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Hello everyone , and welcome back to Feel Good Friday. Please let us know how your week has been. You are most welcome to share your positive and not so positive thoughts and experiences. This is a supportive forum and we encourage this. On a positive note, I did some baking with my friend's little girl. We made some lovely cakes. It was most enjoyable and I am looking forward to doing this again.

Yesterday was "wherever you are, talk about mental health day" This takes place on the first Thursday in February. It gives us all a chance to talk, listen and change lives. Wherever you are, have a conversation about mental health. For people with mental health problems, not being able to talk about it can be one of the worst parts of the illness, so it is good to get people talking about their mental health, aid recovery and take the stigma out of something that affects us all Have a lovely week everyone.

MAS Nurse.

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Hi. Someone wrote a message the other week called 'little things count'. It is so true. I had to have a new coordless hoover this week and it came in a box with all the bits wrapped separately. It sat unwrapped and looked at me for 2 days and I then asked my husband if he could help, not expecting him to be able to do so. However he managed to unpack it all over several hours and was very thrilled with himself. Putting it together floored him but that did not matter.


Hi AliBee1 and thank you for your reply. It is so true, the little things do count. Thank you and best wishes.


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