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Feel Good Friday

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Good morning to all you fantastic members.

Well, here we are back to Friday again! Where has this week gone?

I am looking forward to Mothering Sunday, the clocks going forward and better weather now that storm 'Gareth' has gone. I can't believe we are nearly into April.

How has your week been? any high points you would like to share with us or indeed any problems to share so that we can commiserate with you.

We, as a family have been through a very trying and sad time recently. However with the support of my colleagues and the whole family pulling together we are now through the worst time and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Please feel that you can share lows and high points with us on this supportive community.

Best wishes to all our lovely members. Xxx

MAS Nurse & Moderator.

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Hi MAS_Nurse, sorry to hear you and your family have been through sad and trying times recently. I do wish you all better days ahead.

We’re doing ok but can’t believe how quickly this week has gone.

We’ve been checking out garden benches and chairs ready for better weather. Spent time with our grandchildren and family so a good week on the whole.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. Xxxxxxx

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MAS_Nurse in reply to sassy59

Hi sassy59, thank you for your kind words. Even we don't escape the bad times it just makes us all appreciate the good times all the more doesn't it folks.

Thanks again,


MAS Nurse.

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Hi MAS-Nurse,

First of all my commiserations for the sad and troubled time you've experienced. I'm so glad to hear you are beginning to come through to the other side now. My absolute favourite hymn/poem to get me through difficult times is Lanta Wilson Smith's:

When some great sorrow, like a mighty river,

Flows through your life with peace-destroying power,

And dearest things are swept from sight forever,

Say to your aching heart each trying hour:

This, too, this, too, will pass away.

It's helped me through so many crises, and I've passed it on many times to friends and family who've said it's helped them too.

This does seem to have been an extraordinarily fast week and I can't believe it's Friday again either. It's been a less turbulent time for me than recently and last night was huge fun, as my husband and I managed to get back to a Contra dancing group we attend when we can. It's a sort of American version of our own English country dancing and is really energetic and laugh inducing, when you have enough breath to do that.

Anyway, best wishes to you and to all of our (what you so rightly describe to be) fantastic members. Hope everyone has survived the past week OK and can manage at least a little respite over the weekend.

The dancing sounds so much fun. Laughter is a real tonic. The poem is beautiful thank you. Went to see my lovely dad this week at the hospice where he went for an assessment of his medication. As a family, we had a very long and detailed meeting with the continuing health care assessor and the plan is for dad to go home with a much increased package of care. I was very pleasantly surprised in these days of having to fight for every penny of support, that the assessor was understanding and humane and agreed to every one of our requests. The neurological condition that dad has means that it takes him a long time to process information and to respond. The assessor took all this into consideration and has allowed lengthy care calls so that he isn't rushed. We were very grateful.

Had plenty of moans this week but on a positive note there are many magnolia trees in bloom at the moment and the sight of them cheers me up immensely x

Hi MAS-Nurse, I used to look forward to Mothering Sunday when I used to buy her chocolates and /or a Mother's Day cake but since my precious Mum passed away 2 months ago life will never be the same again I miss her so much every minute of every day, so I wont be looking forward to celebratebrating her special day without her, I never thought I would see the day. However I always look forward to the lighter, longer days and the Spring weather which sometimes is a motivator. My dad takes mum flowers to the cemetry for me as well cos I'm housebound so my dad will, take more up to her next weekend but it's very depressing for both of us just thinking about it.

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Hellebelle in reply to

Sending love and strength to you Paula. xxx

in reply to Hellebelle

Thanks. X

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to

Deepest sympathies to you paula191. It must be very difficult for you right now. It's so hard to lose your mum.

