound up due to their rude attitude and excuses and I swore at them and slammed the phone down!

This afternoon after I had calmed down I decided to go to the branch to sort it out and the branch staff were great and there were no problems so that's sorted out Now and it gave me an extra walk out as well and I feel better for having had the walk out in the fresh air and feel they did me a favour in being deliberately unhelpful but it's infuriating at the time though when a simple job turns into a palaver as there's no need for it!

In the future I know not to ring that call centre again unless I'm really desperate if they are unhelpful and all it does is upset me as it's not worth it.

I hate call centres best to go to places In person

I got really cross when they tried to fob me off which is when I swore at them!

What it was that upset me was they said to me to ring back next week when they had sent me a security code to set the standing order up and it was needed to be sorted for next Wednesday like I explained and they were unhelpful and rude so in sheer frustration I shouted and swore at them down the phone before slamming it down!

Now I have calmed down I feel they did me a favour as it was nice getting a walk out in the fresh air.

Hi cat I replied to someone on anxiety site about anger as couldn't sleep as fell asleep early and woke and couldn't get back, someone called the colour blue gave a very wise philosophical reply, I remember a call centre person from a bike fern told me there was a e bike in stock but I needed to collect it in a hour we went there and they said there's no bikes call staff aren't the best, she asked for my bank details luckily it didn't accept it I've heard about that before they say things are in stock pay and will get it such and such date but there aren't any there are no electric bikes they can't get the parts maby some are getting made now as was on a TV selling show I'd rather wait and go direct

Quick update

I like to have a weekly theme for my activities. This week the chosen theme is skills. I have been focusing mainly on doing bouts of seated exercise and also maths too. In math class we have been calculating the cost of repairing a broken down shower, and picking out some new bathroom tiles too. In my weekly literacy class, we are analysing different adverts and designing our own one for a tutor.

Callendersgal profile image

Sounds good thara9643! I like that sort of practical learning!


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