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Ear infection due to tinnitus

Hi I'm new to the group have titinnis as a result of a ear infection .my ear has no infection anymore but l still have tinnitus ever since doctor says it will go but could take 3 months I'm in my third month now anyone else have this and does it go eventually.

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I had an ear infection that again has caused me to have tinnitus in one ear my doctor now thinks my sinuses are blocked so has advised me to use a nasal spray that will hopefully unblock my sinuses and when this I’d done hopefully it will go but I’m not so sure I’ve had mine for a month now




Thanks l started off with sinus trouble as the doctor said give me steroid spray but didn't chk my ear at that time had infection the whole time spray defo helped congestion getting better each day was awful dizzy nausea no energy headache dull ache in ear apparently this is viral but the good news on the mend hopefully just take time x


Hello and welcome to the British Tinnitus Association forum. I hope that you find this a helpful and supportive place to help you manage your tinnitus.

I know with my own experience with ear infections and tinnitus, the infection cleared up in a matter of weeks, but it was a couple of months later that I realised I could no longer hear my tinnitus - it did go completely, but it took its time!

We have some resources that you might like to check out in addition to our home here:



Helpline 0800 018 0527 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) (outside the UK you can call +44 (0)114 250 9922)

Warmest wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager and Forum Administrator)

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Thank you.


So tinnitus does clear up after the ear infections is gone. I am still at an early stage and is v panicky and stressed over it.


Mine did go - it comes back briefly if I'm stressed or if I have an ear wax build up. Try to avoid panicking - breathing exercises are good for stopping anxiety in it's tracks - and fingers crossed you'll feel better soon.

Best wishes



I got tinnitus too after a middle Ear infektion. I had a sensation of fullness in the ears too. I believe that I got tinnitus due to this infection, but this reason is not accepted among docyors. I have a light Hearing loss which is 4000 Hertz, but I am sure that I have had this all my life and is not reason to this terrible tinnitus. I have never been exposed to loud noises or have had Ear problems before. The medical Medium Anthony William says that tinnitus is caused by viruses, especially the epstein bar virus. I am not qualfied enough to evaluate this statement. But I believe that infection can cause tinnitus. I got tinnitus May 2016.


Hi, sorry to hear that.. have your condition improved? I have T after a bad ear infections. Is horrible with all the noise going around


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