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Free For All on Friday

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Good morning all, on what looks like a lovely bright October day here. Hope that's true wherever you are reading this too!

It's Friday, so please go ahead and post on any topic you wish, within our Community Guidelines, but not forgetting our primary topic which is all things to do with Care. However, we are a special group of people in that we have a big need for social interaction too, as caring can be so isolating, so here's your chance to get to know our other members and share your wider interests.

I know some of you wonder why there is this special day for off-topic posts, when sometimes there are no others through the weeks, but it's simply to keep some kind of focus on the fact that the number one purpose of this group is to support each other through the problems that arise through caring for someone else. And whilst there is no actual bar on posting off-topic on any day, it is preferred that you do it on Fridays. Thanks for your co-operation in this.

This week I'm just sending a collective hug from us all to secrets22, who, it was revealed, has just lost a much loved pet. I have of course contacted him privately, but I'd just like to send our best wishes and condolences to him. Losing a pet can be every bit as traumatic as losing a human loved one, and I'm so sorry that secrets22 has had this to deal with. And thanks so much to HappySwimmer for flagging it up to us. So dear secrets22, sending you warmest best wishes at this sad time, and I hope that one day in future you'll be left with only the happier memories of the time you spent with your beloved dog, Eddie.

I hope that this weekend will be a happy one for as many of you as possible. Although mine's destined to be very quiet I'm looking forward to that. I've just downloaded some new books to my e-reader, and I foresee a few happy hours lost in a good story. Take care everyone.

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Thank you so much for thoughts on my beloved Eddie,it means so much,and thank you again Sue.x

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Lynd in reply to secrets22

I am so sorry about your beloved little dog, heartbreaking when they go.Sure he had a lovely life with you x

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Hi Callendersgal, it’s a beautiful day here today which is good. We had a trip to Amberley castle which was very nice but my AF kicked in with a vengeance so that wasn’t pleasant. Luckily it was only an overnight stay. I clearly can’t drink alcohol anymore. Lol.

A huge hug to secrets because losing a beloved pet is so very distressing. We were devastated when we lost Tessa our much loved cat aged 19. Thinking of you secrets.

Wishing everyone a peaceful, happy weekend with some sunshine hopefully.

Take care everyone xxxxx

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to sassy59

Hi sassy59, Amberley castle is lovely and has whetted my appetite to go again. I love Arundel as a whole.

Sorry about the AF and I commiserate. It's awful the way it just arrives unannounced and you aren't sure how long it will last. I posted on the AF forum a little while ago about the fact that, for me, that's its worst aspect, when you are out on a family occasion and you suddenly go into it. If I mention it there's a big fuss and plans get altered just for me which I hate, but if I keep silent I don't feel so good, trailing behind everyone else and feeling pretty awful. I usually settle for a halfway house of 'a bit of AF', which doesn't get near the truth of it! But what to do? Mine's less intrusive now I've found the right medication dose for me, though even that brings its own problems with lethargy and exhaustion. Darn it! And oh dear me yes, the alcohol is sadly a no-no. I went on a mini cruise prior to getting a proper diagnosis and between drinking gin and tonic and the vibration of the ship's engines, I had no respite at all. Even sherry trifle will set mine off..... 🤣. Welcome to the T-total world!

I've been wondering how Pete's birthday celebration went last week. I do hope you all, and especially Pete, enjoyed his special day!

Take good care sassy59 and here's hoping for an AF-free weekend for you!

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

Thank you for your reassuring words. I’m hoping to get the right meds to help prevent AF being quite so bad. Family just want me to go to A&E which I refuse to do as have no pain but the blood thinner isn’t really good enough. I don’t mind not drinking. Sorry I forgot to mention Pete’s birthday (Amberley was part of it) which was on Monday. It was brilliant! Good fun was had by all and our family all came together to make the day very special. Our daughter made a coffee cake which Pete loved. Xxxx

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to sassy59

Families understandably want to make a fuss but I agree that A&E is only for the worst of episodes as there's not very much they can do but give you a cardioversion if it's needed, and all that waiting around is awful. To be honest I think that a lot of people really misunderstand what AF is (my family is so guilty of this) and they associate it with all those defibrillators we see all over the place, when they're not needed for AF. I made all of my lot watch Dr. Sanjay Gupta on YouTube, as his videos are so helpful (I don't know if you've tried those: he's a consultant cardiologist in York and his channel is York Cardiology). But they still panic and flap because that's what families do..... 🤣I'm so glad that Pete had a lovely birthday and it's just a shame you weren't feeling your best for Amberley then. But if the rest was brilliant, that's fantastic. Glad you all enjoyed the celebrations! (And the cake). 🎂🍰 xxx 👍🍾🎉🎊👍💖🔆

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

I’ll check on You Tube. Thank you 💜🎁🍾🧁🎂😀xxxx

Thanks sue lovely post so glad you PM d Roddy I thought you would 🤗and he's become a good friend of mine, and I so hope also things come good for him I'm.sure they will as he deserves some good times again. Here's a photo of the stretching cat not pixie yet tho 😺

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to

Oh he's a lovely fella Mandy! Look at that contented face and the lovely big stretch!

in reply to Callendersgal

Yes he certainly is pixies recovered from his leg injury from a fight and is now jumping from the roof tops again as he does back to my wallpaper stripping now 😳😁

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Catgirl1976 in reply to

Roddy has had a horrible time of things hasn't he one thing after another and the loss of Eddie was the icing on the cake!

