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Feel good Friday in the snow


I was certainly NOT feeling good this Friday morning as we are supposed to be going together on a Revitalise respite holiday tomorrow for a week and we are well and truly snowed in. Our carer could not get to us this morning and our holiday looks out of the question at the moment, so not only will I be able to catch up with wonderful staff and be with other carers and not have responsible for my husband for a whole week, I will also loose our money as I can get no travel insurance for him (or me as I have not long had breast cancer).

Having had to defrost some of the 1.5m snow drift against our back door so that I could get to the rubbish bit to dispose on incontinence pads, by using a hairdryer out of the cat flap !! I had a moan to a friend on Whats App and she sent me this back. It made me giggle and lifted my mood.

Love Ali B

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That’s such a shame. I’m sending positivity your way for enough of a thaw to send you on your holiday.

Love Winnie the Pooh and it made me smile too. Xxxx

AliBee1 in reply to sassy59

Our wonderful neighbours dug the snow off the road so we were able to get here 18 hours late. It was like having someone take a heavy rucksack off my back when we arrived. Glad you liked the Pooh story and that it raised a smile

Love Ali B

Hi AliBee1, I am sorry to hear this. You must be feeling really disappointed. The snow will thaw soon. Would you then be able to travel? Do let us know how you are. I love Winnie the Pooh post . It made me laugh. Best wishes to you both.

AliBee1 in reply to MAS_Nurse

Thank you. May get there on Monday but our road still impassable. I really want and need to get there xx

AliBee1 in reply to AliBee1

Thank you. Can you see this thread as you will see my reply to sassy 59 above xxx

AliBee1 in reply to MAS_Nurse

Thank you. if you can see the thread please see my response to sassy59 x


What a hoot Alibee1. Thanks for sharing and cheering us all up with the revised version of Pooh and Piglet’s conversation, and also for sharing your characteristic stoicism and good humour in trying circumstances. Bless you.

Thank you x

AliBee1 in reply to AliBee1

I am glad you loved it. I have to realky appreciate funny or lovely things else I think I would stand here and scream. !!

I am so glad you enjoyed it. If I couldn't see the funny or good things I think that I woud stand here and scream!!

Love the verse, so funny, sorry to hear about your holiday, hope you can sort something out 👍 Take care

AliBee1 in reply to Mydexter

Thank you Got here 18 hours late due to lovely neighbours digging the snow off the road. Twas like taking a heavy rucksack off my back when we arrived at our revitalise respite centre .xxx

Mydexter in reply to AliBee1

So glad you arrived safely, have a great holiday 👍😃

Hi Ali B,

We were so happy that you and your husband made it okay to Netley Waterside House on Saturday despite the snow. Of course we would have been as flexible as possible had you not been able to make it, as the weather was affecting lots of our guests. The weather was pretty hard to take last week – even with a freezer full of stuffed crust pizzas!

We hope you are having a wonderful holiday as we speak and are enjoying a feel good Monday!

- The Revitalise Team

If you can read this thread please see my response to sasse59. If not I will tell you how wonderful to get here 18 hours late xxx

This post made me giggle - thanks for sharing.

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