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Hi everyone! Here we are poised at the start of another week and I was happy to wake this morning to what had the promise of a really nice winter's day with the sun out and the sky streaked with blue. Alas, I haven't even done my Monday post and already I see more cloud creeping across the sky. But it doesn't matter, as there's nothing pressing to make me have to go outside.

Welcome to any new members during this week. As always, hoping you'll enjoy being here and will join in, or at least feel you are among friends.

Another good thing this morning was to hear that the next group of people are about to be called for covid19 vaccination starting this week; the over 70s, which really will start to include many of the people who belong to the Care Community, whether it's those who are being cared for, or even some like myself who are over 70.

Can anyone who has already had it, tell us how their vaccinations went and were there any minor side-effects? Most people have told me there was nothing untoward at all, and a few have had tiredness and/or a sore arm, but nothing more than that, thankfully.

Just before sitting down to write this, I was flitting through some YouTube videos and saw one headed "A good rant is very cathartic". That had me thinking. I agree it's fabulous medicine when you've come to the end of your tether and no one's listening to your problems. We often see that need here on the forum when tired, unappreciated carers can't get the things which are so badly needed, from respite to finance.

But I did stop to think about what happens if you 'fly off the handle' at someone who doesn't deserve it and couldn't do anything to change the situation anyway. You walk away feeling so much better, but the person you ranted at then gets to endure carrying around all your bad feelings for quite some time. I bet quite a lot of us have had that happen too!

So if you can, I guess it's a better thing to pause for a moment and then let rip somewhere like the Care Community, where the depth of your feelings are really understood by like minded people. Unless you are managing to make your points to the person who is ultimately responsible for the outcome of your problem that is.😊.

What do you think?

Anyway, let's hope we can all get through the coming week without even feeling the need to do too much ranting! Take care everyone and please continue to stay as safe as you can.

13 Replies

Thats what I thought this morning whilst I was on my early morning walk that more covid jabs will be going into more arms this week.

Also on my walk I was thinking about how lately my anger over missing out on various things has become misdirected as anger likes a target to aim at and it was directed at someone else all because they were going on about how fortunate they are with various things.

It's amazing how it can be any little thing that sets you off!

When I had a look inward at what the real problem was is that it was to do with disappointment over lost plans due to covid and you can't reason with a virus and when that came up about being fortunate it had really set me off and had become a focus and a target for life frustrations which deep down I knew was irrational and that it's no ones fault but emotions aren't rational and things like anger like a target to aim at and that was ideal to aim at.

I feel better now looking at what's really upset me and why.

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Hi catgirl1976,It really is good to take a peek inside yourself to see what set off your anger. Often it's quite apparent, and sometimes you have a bit of a revelation about what's really troubling you. That's true for me anyway! But because it then seems irrational doesn't mean you aren't entitled to experience it and express your frustration and/or dissatisfaction. But definitely directing it in the right direction can certainly help someone else not to suffer second hand from your need to express it!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘


Hello Callendersgal, yes another week and nearer to the vaccine for many. I’m hoping for Pete and I time be called soon but I’m a bit concerned for Pete in case he has a bad reaction. I’m being silly I suppose but it’s an unknown. He’s looking forward to having the jab though as am I. Hope you don’t have to wait long now.

I don’t tend to rant but can get a bit snappy at times. I do try to be patient but don’t always manage to. Poor Pete. I will endeavour to pause and maybe count to 10.

It’s a worry having our son here because he works in a small store where not many wear masks. He does of course and tries hard to stay safe and keep us safe. It’s still a worry though.

I wish everyone a good week and also extend a huge welcome to any new members. Stay safe Callendersgal and everyone. XxxxπŸ™πŸ»πŸ₯°

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to sassy59

Yes sassy59, I can understand that it's a little bit of an uncertain thing for you regarding Pete's possible reaction to the vaccination. But here's hoping it's very long odds for something to go badly wrong. I think that in declaring a vaccination safe, there will already be exclusions for groups of people who are high risk, so let's hope that the fact it's still recommended for Pete means his condition has been taken into consideration. At least it's a sensible precaution to make everyone wait for 10 minutes after it's done so that any fast reaction can be dealt with immediately. I know you said how keen Pete is to get vaccinated though and at least that's a good thing. It would be horrible to coaxed into it and then have anything go wrong as a result.

