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Diet - Important Aspect - a view Point

I have reposted this from another answer, but believe it is an important discussion...

Some on here push eat very healthy, cut out salt message, eat beans and pulses, don't eat chicken skin (Bolly this is becuase us naughty nchefs put lots of salt on the skin to answer a previuos question..yummy!) and watch everything you eat in minute detail.

Totally technically correct, but I go from not eating at all with no appetite to wanting to and crave certain food types, inc salt and sugars, .at the moment it's marmite, would not touch it now and have a constant supply, yes I know all salt watchers very high in salt.

I do try very hard on the diet front, make my owe soups, stews and meals so I control the salt and content there, very little prepared or processed foods. But I believe to eat something is better for both body and mind rather than overly worrying and not eating or being paranoid about it and ending up with food that is not appetising and inedible and being hungry and malnutrised. Partner is in control of my salt intake (as such!) and hides the salt and salty items from me if I go on a craving or not careful in his mind. Of course everyone is different and you do have to review your own diet carefully with the correct input. guess what I am saying is generally eat good fresh fruit and veg, meat , pulses and grains (if you like them) and monitor the bad elements along side the good.

I eat about 8 times a day, small manageable portions sometimes a main big meal, body and mind seem to handle that better than 3 standard food breaks. I have made up batches of food and frozen them down Into little potions from soups to stews or sweet puddings. If I get a craving, the microwave goes on. The consultant wants me to eat 3000 cals which is high, and carb/protein rich, struggling to achieve that on a daly basis. Btw I am 10 1/2 st from 14st (6ft tall) BMI 19.5 from 26. Salt/sodium...careful there is a difference, divide salt by 2.4 to get sodium, some package use either or both and confusing. Salt intake no more that 1000mg ie 1g, normal amount by government is 3g. Btw I not a dietician but have extensive knowledge of this area.

So on the food is a medicine and needs to be monitored like one, but does not need to taste like one and be unappetising.


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Excellent post Andy. I hadnt made the connection between salt and chicken skin - was assuming it referred to raw (not processed/cooked) chicken skin before being cooked, mind you I always ask my butcher to remove the skin when I buy chicken fillets!

Your tip about eating 8 times a day (or grazing) is very useful for people who are struggling with their appetite/ability to eat. We do get stuck into thinking we should only eat a 'meal' times, particularly when part of a family group who are cooking/eating only 3 times a day.

I've recently switched to making homemade soups to cut down on salt, and amazed how easy peesy it is. Bought a hand held blender and off we go - carrots, parsnips, cauliflower, sweet potato, squash, you name it, cook gently with some onion and whizz up with some stock (low salt) a bit of creme fraiche or milk, and LOTS of fresh (not dried) herbs, and .. bingo, a tasty healty low salt sustaining meal in about 10 minutes. Eat with crusty bread and yummy.

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Craving salt and sugar could be a sign that you are dehydrated...make sure you drink plenty of water.

I add some electrolyte powder which has all the vitamin range in it when I feel I might be suffering.

I also add kelp powder to soups and things which adds a salty taste but much lower in sodium. Also another item called liquid aminos by Bragg is like soy sauce but very low in sodium.

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Bolly - indeed eating when you need and feel like eating is one pressure off and although in a family situation this might be difficult, but reasonably easy in my situation as long as there is food around that can be cooked, or around we both get on with eating when we both feel like it. My partner also has a condition as well which effects eating partners.

Soups are the easiest and best foods to have in our life situations, what we do is go to our market and buy the best of the day or items that are going close to end of date. Over ripe tomatoes are the best and are given away nearly. Top tip of the day- use the bones and left over meat from Sunday roast to make a broth/stock instead of stock cubes. Used the carcass of the chicken to make leek and potato soup. A hand blender is a must, sorry turning into recipe of the day.

Andrea- thanks, it might be dehydration, but I do drink a lot, but due to diuretics it's coming our very quickly. Agree there are some very good salt replacement technics including seaweed type products, lemon juice also good and Worchester sauce in small amounts. I look into electrolyte / aminos powder, but already taking a lot of vits and don't want to double up too much.

Thanks for contribution....andy


I don't think it's a bad idea to have a recipe of the day. I know I sometimes struggle with the 'what will I eat' especially when I'm feeling a bit low and feeling sorry for myself and fed up being aware of how much fat the meal contains, what about the salt content and have I eaten too much protein! Thank you for the soup making hints which I will be trying out.


Well indeed. To celebrate our lovely spring weather I did a beef stew and dumplings with vegetables. The left overs will turn into beef and onion soup, got some crusty bread from our market. Yummy.

Menu planning when you not hungry is difficult to achieve. But I now cooking in bulk and freeze down. And ensure I have enough impulse items, jacket pots, beans etc. I crave foods at the moment. But it's food and keeps me for getting down on content of salt and fat, well I try not to worry too much but depends on your condition. I have found loads of contradictions, eat lots of protein is my current instruction and carbs to.

My view - eat healthy and sensibly (naughty days hay Ho) we're possible better to be full than empty/hungry. Was going to say life is too short, but worry too much also not good.

Have a great day...andy

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