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Well, I’ve heard it all! This made me laugh when I asked ‘Alexa’ on my Amazon Echo device what was special about today, and ‘she’ said it’s, NATIONAL WAFFLE DAY!!! Well, I ask you why celebrate a waffle! Our friends over the Pond sure do come up with some interesting things to celebrate. But I’ve researched it a bit and here are some fun facts: It is a tradition since 17th Century in Sweden from the name Varfrudagen (Our Lady’s Day) celebrated on 25 March, using a heart-shaped waffle iron over a fire. In the U.S. 24 August celebrates the date of a U.S. patent on a waffle iron.

But hey, what’s the point of my fun fact of the day, well, this weekend in the U.K. is August Bank Holiday, the last BH till Christmas, the last chance for families to have time off together, before school restarts and folks return to work. In the U.S. 3 September is Labor Day, a similar family Bank holiday. So if waffles tickle your taste buds, then get cooking, drizzled in butter, honey and berries and even topped off with cream or Greek yoghurt, and take a break from your caring labours and have fun together with family and friends.

As a proverb says, ‘A merry heart doeth good like a medicine’. So rejoice, laugh, have fun and be refreshed and restored over this holiday weekend.

Take care,

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse

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I love waffles so will try and buy some to enjoy over the weekend. Off to a food festival tomorrow so may find some there.

Have a great weekend everyone and a good week ahead. Xxxxx

Sounds like a good idea to me, must get some waffles to go with my strawberries and cream, not good for waistline but mighty good for moral.

Haven't had a waffle for ages, I do tend to talk a load of it tho!!

Mydexter in reply to Kittie103



Hi MAS_Nurse,

Mmmm... I too love a nice waffle, and if this is Waffle Day, then count me in! My family would say I'm a good waffler, and I don't think they'd be speaking of my prowess with a waffle iron either, but a crispy, fluffy, light waffle is well worth celebrating, even if it does seem a bit daft!

On a more serious note, my week has ended with a scare. Somehow whilst my husband and I were away in Brighton just over a week ago, someone there managed to get his bank card details, and tried to make some fraudulent transactions on our account. So yesterday was spent sorting it all out.

We've no idea how as his card was in his possession at all times, and he even carries it in one of those shields that prevents anyone taking the number through technology. Anyway, luckily no damage done. Most of the attempts were blocked as fraudulence, and the bank has refunded us for the one that got through. It goes to show how sophisticated bank fraud is becoming now.

So this is just a shout out to all to be as ultra-careful as you can. (I do think we are always vigilant, but it seems not vigilant enough to have prevented this happening). So take care with your finances and also especially those of any vulnerable people you may be responsible for.

Have a great bank holiday weekend everyone!

Glad you got it sorted Callendersgal, One more thing to remember to be careful with. Hope you had a nice time in Brighton.

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Kittie103

Thanks Kittie103. Yes, it was a terrific time in Brighton thanks, and we haven't let this spoil the memory of two lovely days. We suspect that someone managed to take a photo of my husband's card on their phone. It's just so easy to do, and, as you say, one more reason to keep very vigilant about who is around us!

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