I'm a 'snapper' too sassy, particularly with my hubby and then I feel awful when I know I've hurt his feelings, so, like you, I try to take a breath or two. I think it's extra hard when you are overtired or worried about something else.

I always say that my husband puts his head in the lion's mouth at work too among students so I can understand how you feel about your son and his job. We can only do our best and hope against hope it'll be OK.

So hoping you'll get that notification for vaccination soon, and that it will all go well and wipe a huge worry from your slate. Meantime I hope you will all be as safe as you possibly can! πŸ”†πŸŒˆπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ xxx

sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

Thank you for your kind and wise words Callendersgal. Onwards and upwards. XxxxπŸ˜€πŸ™πŸ»

Yes David and I were both given our first jab last Wednesday. It irritates me to hear government ministers who are not too good on science saying we have been vaccinated. We need the second jab before anyone can say that and it is going to make people think that one jab is all they need and sabotage the whole programme

someone told me last week they wouldnot wear a mask because the prime minister said they did more harm than good.An of course they are right, hid did say that but that was not a medical judgement that was because ther were not enough to go round at that time. Be careful what you say it jmay come back to haunt you. Most people round here in our part of Cornwall are being VERY careful and very supportive

Anyway your question. David, inspite of having an epipen for wasp stings had no reaction except being a little tired and I had a slightly sore arm for a day or so.. nothing to worry about there for us at least

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to FredaE

Hi FredaE, I totally agree about that second dose. All of the science was based on protection through a two dose vaccine. Have you noticed how the whole point/need for dose two is being increasingly played down? I do have concerns that we will be the nation which ends up with only a partially protected population. I'm happy to say that in my own city, the vast majority of people are following rules and being very careful too, but there's always that percentage of those who know better.....

Really glad that David's experience was good and is reassuring to know.

Glad to hear vaccines are giving hope. πŸ™πŸ™ The people I know who have had the vaccine mainly report a sore arm similar to the flu jab. One of my daughters is a Senior Carer and was quite worried about side effects but the virus has increased recently in the care home she works at so she just wanted it over and done with. Good luck everyone xx

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Goldenanny

Thanks for your response Goldenanny! Your daughter's knowledge is very reassuring as it's of the reaction of many people. She must be very relieved that those she cares for are now better protected. πŸ™

FredaE in reply to Callendersgal

i know this is not a political site but i do think that the more we tell our MPs that we are concerned and the more we correct anyone who refers to the single jab as vaccination the better our chances of survival.

Did I mention that the idea that the vaccine contains a chip put in by Bill Gates to control us was from the satire column of a South Aftrican magazine and was chosen as something so ridiculous that no one would believe it! Like when an author choses a totally improbable name for their villain only to find out that there are at least a dozen of them and they are all going to sue for defamation

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to FredaE

That's a perfectly OK comment FredaE and I agree that one of the more useful things we can do is to be in touch with our local MPs. The internet is like a massive game of Chinese Whispers isn't it? The most ridiculous of comments seem to acquire instant validity for some reason, just because they appeared online!

Hi Sue, another lovely and well thought post as usual . I'm glad to hear from people who have had the covid vaccine jab that it seems to given them hope but also some uplifting in these troubling times . I'm hoping that people around where I live are going to get through this stormy weather we are going to have for the next few day's as it seems that every year they get there homes flooded , my heart goes out to each and everyone of them .


Thank you Clive. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It has been good to hear some first hand experience of any after-effects from the covid19 injections. Despite the doubters it's good to see that so many people are wholeheartedly having the vaccine and extra good to hear that side effects seem few. The weather forecast does sound stormy for some over the next few days and I hope that everyone will remain safe and free from storm damage. There is more than enough to cope with at the moment without any further problems. And I agree that it's soul-destroying to see so many homes under threat through recent winters. Let's hope very hard that things won't be too disrupted, and please stay safe yourself Clive! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸŒˆ

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