Hopefully time will help.

in reply to Catgirl1976

When my cat jet died I cried for 6 months one night in bed my heart was racing so fast I reached for the phone to ring ambulance but then I was ok and learned to deep breath during a panic attack it was the distraction of reaching for the phone I think I get panic attacks mild now and deep breath and I feel comforted when pixies snug and I stroke him then I feel safe, sometimes I feel beds the only place I feel safe and comforted not having to face the day and world, it was no progress today when went for the breakfast bar I'm going to cancel all the stuff I've ordered just keep what I've got the sink n tap, the place I went today had the unit doors in stock and a more neutral timeless colour light cream shaker whereas the ones I've ordered slate grey in few years be dated and as I've no intention of staying in that house for ever, my builder asked if can come next Sunday to skim as they asked him to work he's very nice said if I've arranged plumber he can say no I said it's fine, well at least I did have time to go swimming today which was like walking into a Holliday resort no one in the warm baby pool, and I can take my time in finishing the stripping, I'm going to the shop tomorror on bike to cancel everything and just have to start again with it flipping nightmare no wonder my mam and her nebour have there houses mainly old fashioned too much hassle at 82 and I'm 57, I'm shattered after the swim, the sun was shining through the glass and that was nice like been under the covers I used to go there before lockdown when I was living at mam's with my rat sinario stress, hope you get to your lido soon have a lovely weekend 🤗😺🐯

For me it has been a great week seeing the new Bond film at the cinema yesterday and going swimming at the lido on Tuesday and neath abbey last Saturday I really enjoyed as well and also trying out the bubble tea yesterday which was originally from Taiwan and started back in the 80s over there.

Bubble tea is cold tea with tapioca bubbles in it which to me was something different from my usual black tea!

I have also enjoyed some lunches out this week and pub lunches which I have enjoyed so decided on an autumn Friday fish pie today for lunch that i have made myself which I have enjoyed with hake and salmon in it along with Swede, carrot, parsnips, pumpkin and winter squash and some leftover tinned peas in it as well.

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Catgirl1976

Did the latest James Bond film live up to expectations Catgirl1976? I've often wondered about that bubble tea too. I'm not sure I'd enjoy that! But it's always good to try out new things. I haven't eaten a fish pie for ages but a home made one is always a hearty treat and we're getting the sort of weather now that makes it perfect eating. I'm so glad you had a good week!

It was a beautiful day yesterday and I enjoyed walking the dog around our local park. Stopping at the little Cafe for a coffee. It was like a spring day.Most of yesterday I was on the phone trying to get my Husband some medical attention for a problem he has had for a while. After several attempts managed to get through to the surgery to be told to ring again after 12.So back on the phone again and managed a call back from a GP who I have never heard of. Finally got the call and he decided to refer my husband for a camera and he would like a face to face on Monday. So, back on phone to make the appointment. Finally got through and that GP not available Monday and anyway I need to ring again Monday to make an appointment. By now I am light headed from being on the phone so much.

Had to go to chemist as had a problem with what they were giving out to my Husband. Sorted that and while I was there I had a flu jab. Very sore arm.

Worth having it done though as it saved having to try to communicate with our surgery.

How on earth do people living alone and ill cope with this system?

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Lynd

Hi Lynd, It's a life's work to even get through to a GP surgery at the moment! And then it's often not made clear that you will be speaking to a GP who isn't even a member of your own practice. I don't mind too much if that is the case, but I wish they would introduce themselves properly and explain who they are and why they are taking your call. Even on the grounds of common courtesy alone.I'm glad you finally at least got some kind of help Lynd, as everything does feel rather out of control at the moment. Of course it's not what we've been used to and frankly it's inadequate, but we seem to be a hair's breadth now from no help at all.

I don't think that vulnerable people are coping at all well. My sister is constantly fobbed off by the admin staff at her GP surgery when often she has urgent need and it's suggested that she 'come with her husband on the bus, or wait five or six weeks for a routine telephone appointment. They give her no credence for being the carer of a man with advanced mixed dementia. It all seems to have to be approached as a battle situation. And many fail before winning the fight.

On the flip side it was a beautiful day for a walk in the park and it's such a joy to have a dog with you. They manage to enjoy life regardless! And of course a coffee stop is essential! 👍😊. Good to hear from you and sending you both best wishes.

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