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FEEL GOOD FRIDAY How has your day been?


Hello Folks,

How well has your week gone?

If you lovely members will bare with me, I would like to tall you how mine has been.

It started like any other, busy, busy and busy, not time to stop and draw breathe. Until I heard that a very dear friend is struggling with a terminal illness and doesn't have long.

It rocked my very complacent life and made me stop and take stock of how lucky I am.

So - how has yours been? Good or bad we would like to hear how you have coped with the downs as well as celebrate the ups with you, because life is too short not to celebrate whatever is thrown at us.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, we will be here as usual. Ready to share everything with you.

Regards to you all.

MAS Nurse & Moderator.

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It’s often strange how we just keep going through life and then something gives us a jolt and makes us stop and think. Sorry to hear about your friend MAS_Nurse.

I’ve been reminded of how fortunate I am this week by some of the sad posts on this very forum. The struggles others have been and still are going through is humbling.

We’ve had a good week and I wish everyone a pleasant and peaceful long weekend. Xxxxxx

MAS_Nurse in reply to sassy59

Hi sassy59,

Thank you for your kind words, it does pull us up short sometimes doesn't it! Makes us think and then be very grateful.

My thoughts are with all of our members who are struggling at present. Take care folks.

MAS Nurse.

Sorry to hear about your friend. It is very sad. We never know what's around the corner do we?


Hi MAS_Nurse,

I'm so sorry to hear about your really sad news. I just feel it's been a really sad week all around. As sassy59 has already mentioned, several of our forum members are going through really difficult times, and a friend of mine was in a similar position to you, and has just lost her lifelong friend after a terminal illness, and now your bad news. Sometimes it's quite hard to come up with the smallest thing that makes us feel cheerful. I do try to find at least some small thing every day that I'm grateful for, but I'm massively blessed this week not to have the sadness that so many others are having to go through.

So, thinking of you all with love and hoping that for all of you there will be at least a little bit of peace of mind.

We are having a pretty rough time at present and to top it all one of our evening carers had to leave because of ill health and it was impossible to find someone to replace her at short notice even with a care company and the help of Social Services. Our other carers have helped out as best as they could in the short term. They are treasures. However, on Friday I contacted someone else who I heard about by chance and she had just finished another 4 times a day care job the day before and so is coming to see us on Monday as she thinks that she can help. I just pray that it will all be ok as it was such a weight off my shoulders. AliBee x

CallendersgalModerator in reply to AliBee1

I hope so too AliBee1. It's an added worry you could do without.

and ps. My thoughts and prayers are with you dear friend and with you. xx

I have had a week of ups and downs but if there is one good thing that having been a full time carer for something like MSA it is that most of my downs now are relatively ups compared with what is happening in other peoples lives.

I am downsizing and my daughter and son-in-law were invited from France to plunder. I am very happy to give stuff to the various charities to raise money but things like my pots I really wanted to go to a good home. Fortunately my daughter likes both my pots and the ones I have bought and we are both happy with their rehoming. UP I do not see them very often and my son-in-law has not been well. He is now like his old self again UP. and we had a lovely week UP. The gas mains were being replaced here - DOWN a bit as parking was difficult and some peoples old pipes were difficult and had to be dug up DOWN but not mine UP Nice to know the old iron pipes have gone and won't start leaking UP. On Monday my gas was off and people were in and out all day wrestling with yellow plastic pipe and changing the meter DOWN a bit Visitors had gone home early before it all started and missed the disruption UP Shan't see them for a long time DOWN . My neighbours broadband has been awful for weeks and on Monday an engineer spent all day not being able to improve it for her. DOWN After he had gone my Broadband was down no phone no nothing. DOWN Spent the evening shouting down the phone at a man from talktalk who was dertermined that it was my unauthorised engineer who had damaged my broad band not their engineer working on my neighbour's phone DOWN - just like trying to get help when I was a full time carer DOWN Although I did learn then that it is better not to shout it sort of slipped.....DOWN They told me that I would have to wait 2 working days to get it looked at DOWN when I protested they improved the offer to 72 hours which they semed to think was shorter than 2 days DOWN and when I said that I was an old duck living on my own they offerred to register me for priority service UP They said we will post (! snail mail) you a form and you can fill it in and post it back to us. This was Monday at 8.30pm and the post had well gone. If it was posted next day it would not reach me until Wednesday and I would not get it back to them before Friday DOWN Sat, Sun Monday were not working day so my 72 hours had stretched to over a week DOWN. In fact the form reached me on Friday and turned out to be only for people who can't leave the house. DOWN..I thought this seems so familiar thank goodness I am not fighting for desperately needed help for my husband any more. I had almost forgotten what you are all going through.

At this point I lost the will to live and put the phone down and went off to bed with steam coming out of my ears DOWN

Next morning a nice man arrived on the doorstep and put it all back on again saying he could not work out what on earth my neighbours engineer had done UP and the sun came out UP

Yes it does pull us up short someimes doesn't it. I hope at least some ofyour problems sort themselves out

CallendersgalModerator in reply to FredaE

Oh dear FredaE, what a lot of trials and tribulations for you. So glad you are able to see the 'ups' too, as if we don't, all of those problems that happen because of others' inefficiencies start to drive us potty. As with, for me, a delivery of cat food that was scheduled for Friday, from a certain well known courier whose reputation leaves a bit to be desired. I switched it online to Saturday, as I was going to be out all day on Friday, and here I am on Monday with no cat food because - surprise - the delivery didn't come, and they are closed today for the bank holiday. I'd bear it with fortitude, but the cat's starting to eye up my leg hungrily!

Thankfully most of our problems end up solved or resolve themselves with time. The only trouble is, they get replaced with a new lot!

Hope you have a good day!

FredaE in reply to Callendersgal

I always reckoned that emergency food stores were milk because I don't like long life,loo paper because newspaper is not nice even if it has photos of your current hates on it and cat food because there is no way of explaining to the cat that there is no food beause you are snowed in

CallendersgalModerator in reply to FredaE

Haha, I've just discovered how right you are FredaE...

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