Stop loneliness NOW!

Stop loneliness NOW!

Amid all the election talk of social care funding and ‘dementia tax’, there’s one crucial topic that the politicians are not discussing – loneliness. One in six people in the UK are aged over 65. A horrifying one in 10 of them say they are chronically lonely. With the over-65 population due to increase to one in four in the next 30 years, combined with a growing shortfall in social care provision, the problem may only get worse.

Extreme loneliness increases the chance of dying prematurely by 30 per cent. It is a significant factor in depression and social isolation.

How have we let this happen? Is our sense of community so broken that we can’t reach out to elderly neighbours, who perhaps haven’t talked to another human being for days and only have the TV for company? What do you think? What can we all do to help? Share your thoughts on the Forum now.

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4 Replies

  • It's terrible sad , we have a neighbor living across the road in his 80's and a widower who has 5 children yet he never sees any of them, two of them are I. Austrailia but the others don't live that far away that they could visit, if we ask about them he says oh they all lead busy lives, too busy to spare a few hours visiting it seems. So when I see people with no family I think of this man who has 5 and it seems it doesn't make any difference you can still be lonely with a big family.

    We must all make more of an effort with older lonely people, we might be one of them one day 😟

  • It is very sad that so many people are lonely. For those still active there are things out there if they can find them - lunch groups, etc but much more difficult for the housebound. Speaking to elderly friends, the U3A has been a lifeline with lots of different activities and interests.

  • I am lucky that my son, who is my carer still lives with me, and we get on very well with each other. I would not be able to get out without him, but he stops me from being lonely. bless him.

  • You are blessed indeed Midori

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