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ferroportin disease (type IV haemochromatosis)?

Hi Ive just joined. Diagnosed with ferroportin disease 15 yrs ago, had liver biopsy(liver healthy apart from being iron-laden) ferritin was 1150, had venesection for 18 months, lowered to 400. liver was healthy (although full of iron) Lfts remained healthy ever since.

Recently bloods showed ferritin is now 2,700, but g.p said liver was 'inflamed' as other results were elevated e.g. gamma GT 130, ALT 76, cholesterol 7.3, triglycerides 3.1. He has ordered repeat LFTs plus alpha-i-antitrypsin, autoantibody screen, coeliac screen and a liver ultra sound scan.

Anybody out there with ferroportin disease? plus any ideas for raised LFTs? Obvious thoughts would be iron elevation, but wonder what else is cause?

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