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Feel Good Friday


Good morning everyone, how are you all doing? How has your week been?

This week for me has been at times a little frustrating. Our car failed its MOT and is in the dock until it can be repaired. Then our toilet wouldn’t flush, so I got a spanner out to fix it and stood back very pleased with myself, only to find it leaking out water all over the floor! So we then had to call an emergency plumber to repair it. I then over-egged the pudding yesterday, doing too much walking and other stuff. I exhausted myself to the point that I had little energy left for my choir practice in the evening, and no wheels to get there! All of these types of niggly events can really get to us at times, and pile in on us that we can lose our focus and temper, or get worried and anxious about how we are going to find the money to pay the bills or just cope. We can be fiercely independent and want to sort it out ourselves.

But you know what, sometimes we have to humble ourselves and accept there are things we cannot change, and that we need to ask for help. My husband said last night why don’t you ask for a lift from the choir members? I didn’t want to, but when I put the request out there, I suddenly had folks falling over themselves offering to help me. So instead of being a martyr and struggling on, I was humbled by people’s generosity.

So where does laughter fit into this? Well, it was one of those evenings at choir, where something was said or sung and we all just fell about laughing. It was so refreshing, and releasing those happy hormones, really was good medicine relieving my pain, exhaustion and frustration.

My encouragement today is to find something that will make you laugh out loud, maybe a movie, or comedy show, music, or family memory that will release those positive endorphins and be like medicine to your soul.

Keep in touch, let us know how you are doing. Share some of the things that make you laugh!

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse

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Hi. I was given a DVD called Untouchable. It is French with sub titles and is a true story about the friendship between a handicapped millionaire and his street-wise ex-con carer. It is joyous. Well worth watching and uplifting. Glad your choir did you good. Love AliBee

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to AliBee1

Thanks for that AliBee1. I LOVE French movies anyway, and that sounds terrific! Definitely going on my list of things to watch.


Hi, it’s funny how things happen all at once isn’t it? If one thing goes wrong, it can just snowball.

We’ve had a pleasant week on the whole, seeing grandchildren who never fail to make us smile. Our youngest grandson (10 months) had his check up and is doing well. He’s into everything now.

Laughter is indeed the best medicine and it’s so good to really laugh out loud. You’ve Been Framed makes me do that.

Take care everyone, have a great weekend if you can. Thinking of you all. Xxxxx😘


Laughter IS the best medicine MAS_Nurse, maybe followed closely by having a good cry. And I bet you felt like doing the latter when all those troubles piled on top of you, one after the other.

I really don't like that notion doing the rounds nowadays, that you can join a class to go through the motions of laughing together, as some kind of therapy. I like my laughter to be genuine: the sort that makes your ribs ache and your eyes water.

Upbeat music is also a fantastic mood enhancer, but I always think it's important to be quite sure it is upbeat, otherwise you can send your mood in quite another direction. It must be awe-inspiring to make your own music in a choir. It's so uplifting.

I had a treat this week in the form of a BBC comedy special from the team that make the mocumentary This Country. I find the characters so entertaining and true to real life. It never fails to make me laugh.

And I provided the laughter for our dance teacher at Scottish Country Dance this week. I wasn't feeling the greatest with my arthritis so was walking the dances rather than dancing them, along with one of our very senior members who still comes along in her 80s. We were partnered, and were quickly moving along to get back to our allotted places in the dance, when our dance teacher burst out into peals of laughter saying we looked 'like two tin soldiers marching across the dance set at speed'. She was right too, when we thought about it! So sometimes we can even unwittingly provide the cause of a good belly laugh!

Hi, the thing that has made me laugh more than anything else recently is the car share episode with Peter Kay and the monkey. I laughed so much I cried. I really did fee much better after that. There is a clip on Facebook going round at the moment or people could probably find it in YouTube.

laughter Yoga they call it and it sounds dreadful but Once when Victor was at a manage your Parkinson's group before he was re diagnosed with MSA we found ourselves doing laughter yoga. We were a miserable crew and deeply disapproving but surprisingly quickly we found ourslves quaking with unforced laughter and feeling so much better for it. You need a leader who is outgoing and not at all inclined to think she is making a fool of herself. It was brilliant

Freda E

MAS_Nurse...you did indeed have a day of bewilderment.

My day was much the same as usual ,busy,but David was feeling very down and wished his life would end,and I told him not think like that,as life is always worthwhile despite what life throws at us.

However I did laugh when I asked David why he was so miserable,and he said ''well,i am here sat on the commode doing nothing''.

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