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Alzheimer’s Dementia Mesothelioma & Inclusive Society


Well am new to this fourm BUT not subject of my post.

How many people do you know with dementia Alzheimer’s WHO sufferd from asbestos mesothelioma.

Guess if like me NONE so my quest as been to find them vie Alzheimer’s society asbestos surport groups and nhs digital.

And to the shame THAY are most forgot about suffers given the many conditions.

My issue is how they are neglect deigned justice given the conditions

So i took it upon my self to raise awareness into there forgot about plight.

My quest as uncoverd some intresting facts.

1 being denied justice is fundamental breach of there human rights and is also discriminately.

If they did not have Dementia Alzheimer’s WELL you would of heard of the plight.

Also according to royal collage surgeons AND national lung cancer mesothelioma audit THING''s should not be this way given imaging diagnostic advances

SO why is it still happing.

Minaster for care Caroline Dinenage talks of dementia 2020 challenge AND dementia action alliance AND this no talk of breaches of human rights with regard what they know about altzermers dementia asbestos mesothelioma suffers.

So my quest continues AS minister i have aproched have not taken there plight serious SO i have no other option than to get intouch with discrimination human rights minister.

As it looks like some in current govermeant don't really care of the plight

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Hi JAS good to see you on the carers forum. As always I wish you well with your quest. Take care of yourself too. Xxxxx

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Hi sassy cheers n thanks AN yer think am making inroads but wheels turn so slow.


Welcome to the site which I am on because of my 2nd husband. Good luck with your efforts. They are much needed. My 1st husband died 23 years ago today of Mesothelioma but he did not suffer from dementia. The couple who are buying our house, her Dad is suffering at present and is under the Royal Marsden, but he has no mental health problems either. Kind regards Ali B

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Hi Cheers thanks for sharing .. have been in touch with marsden lung cancer mesothelioma specialist hospital AND they have not treated any ever NOR as nhs digital any record.

Quite shocking as this 630 thousand Dementia Alzheimer’s suffers in uk.

So given age of most dementia Alzheimer’s suffers I would of thought THEY would been most at risk population.

Sadly as they forget everyone else dose to ... to there detriment.

Coroners are just as bad AS if Alzheimer’s suffer had mesothelioma but died of pneumonia THE death would be recorded as pneumonia.

Is quite scandalous really AND say’s a lot about patients surport groups and advocates ASWEL as discrimination human rights law.

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I quite agree but I know that the current digital record system does not allow them to record co-morbidities correctly. PSP is recorded as Motor Neurone and CBD from which my current husband suffers from has no code at all.

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Hi Alibee1 i had nhs hospital coding out with both marsden and nhs digital.

NHS & Hospital have great safegaurding policy IF only it was used.

Its legal requarment to make sure those with memory issues don't get negleted or harmed YET they have no nummbers clearly NHS & Hospitals must not be using safegaurding policy or would have nummbers stats THATs been my argument driving force.

Sadly given my ilk my concerns fall of deaf ears.

Clearly the don't have sats nub given if use policy have to spend money resourses AND its easer to ignor issue.

But at who's cost ACCORDING to sepsis trust its at expence off those with memory problems and mortality


Hi JeffAjaxSmith,

It's so challenging having multiple health issues and never enough resources to go around, whether that's money or people who can help in a practical way.

So it's great that you have decided to champion these particular issues yourself and that you are fighting for better representation.

The very best of luck with it. It's a tough, slow thing, but often the only way to make things better for yourself and others in the same situation.

Good luck!

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I really do bope things change for better HAVE been through hell with how my own dad was treated negleted given he's own memory issues at hands of nhs hospitals

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