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Massive spike


Hi,I just returned from holidays last Tuesday and since then my ears hav'nt tinnitus was settled before I went but ears blocked badly on plane journey on the way back and took a hour and a half after landing for any relief at all.buzzing in my left ear is spiking so loud every hour and right ear now has a constant tonal noise.really at my witts end.its not calming down at all.i think this is going to be my new permanent noise and I just can't stick it

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Hi Michael

You know that increases in your noises are called spikes because as well as going up, they come back down. You can help this by doing the things you've tried before which helped with your tinnitus - relaxation, background sounds, meditation - whatever worked before. Sometimes, we just need to go back to basics - but you'll get back on track.

Warmest wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager and Forum Administrator)

Michael8272 in reply to NicBTA

Thanks nic,yes have to try and stay calm but not easy,I was doing well to,I was able to sleep the last 6 weeks without sound enrichment, now back to this, it's so frustrating

NicBTAAdministrator in reply to Michael8272

I know. But try not to let it bug you - it will pass!

Michael8272 in reply to NicBTA

It would drive you mad there's just no let up.hopefully it will settle

I'm so sorry this is a worry to me as I have to fly to Australia soon. Waiting for results if MRI first though . Have you tried the steam method which my doctor suggested holding your head over e steam and then holding your nose and trying to blow it may clear it a bit .good luck hope it gets better

Michael8272 in reply to Herb123

Hi,yes I have tried steam, even went to a steam room.i had hayfever weeks ago and my ears didn't really recover after that.on the way back my ears blocked really bad and I had so much pain I thought they were going to explode.i knew flying was going to be risky.on the journey over I had no problems.the whole thing is just a pain,hopefully they will settle down again.

Thanks Michael


If it helps you to know I am in the exact same position as you are. 3 weeks of travelling around Italy, plans trains etc has really spiked my tinnitus and it's been like this for weeks now. Part of me accepts that it's the new sound, part of me is screaming at it to please just quiten down again so I can deal with it. I have had some better days where it subsided but the anxiety which comes with it is horrible.

I am seeing an audiologist and will be getting some therapy for it. I hope both of our spikes get better.


I hope your feeling better my t gets worse when I have a sneezing fit. I've had a couple of quiet days but they day it has got loud again. I can never understand what star s it off

Michael8272 in reply to Herb123

Hi herb123,

So unpredictable is t,I was driving yesterday and I got this loud tonal noise in left ear that scared the life out of me. Lucky it only lasted for 4 seconds.i just don't understand the whole thing. I do think my whole thing is eustation tube problems. Thanks Michael

Hi Micheal I also have this problem when I fly it starts my ears off again to make matters worse I now have it in my left ear as well. Mine has spiked so I think I am going to have to go back to basics, I am off on holiday soon which I am looking forward to, but worrying about the effect it will have. This forum is great as everyone gives everyone else so much support. Hope things settle for you soon .

Michael8272 in reply to 28dinky

Hi 28dinky,

Yes this is like starting all over again.i knew I might have problems as was all blocked up and getting headaches before I went on holidays due to hayfever. Hopefully it will settle again as I was doing OK before the holiday. It's so unpredictable.hope you you a great holiday. Thanks Michael

Hi Michael, I’m sure it will calm down. Flying doesn’t affect my t it’s the same all the time. But I’m ok again now. It’s still there but I choose to ignore it most of the time.

Take care ingrid xx

Michael8272 in reply to Ingrid-p

Hi ingrid,

That's my first time flying since I got t but funny thing is it didn't effect it on the journey over, just on the landing on the way back.hopefully it will settle again. Thanks Michael

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