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Diet post transplant


Hi all,

I am very interested to hear views from all of you who had a transplant.

I am sure you all received education on what foods are safe or unsafe due to taking immunosuppressents.

I do have knowledge of food microbiology as I started my career in this field.

My take on foods you should definitely avoid are foods that have a risk of listeria contamination, listeria can cause meningitis. These include patè ( supermarket packaged is ok), soft cheese if not processed, cheese with soft rind, blue cheese, cheese made with unpasteurised milk ( hard cheese such as parmesan ok ), unwashed salad, salamis (processed ok), live yogurt ( processed ones ok), cured meats ( high salt ones such as parma ham ok).

As far as I am concerned, there is little hardship in avoiding these kind of foods, I here people saying they are struggling to follow a recommended diet?



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Hi Paul

I live in France and over here that list of no-nos incl fresh milk and shellfish by the way, is only given for the first 6 months. Afterwards as long as you eat healthily you have no restrictions except for grapefruit. I imagine you are on prograf or advagraf with cellcept?

They bang on about hygiene and I always have some antiseptic gel on me but apart from that they are very laid back.


Paulwil in reply to Isabelle2

Hi Isabelle,

Yes, I am the same. Pasteurised milkb should be okay though?

We have transplant nurses who see no grey, so they just say no to general food types.

As you said, have a bottle of hand sanitiser at hand and follow good hygiene practises.

I take just 5mg Advagraf daily.

Best wishes


It's constantly changing what they say you can and can't have, that's what I have found in the last 18 months anyway ....

First six months I was completely strict and that seems to be the advice now and also if your on predisolone long term you follow the rules especially if on ten mg and above ...

They only things I have been told to avoid now is shellfish (no big loss) , and pork and ice when I out, but everything else has been relaxed it's also about just being sensible 😃

Apparently there are two trains of thought on this,to do with protein I gather,my body was eating itself (i have cirrhosis), I seen a dietitian who put me on the right track I suggest you do this through the hospital,what I do no is salt is a no no,but being of addictive personality I admit I do sneak abit of salt on things.good luck.


I'm 17 months post tx and the only things I avoid are raw fish and shellfish, grapefruit and pomegranate. Was really careful for the first 6 months but been quite relaxed for the past year. Keep wondering if I can have smoked salmon? Had medium rare steak and was fine.