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Beezle47 in reply to

I'm so sorry for your loss Paula. My Mum passed on several years ago now and I still occasionally find myself thinking "I must ring Mum and tell her that!" occasionally. I go ahead and tell her in my mind because that way she is always around. Mums are so precious. My thoughts are with you.

in reply to Beezle47

My mum was diagnosed last October with subcirtical vascular dementia, it was advanced then, and something about the small blood vessels burst, and her underactive thyroid was the root cause. I thought it might have been different. But since mum had first come home she was ever so weak that she couldn"t sit up without assistance then mum would slide back down in her adaptive bed we were given with a special mattress and we gave her dinners fir the first month .Then mum objected to them bar soft foods then was struggling with them it was taking upto 3hours to get something down her .we eventually bought some complan we could mix it as thick as need ice, as mum refused all her "ensure drinks" off the doctor as she didn't like the taste of them nor her meds either and as time went on, mum stopped drinking her tea or anything so she was becoming dehydrated over the last 6 weeks or so. All mum had was the equivalent lent to 2 mugs of tea in a day then it was getting less and all the time we were worried sick thinking it could be anytime when we were in bed or something. It was after the new year celebrations I came back home and then2 days later mum passed away in the night I then realised I should have spent the weekend at my dads he was next to her when it happened I have been wishing I had have been there that night. I felt guilty for not staying the weekend that would have been 5 weeks. But it wasn't that. My OCD causing big arguments between me and my dad. It's so depressing thinking about Mother's day this year. We miss mum ever so much it's not the same any more.

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Beezle47 in reply to

Dear Paula. I really feel for you. Remember that you cannot change what's past and every time you feel guilt you are bring into the present something which now lives in the past. Do try to remember the good things because focusing on anything else will make you more ill and miserable. You deserve to be happy. We all do the best we can at any given time. We are human and that just has to be enough. Be kind to yourself. Nobody is perfect and those that try to be are not necessarily easy to live with. I'm sorry to hear you have OCD. I hope you are getting some help for that. Warmest wishes. Bee x

Sending big hugs to you Paula x

Hi MAS Nurse. Sorry to hear you too have had your difficult times recently. Sometimes it seems that others seem to go through life unaffected by the difficulties we experience with the heartbreak it brings, but I believe it is because we care so much that we tend to have these times, and I would rather be a caring person than not know the good and bad times that loving can bring. My nan always said that it is a long road without a few twists and turns along the way and that whilst we think there is no end to the bad times nobody has the bad forever. Not a bad week here but questioned whether mom should continue with her Melatonin as she was sleeping day and night. With the psychiatrist's agreement we stopped it for a few nights, but after a particularly bad day on Thursday when she was quite agitated, she is now back on it. She is also eating better? Original pressure sores healing well, but the new one on her hip is a bit yucky. I am having to accept that we are doing everything we can to make her comfortable. She is clean, dry and well fed, but we can't fight the dementia forever. She is calm and content and I take comfort from that. Looking forward to the clocks changing also, and opportunity to get in the garden now the wet seems to be receding! Have a good weekend all x

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Hellebelle in reply to XSitch38

Hi, you are doing a wonderful thing for your mum and it's great to know that your mum is settled and seems comfortable. I too am looking forward to the longer brighter days ahead. Love and strength to you.

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XSitch38 in reply to Hellebelle

Thank you x

Hi, sorry to hear about your turbulent times and sending lots of strength to get through it. I always enjoy reading about your week and I hope the light appears for you soon at the end of that tunnel. The lovely thing about this site is that people understand what you are going through.

Hi MAS Nurse. I'm so sorry you have had such a hard time lately. You seem to have family, friends and a great attitude to support you which is good to know.

Hubby and I are carers for one another. It often doesn't work because our bad times clash but I am so grateful to him for always trying to be the best carer he can be and that we are both positive thinkers even when neither of us can cook a meal or get out to shop.

He had a nasty fall just before we returned from holiday about 10 days ago and needed stitches in his lip and eye. He still isn't completely well and I believe the trauma of the fall has shaken him up more than he realises. However, I'm truly grateful that the results of his fall were not worse. Just half an inch to the left could have lost him an eye. I am thankful that he is still (almost) in one piece :)

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