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I am now in Facebook prison.

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Having been on Facebook for many years and never once been reprimanded until yesterday i was rather shocked and a bit upset.

I am now in Facebook prison for a week,after voicing my annoyance about all those demonstrators blocking the highways and preventing ambulance and doctors and workers getting through,one lady who was in an ambulance was kept waiting for 4 hours,and now she is very ill and which could have been avoided had she got to hospital in time.

I wont say what i wrote but most people thought it amusing.

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Many years ago one of my friends got put in facebook prison as well all because she had sent friend requests to those She didn't know.

I got banned from a site for a week a few times because I swore at one of the members there!

With that site I took myself off there after that and never went back!

I hope you and the dogs are all well.

Don't worry about it love, I maybe the same as I have just replied to one of these great unwashed idiots saying he was going back today with legal people. They need to get a bloody job not hold the country to randsom. X

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I’m on Facebook but I’m not a fan secrets. I pop on around once a day if I get notifications otherwise I don’t go near it. Never mind, you’ll be back on before you know it but clearly can’t express an opinion. Xxx😘

I’ll send you a cake of your choice with a saw inside. Or by the time you eat the cake, you won’t need the saw. 😁 These days I’m finding a week goes by too quick. I hope your week flies by. 🚀

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secrets22 in reply to Isinatra

love it....😄

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Oh dear Roddy, so sorry about your 'sentence'. I guess 'rules is rules'!

I didn't even know they had a Facebook prison Lol.....Just goes to show I don't use Facebook that much. Don't worry I'm sure they'll let you out real soon to resume your normal activities on Facebook 😄

they have done the same to me as well haha.

the point being made by ER isthat if some thing it not done about climate change NOW ther will be untold deaths from drowning, drought, starvation and homelessness

i am sure they would love to have any suggestion how else to get people to understand

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secrets22 in reply to FredaE

they go the wrong way about it if they are preventing essential services like ambulance medics and doctors going about their work.I have no sympathy for people disrupting decent peoples lives,and if i had a seriously ill loved one caught up in this for hours i would be devastated and its beyond cruel.

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jneilw51 in reply to FredaE

I agree with you, Freda. Some issues are so important that people need to have a right to legally protest in order to try to bring those concerns to the attention of more people. If some protesters block traffic, then the police need to make them move, and arrest those who will not follow their directions. But, being able to peacefully protest is an important part of being a democracy. In the US, the Governor of Florida tried to pass a law that would make it legal for a driver to run-over a protester who was blocking a roadway. The big problem with that was that the politicians could decide who got arrested. So, if someone ran-over a protester, the politicians could decide not to prosecute the driver only if the protester who was run-over opposed the views of the politicians in power. That would be a first step toward preventing people from expressing views other than those held by the party in power, as is done in China. Who wants to live in another China?

Hope you get a reduced sentence for good behaviour x

Voices are being cancelled everywhere. Who knew that in the UK in 2021 we would all be subject to such censorship? How and why did that happen? Mostly it isn't even people reading comments. It's an algorithm, picking up on key words? Censored words/phrases? I doubt Facebook cares what you said, or about the sick lady, and ambulances, they are just following current Govt regs and trying to avoid fines for allowing inflammatory content; Likely you sounded like a terrorist or dangerous conspiracy theorist or some such?

one way to avoid this censorship nonsense is to use madeup words which can be understood but not by the algorithms. for example i think you would get away with He orta bin hinged... would this mean you would be at an advantage if you were dyslexic?

Don’t worry about it. Free speech is something Zuckerberg feels should not be allowed. FB has taken upon itself to ban certain views if it is deemed not to follow their current guide lines. It’s nothing to do with what you wrote. You have to follow as A10 said a certain algorithm. It will get worse as time goes on as they want us all in straight jackets, not just FB, I mean government has pushed a bill through banning protests.

If I were you, I would tell them to throw away the key...leave me in prison. I was amazed at how much time I had to live once I stopped feeling obligated to answer everyone on FB. Plus....so much negative stuff....and half truths.

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FredaE in reply to Grammy80

it has its uses. you just have tio be very choosy

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Bifield34 in reply to Grammy80

I used to be on Facebook but found my anxiety levels were going off scale. I don't use it at all, stopped LinkedIn as well. So much more family time now. 👍

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secrets22 in reply to Bifield34

i have thought about deleting facebook,but it has been useful for keeping in touch with folks,but unlike you i have no family and i would be struggling without that outlet,but who knows ,later i might change my mind.

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Bifield34 in reply to secrets22

I do understand and even for me it wasn't easy. You get into a routine so when I took out FB from that there was a gap. Now, I feel like I have been given more time each day to go and do something else more fulfilling. This is me, but we are different. I know that you will work out what is best for you. You take care.

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FredaE in reply to secrets22

i have friends and very little family too. facebook keeps me in touch with people all over the world. since i moved here just before the first lockdown i have got to know a lot of people in the village. it has its uses but if the adnim allows people to be nasty drop that page like hot brick

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Grammy80 in reply to secrets22

Bifield34 is spot on....we all make the decisions that serve our needs best at the time!! You take good care!

So much for a free country, perhaps Facebook think we are under Taliban rule?

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