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Feel Good Friday


Hello everyone and welcome to Feel Good Friday. Thank you for all your previous comments. How has your week been? We would like to hear about your last week, your highlights--maybe something good happened, or maybe you had a difficult week? Either way, good or bad, we would like you to share it with us, make us smile or shout about it. Don't let it get you down. We are here to listen.

I would like to go to the cinema at the weekend. I must check the film listings. I haven't been to the cinema for a long time. Do you remember, many years ago, when people used to take flasks, sandwiches and crisps to enjoy whilst watching the film? This always made me laugh. I used to love to go for a pizza after the film. What have you got planned for the weekend? Do share your news with us. I hope you like the quote I have chosen. I find it very positive----

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment." [Buddha]

Have a lovely week everyone and take care. Thank you and best wishes.

MAS Nurse and Moderator

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Gosh cinema these days cost fortune NEVER use too

Guess it’s like most things these days ... think all be cranking heating up avoiding awful weather.

Anyway was looking through doom gloom that’s lot FB post and seen new femin products public be able to buy

And was them lollipop 🍭 sticks use in hospital’s JUST out of intrest read article AND gosh was not for dehydration but moping up after fun and frolics.

Could not help thinking GOSH what is world coming too

MAS_Nurse in reply to Hidden

Hi JeffAjaxSmith, have a lovely weekend.

Thank you and best wishes.


Hi, it’s been a funny old week with me being ill and Pete running a temperature because of a nasty red patch on his leg. He has antibiotics and is doing better.

Thank you for the quote which makes perfect sense to me.

I’ve been to the cinema with family a few times and our daughter waits for special priced tickets or it’s too expensive.

Have a wonderful, peaceful weekend everyone. Xxxx

MAS_Nurse in reply to sassy59

Hi sassy59, I hope you and Pete will soon be feeling better. I am pleased you like the quote. It made sense to me, also. Have a nice weekend.

Thank you and best wishes.

CallendersgalModerator in reply to sassy59

Hi sassy59,

Sorry to hear you've both been under par. Hope you are better soon, and that you are well enough to enjoy the weekend.

sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

Thank you for your good wishes Callendersgal. We’re both doing better now thank goodness. Xxxx

CallendersgalModerator in reply to sassy59

Really glad to hear that sassy59 x

Love the quote and it's so true, I've had a busyish week as on Sunday I'm going to my first wedding in about 30 yrs, the last one being the bride's parents!!! So my friend came over and permed my hair Tuesday, got some housework done, presents wrapped, nails being done tomorrow, weather forecast for Sunday, at the moment. Is sunny and breezy, it's going to be very emotional for the bride and her mum as 2 days ago they were at the bride's grandfather's funeral

sassy59Ambassador in reply to Jennymary

Mixed emotions Jennymary. Hope the day goes really well. Xxxx

CallendersgalModerator in reply to Jennymary

Hi Jennymary,

How lovely to be going to a wedding even though it will be a little bit bitter-sweet for the bride and her mum. I'm sure they will feel the love of you and all present, and I hope that will help a little bit. And I hope you enjoy the day. x

Hi Jennymary, I am pleased you like the quote. It is so true, isn't it? It will be a very emotional day for the bride and her mum on Sunday. I hope you all have a lovely time at the wedding and do tell us all about it. Enjoy getting your nails done tomorrow.

Thank you and best wishes.


Hi MAS_Nurse,

Like you I love a visit to the cinema to see a good film but I find they are a bit like buses. Either there are none you want to see or they all come along together. I do think the cost's a bit prohibitive sometimes these days and often think "oh I'll wait and see that one when it's released for viewing on TV." But it's not the same as going out for the evening and combining it with some sort of eating! I can't say I remember the times of practically whole picnics being taken to the cinema in UK, but it was common practice at the 'drive in' when I lived in the Caribbean. Now that took cinema going to a whole new level and I miss it still. Often families would take chairs and a picnic table and all sorts of food. And the venue became a magnet for posses of stray cats who would enjoy a good scavenge. I often made my own pizza and took it along to share. Or there was what was called the 'snackette' which dispensed hot dogs, burgers, french fries, ice-cream and almost everything unhealthy you can think of. During the movie, patrons would frequently pass by your car on their way to buy snacks, and stop for a word or two in doing so. It had a very special atmosphere and in the (usually) dry and balmy weather it was a real pleasure to do.

Your quote this time is one that's very familiar to me, as a follower of Buddhist philosophy. It's very calming to live in the present moment and not let your mind wander to what might happen, because what you fear may happen in future equally might not. The only reality is what's happening right in the present minute.

My weekend is destined to be quiet. My husband is rostered on at work and I'm planning some solo crafting at home.

I hope that whatever everyone else is doing this weekend, it will bring at least a little bit of respite and pleasure in some way.

I have fond memories of the pictures as we have always called The Cinema. I remember my Dad taking me to see Westside Story. Do you remember Cliff in Summer Holiday? Also the lovely Doris Day but can't remember the title. Thanks Dad for the memories. Sadly no longer with me..

I have noticed there is no interval now. However you now have huge comfy seats and strange concoctions of food like Nachos with a cheese dip. Quite revolting 😁

Have played with the idea of going to see Judy but the actress whose name I can't spell will be forever Bridget Jones to me so not sure I will enjoy it. Also I was never a great fan of Judy Garland. I thought her daughter Liza was very good though.

Hope the weekend is OK for you all.

MAS_Nurse in reply to Lynd

Hi Lynd,

Both you, Callendersgal and my colleague brought back memories of cinema going with my Mum. We loved musicals and I think it was the escapism that we both needed at difficult times. Very fond poignant memories, thanks for sharing yours with us all.

I saw Judy yesterday with a friend of mine. We only paid one cost as she came in as a carer on my CEA card. Not all cinema's accept the disabled card. (see below for info). The film was good but very sad in places, and yes I too associated the actress with Bridget Jones!

However I did enjoy the outing with my friend, and I think it's worth seeing.

Regards to you all,

MAS Nurse & Moderator.


Don’t go at the weekend,it’s horribly expensive. Try. Ondays !


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