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Monday round-up


Hi everyone, A very good morning to you all on this last day of November.

Warmly welcoming all who have joined the community this week and thanks to all who have posted this week.

I'm right on the south coast and we were greeted with a really heavy mist this morning and ships' fog horns out on Southampton water. I like that sound. It's mournful but somehow comforting at the same time. I have no idea why!

My turn for a medical appointment for a blood test this morning which I've never been fearful of, but I do find all things medical a really trying nuisance and never more so than right now, but it all went very smoothly and my surgery has been made as safe as possible.

I've just had to change from my former surgery which was repurposed as a 'covid centre', and meant a bus trip to get to one of its sister surgeries, which I wasn't at all happy with. But the new one seems fine, just strange to me. And I can walk to it.

I think our medical services have done so well with their safety measures. Everyone I've spoken to on medical matters has said how safe they've felt when visiting hospitals or surgeries for whatever reason.

How did everyone do over the weekend?

Given the grey November weather, I was so happy to curl up with a book (I'm reading 'The Foundling' at the moment), which is an easy read and is keeping me engaged. It's based around historical events at The Foundling Hospital in London. And yesterday I watched a whole box set on Sky Crime, concerning a mysterious murder still unsolved after many years. (Six hours of my life later, it remains unsolved but it was a very interesting watch).

Take care everyone, whatever it is you are doing this week and continue to stay safe and happy.

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Good to see your Monday round up Callendersgal and pleased your blood test went well. It’s a nuisance having appointments and I have a doppler test on Wednesday. I do feel very safe at the surgery though.

It’s dull and murky here too but sadly no foghorns. I like their mournful sound too.

We had a quiet weekend as usual but I did get to go to Tesco briefly which made a change.

Hello to everyone on this lovely forum and wishing everyone a peaceful week.

Take care all. Xxxx

catgirl1976 in reply to sassy59

With our surgery they do things on the phone mostly and if they need to see you they invite you into the surgery at a certain time.

Surgeries and hospitals are the safest places possible as they take every precaution.

I remember that your doctors shut and then Kasars vets did at the same time!

At our surgery if they need to see you in person they give you a time to go on the phone and you wait outside and then they invite you in and you go into the consulting room with them along with your mask on.

No one likes medical things but with blood tests it's all over in a few minutes and then you can go home.

After I had blood clots in my lungs I had an outpatient appointment as a follow up and had a spirometry where you blow into a machine which wasn't very nice and I would rather a blood test than that!

Been out on a nice early walk this morning round the neighbourhood and then on with future learn which is interesting and applied for a job I was interested in.

Last night I was in bed and there was banging on the front door and someone shouting to be let in and I was frightened and I had stayed in the flat and a neighbour had answered the door and had told them to go away as they had come looking for someone who lived here years ago and it sounded suspicious at that time of night!

Good morning Callendersgal on the first day of December in this unforgettable year! I too find the sound of the foghorns comforting. During my childhood days living in Liverpool I remember every New Year’s Eve the River Mersey came to life with the sound of the ships’ fog horns at midnight. Everyone would stand at their front doors to celebrate. Such happy days of neighbourly ‘get togethers’. I also recall the one o clock gun firing every day across the Mersey until it went into retirement in 1969. Times were moving swiftly as two days later Apollo landed on the moon!Let us hope and pray that the year 2021 will bring us happier and healthier memories and quality time to spend with our families.

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Goldenanny

That's a really wonderful memory Goldenanny. I can imagine you all now celebrating in that neighbourly way which seems to have been mostly forgotten now. Just lovely!

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