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Monday round-up


Hi everyone,

How are you all doing?

We've got through another week. Aren't we doing well? It may not be the most cheering of times but I think we all deserve a pat on the back for all that we do in such trying times. There's continuing to do your job as a Carer, turning out to praise the NHS on Thursday evenings and obeying all the rules we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep ourselves safe so as to protect the NHS.

I hope by now that everyone's got their shopping woes sorted out, especially those who are officially being shielded. It seemed to take a while to get going and there were mistakes made, but from the reports I've had, the majority of people now have easier access to groceries, and that must be a great relief.

I don't shop at all as my lovely husband does all of ours, and he says that there is much less panic buying now and fewer bare shelves. I guess we've all adapted well to our new situation and are all soldiering on.

I managed to get out for a second walk of the week with my husband again this morning. Just around a couple of city side-streets but it's remarkable how, even in the middle of a city, there's so much greenery. It's impossible not to feel hopeful when Spring's in full flow to cheer us up. I did a little collage of the things I saw along the way, as an accompaniment to this post.

I hope your week gets off to a really good start and that there aren't too many bumps along the way. Take care everyone. 🌈🌷🦋🌺

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Thank you Callendersgal, love the collage. So nice to see the beautiful flowers and pleased you had a nice walk around your area.

As you say, we got through another week which is great. Things are fine here and we’ve spoke to our daughter and son in law to wish them a happy anniversary. They were to be coming home from Frome after a long weekend with the boys but that was cancelled of course.

Lovely sunshine here today so I may sit outside later to get some vitamin D.

Thinking of everyone as we go into a new week. Wishing everyone will.

Take care and be safe. Xxxxx🌈😘

CallendersgalModerator in reply to sassy59

That all sounds really positive sassy59. I know sometimes we don’t feel it inside but being able to keep on projecting it, helps us all. Glad you were able to speak to your daughter and son in law on their anniversary. It’s not the best way to celebrate but at least you’ve been in touch. Enjoy the garden and have a pleasant week! 🌈☀️⭐️

sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

Thank you Callendersgal. Stay safe xxx 😘

lovely - as good as a stately home. I have been growing food - I love the stuff but my special treat is 6 lily of the valley flowers. The first I have ever been able to grow - I used to garden on chalk but the soils here is acid so Success!!!! They won't last long in water but I can't smell them outside so I take them with me wherever I am They joined us for dinner last night and then came and sat in the liing room with us until bedtime when I put them on the table for breakfast time. can't work out how to add a photo so Will send it seperately. I am growing pease for salad. i shoved all the odd peas ffrom the bottom of my seed bag ( if you are a gardener you will kow that odd out of date peas are an essential part of all gardener's equipment) into the grow sack I grew runners in last year. They ALL came up - me 1 mice 0. They were a bit chewy when they were young but now they are really growing they are lovely and tender and when I am down to the last few I shall ley them grow for peas. Another treat raw peas straight from the plant

sassy59Ambassador in reply to FredaE

You’re doing really well in your garden Freda. Well done. I love raw peas straight from the pod. Yum.

Enjoy your day. Xxxx😘


Oh what a lovely idea to be accompanied by your Lily of the Valley. Not to smell their scent would be unthinkable. And great successes with the veg too. I haven’t grown any for years but still remember the joy of a good crop and the lovely unique flavour of just picked or pulled. Do any of your peas make it to the pot. I used to find mine mostly vanished straight out of the pod! Take care and have a good week! 🌈⭐️☀️

FredaE in reply to Callendersgal

never had enough for them to make it to the pot. Frozen are good enough for that

Thank you for a gorgeous collage of photos. Your words gave an accurate account of how all appears to be settling for most of us.

Although I care for my husband with Alzheimer’s, my thoughts go to those who deal with so much more, and without saying to all those on the front line and all who support them and us all,

Thank you everybody 👏😍

CallendersgalModerator in reply to Katie019

Thanks Katie019. It's true that so many people seem to be worse off than ourselves right now, but never underestimate how valuable you are as a carer, not only to your husband but to society as a whole. You are one of an unsung band of heroes too! Take care and thanks for your kind comments.

& you too Callendersgal -Such a beautiful picture .& glad you got a walk in


Thanks Sara_2611

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