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Free For All on Friday

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Hi All,

Well a new Friday and a brand new month. I think we can safely say that summer is behind us, as October has blown in with some really inclement weather.

Whatever October brings, I hope you are all having a good day today, and this is your opportunity to post any of your off-topic posts, keeping them, as always, within guidelines.

And a warm welcome to anyone who has joined our community this week. Please feel free to ask questions or post your points of view.

This week I had a really pleasant day out in Winchester, which is the county 'seat' of Hampshire and about 10 miles away from where I live. I took the bus, given the uncertainties of the current UK fuel situation and it was really pleasant sitting back and allowing the bus to take the strain. I did a little bit of browsing, and shopping, but as is usual for me, there were quite a lot of coffee stops too. At one I ate what must have been the nicest Danish pasty I've ever had and worth travelling 10 miles again to get the next one.

And I also experienced some good customer service which can be a rare beast these days. Later in the day I was in the cafeteria of a really well known clothing and food store. I was with my husband, who had ordered up our coffee when I decided a quick trip to the loo was necessary. When I came back one of the assistants took the time and effort to come over and ask if I'd like her to 'freshen up' my coffee as I'd been gone a little while and she feared it might have gone cold! Well done her! That really is going the extra mile and I made sure I contacted customer service to tell them so. Just a small thing, but a rare one!

And that little act of kindness has coloured my week overall, making me feel that there are still some really decent people out there, who do care. I've decided to look for an opportunity to go the extra mile for someone else too.

I hope that you had at least some happiness and/or contentment this week too, and that your weekend will be pleasant.

Photo: Unsplash: Cristi Goia

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Sounds as if you’ve had a lovely week Callendersgal which is good to hear. The weather today is horrible but autumn is here so understandable I suppose. Pete is getting over a bladder infection and our GP is keeping a close eye on him which is good to know. I’m desperately trying to keep Pete well for his 70th birthday on 11/10. I’m sure we’ll get there.

The toenail saga continues but all is as it should be so that’s good. I’m hoping to have the second one removed on 2/11.

Our eldest son, daughter in law and granddaughter have gone off to Halkidiki today for 10 days so hoping they have a lovely time.

Winchester is a lovely City and I’m liking the sound of the Danish pastry, definitely worth going back for.

Hoping everyone has a good weekend. Stay well and warm. Xxxx🤗👍💕💜❤️😍

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Catgirl1976 in reply to sassy59

I went to winchester years ago as a stop on the way back from an easter weekend away in Bournemouth!

I'm looking forward to starting overnight trips again very soon and returning holidays in 2022.

Yes I was angry last year when things like holidays were cancelled so this year decided to have low expectations for the summer which I enjoyed anyway with lido and beach visits.

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Catgirl1976

Bournemouth is lovely too Catgirl. Hope you get to enjoy many future holidays. Xx

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Catgirl1976

I think Winchester used to be one of those places where long distance buses stopped for breaks. Years ago when travelling the even quite short distance from Oxford to Portsmouth, our bus would stop there and sometimes the whole journey would take over four hours! Hard to believe now! I agree it's been a year to rein in our expectations and that way it's less frustrating!

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FredaE in reply to Catgirl1976

best way to deal with uncertainty. Blessed is he who expecteth nothing for he shall not be disappointed

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Catgirl1976 in reply to FredaE

That's it I feel it's pointless to go upsetting myself over things that are beyond my control and feel the best course of action is not to bother as it's better not to have something than have it and it be taken away.

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to sassy59

Oh, so sorry to hear that Pete's had a bladder infection but happy he's getting over it. It's good to know that his GP does monitor him well as lots of people seem to be feeling very neglected at the moment. Fingers crossed that he'll be well enough to enjoy his 70th birthday soon. 70 is a real milestone moment, for sure and deserves to be celebrated.I'm glad all's as it should be with your toenails and you'll be glad when that second one's been attended to. They can get so painful without treatment. But not a pleasant prospect. It'll soon be over now, so concentrate on how much better your feet will be feeling.

Hope the family enjoy their holiday and get there and back with no unforseen complications! I'm sure they were ready to get away. Wishing you both all the best for the weekend! Take care xxx 🌈🔆👍🙏💜🌸

Decided to treat myself to lunch out today on the way back from my interview and if I dont get the job I won't be heartbroken as I wasn't impressed with the place as they were disorganised so should that be offered I will tell them thanks but no thanks.

I decided I would keep an open mind for today's interview but what put me off was that they had interview notes from other interviews thrown over the table and weren't very organised either!

