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Feel Good Friday!


Happy Friday everyone! Phew, the weekend is here at last, time to recharge your batteries! How are you all doing, how has your week been?

So here are some fun medical facts for you that happened on this day in history. Let’s give a cheer in this year celebrating women’s suffrage, for our pioneering Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, who in 1865 qualified as the first woman doctor in Britain!. Let’s also celebrate how in 1928, Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin that has saved thousands, if not millions of lives.

Each ‘Feel Good Friday’ we try to bring you something inspiring, or encouraging to lift your spirits, but mostly to just let you know that we care and are here for you, no matter how your week has gone. Do share with us and each other, a problem shared is a problem halved. If you have discovered something that really works for you that maybe helpful to the community, then do share it.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the autumn sunshine, get out and about, kick leaves, pick apples, and let the breeze blow some of those mental cobwebs away.

Sending you best wishes,

MAS Nurse

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Had a cold so not the best week. Praying Pete doesn’t get it.

Enjoying the sunshine we’ve been having and the autumn colours starting to appear.

Went out with friends on Wednesday for lunch which was nice and good to catch up.

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy it if you can. Stay well. Xxxxx

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to sassy59

Hope you'll feel better very soon sassy59.

sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

Thank you Callendersgal, feeling better now. Xxxx


Those are some beautiful leaves MAS_Nurse! I'm surprised at how few leaves have even begun to 'turn' colour yet on the trees just outside my apartment window. Usually, by now, they'd be lovely shades of yellow and orange, but as we returned from our break away from home this week, we saw a range of lovely colours across the country, as we moved from north to south.

There's quite a lot to commemorate in 2018, isn't there? Such an important discovery by Alexander Fleming, and we must all remember not to squander the effectiveness of the antibiotics we have, by misusing them. Had they been around in one of the other years we are commemorating this year, i.e. the end off WW1, many more lives of wounded soldiers could have been saved.

And for women, suffrage in 1918 was the beginning of a huge leap forward for us all.

I had such a lovely few days away from home, but I'm mindful of all of us here who have a very heavy burden of care and haven't had the opportunity of a welcome break. In fact when I visited York Minster I lit a candle and asked a prayer for everyone who's struggling to cope with all they have to do.

I hope that all of you, in particular, have a pleasant weekend and a chance to relax, at least for a little while, if possible.

Hi Callendersgal,

Thank you for your inspiring post too, I love this time of year, just to stop and take stock of all around me. I live in such a beautiful part of Britain - it's just lovely to see everything changing and knowing that it is dying to renew the earth and start again.

MAS Nurse.


Unfortunately, weekends no longer exist!!

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