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Now that i've lived through a pandemic

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Now that i've lived through a plague or pandemic,call it what you will,I can now totally understand why Italian Renaissance paintings are full of naked fat people lying on couches.

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Oh me too Roddy. I really have to do something about it before someone tries to paint me or wants to take a photo even. Happy new year to you. Xx

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Oh yes Roddy, if ever there was an illustration of what happens when everyone is forced to be inactive then those paintings are it and if ever there's a demonstration.... it's me! I think I'm just going to avoid artists and photographers for the years I have left.... 🤣

There's nothing stopping you from making the most with what's available to you for activity say like walks in the local parks or walking round the local streets.

That's what I did in lockdown as I would rather make the best of what's available than sit back and become one of life's Victims.

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😁oh the thought of borris j on a painting like that 🙄done from recent pandemic times😁not sure I'm.allowed to say that understand if not 🤯pixie should be on the painting 🤗😽🌻

Fat cat
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Beautiful 😍 not fat just buxom ( that’s what my husband tells me 😂

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😁I had to put his carry cage on mam's shopping trolly to transport him down the street when it was too dark for him to walk as I couldn't carry it 🙀😽🐆he usually trims off in summer 🤗🌻

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😅😂🤣. Just like me 😃that 1/2 stone I’ve put on in December is natures way of storing fat to keep me warm in winter nothing to do with two big boxes of cherry liqueurs etc etc consumed entirely by me 😂

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😁oh your giving me idea I have stopped drinking alcohol and I'm on the cocoa lol and dip a few sweets in many could get some cherry brandy liqeuers 😁I have been ok not put weight on as pixiebob cat gets most of mine 😽😺😺😺

Someone put this on another forum but I thought it was really funny!

Humorous Snowman meme
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I said how Prince Pixie at 7 is a little kitten compared to elderly Baby who is 18 in April and hubby says Pixie is a funny looking kitten!

And as for me........ Despite eating 3 meals a day, while in rehab I managed to lose a stone in weight which hasn't found its way back to me yet 😕😕

Made me laugh 😂


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