Years ago my father had said how he would never be friends with a lady who was on her own with 5 kids because of her lower social class which was stupid really as that kind of attitude cuts off what could be great friendships just because of your own prejudices!

I can remember how my father had scoffed at the lady for having gone to a karaoke night on her own and I was 14 at the time and had said to my father why shouldn't she go out and enjoy herself and had been told off because I was challenging my fathers prejudices which were to do with his own insecurities rather than to do with the lady he was slagging off!

The paradox is that the person my father hurt the most by being like that was himself more than those he criticised like when he ordered me to stay at my previous job and I was 42 at the time!

Ok perhaps it wasnt what was right for me but it was up to me to make my own choices!

I enjoyed Wednesday this week as myself and my friends had breakfast out.

Interviews are about me having a chance to ask questions as well and deciding if a place is for me or bit!

The lady interviewing was polite unlike at one place I interviewed at when they cut me off when I was speaking which I thought was rude and unnecessary and put me off the place and know not to apply there again.

Yesterday I interviewed at the children's hospital which I didn't get but wasn't heartbroken over it same as I wasn't heartbroken over not getting an in person interview at Wren kitchens after I did a phone interview on Monday with them.

I dont think I would have enjoyed those jobs anyway!

To be fair the children's hospital were constructive with their feedback and if anything else comes up there I am happy to apply there again.

So no more interviews until 10am on Monday!

Next week I have Tuesday off from interviews but have early ones Wednesday through Friday next week and some more the week after.

It's nice to eat out indoors again and we will do that a few times a week which I feel is fair enough.

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Catgirl1976

It's really good to get constructive feedback after an interview Catgirl1976. It means you can build on your interview skills and learn what to avoid as well as what to emphasise in future interviews! Sorry you weren't successful again this time, but you deserve to get something soon, based on your persistence and resilience alone. Well done for sticking with it all, despite the heavy odds that exist out there in the job market at present.

This morning I slept in until 10am as I was exhausted after all the activity of last week!

Its raining here so an ideal day for some peace and quiet inside along with some videos and perhaps a rainy walk outside!

Managed to get that hefty payment proposed by British gas for our electric down from £91 a month to £43 which I think is reasonable for a 1 bed apartment!

£91 for electric a month for a 1 bed flat was ridiculous!

Looks like you a nice day out and relaxed taking the bus and found a nice little cafe who like you said went the extra mile to ensure your coffee was warmed back up for you , I hope you left a nice tip on the way out. Yes summer as left us and Autumn as arrived and the central heating is on again . X

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Hi Byron2020, yes it was lovely and I do like Winchester very much. It has some quite nice places to eat meals too. And of course the cathedral is very famous. Autumn's definitely on the menu now so best to embrace it. In one way it has its compensations as the leaves will leave the trees right outside my apartment and I'll be able to be nosy again.

Glad you had a good day out it's so good to have a change me and mam are going for a pub carvery on Wednesday as it's her 82nd birthday it's only a short walk up the road, I'll have glass water as we don't drink when having carvery, and yes customer service and feeling looked after makes the price of the coffee worth it as I think sometimes it's expensive, my friend meets her daughter once a week at a coffee shop, it's there weekly treat, the picture captures British weather well, but actually I can promis you we will have some lovely sunny days in October it's actually my favourite month, but maby few mini hurricanes too 🙀😁a town outside hull where I live had there bungalow roofs blown off and a massive motor home blew over, whatever next hope sunny where you are over the weekend, I am busy on DIY sowing a hole out worktop for the sink I did my last one and working in front garden 😁💐🐯pixie is snug

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to HappySwimmer

I see that Pixie's showing that he's really not interested in anything but a nice long nap and looks completely peaceful. You are so good at having a go with anything that needs doing Mandy. Hope your project works out well! 👍

Pixie is interested in receiving his spoils same as Baby is!


Very hard but ok 🙄

Not done sink.cut will use electric jigsaw pixie felt left out lol ended up chasing his tail in the new unit 😺😺😺


No show without Prince Pixie!

Pixie is dreaming about receiving leftovers from the carvery!

A mixed week for me personally. I have been sneezing rather a lot at random times and falling asleep too a lot. Might need to see a doctor.

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to thara9643

Sorry to hear thara9643, let's hope it just proves to be a cold!

Hi I have been like that since flu injection hope you feel better soon 🤗💐

I had my flu jab a couple of weeks back and have had no problems!

A neighbour helped a driver this afternoon deliver my parcel properly. So I thanked them.

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