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Hep C & Haemochromatosis

Trying not to google too much, and wait for appontment with liver cons. on Jan 9th...but not only do I have Hep C but my tests for serum TIBC and serum ferritin are suggesting I also have Haemochromatisis... My very caring husband thinks we should find a way to speed things up by going private. Not sure how I feel about this. Head in sand! Just doing what I know..healthy diet (even though my energy is not great!) Just going to the doctor is not my norm...hardly even take a a bit nervous of rushing into drugs..though I know thats going to happen.

Your ideas welcome. Thanks

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Genetic haemochromatosis (GH) is a disorder that causes the body to accumulate iron in major organs and blood and the treatment is very straightforward - you "give " blood until the serum ferritin and transferrin saturation levels return to normal, at which point they are maintained through monitoring and further blood letting if necessary.

So far, so good. The challenge is that GH can have a negative impact on a number of organs and systems leading to a variety of conditions ranging from lethargy to arthritis to cirrhosis and liver cancer. You can find more about this if from the Haemochromatosis website at

Depending on your symptoms and blood results, another visit to your GP might be in order. You might then be able to get an earlier referral to gastroenterology/hepatology if the scores and/or your Hep C warrant it.


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Thankyou Mike. Good info!



I've just seen liver consultant about possible haemochromatosis.

We chatted about symptoms and I had bloods done again. He's taken blood to test for the gene. No one in my family are carriers as far as I can tell.

He wasn't at all concerned about my liver until he spotted 'spider' markings on my chest. My nail beds are dual coloured too, again he didn't show concern.

These two things suggest live problems so he's arranged a liver scan. Appointment not received as yet. I go back to see him in January (12th) where I'll find out my results.

I'm not unduly worried. It's manageable. I don't, however, want to give up alcohol altogether... I've just got to wait and see I guess!

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Its the waiting! I have given up alcohol..and surprisingly its fine..continue going to the pub/winebar to meet friends..just drinking elderflower or sparkling water! Much cheaper. Also without the booze not craving the another plus.. Diet has always been good..but really working on that..figure if I can do what i can for myself and my liver..before the docs start the drugs....So January it is then for both of us.


It's good to read ur posts n see uv changed ur mind about the alcohol. And yes, it helps with the smoking too.. It's suprising how much difference it can make long term to ur liver health. Diet too.. so important. If nothing else hep c has taught me to love my body in how I treat it. Hope things move fast 4 u with treatment.. God bless

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