just diagnosed with NASH

Just needed to express my feelings, I have been felling unwell for a while, I knew something was wrong, overweight, tired, reduced interest in sex, difficulty concentrating, and able to sleep for far more than 8 hours.

GP tells me I have NASH, but not diabetic. The treatment is to reduce/ stop alcohol consumption, and loose fat from my waist.

I have been for my first gym session in 5 years (30 minutes after appointment with GP).

I am so scared! cirrhosis & fibrosis look like they could kill me; I believe I am just NASH at present, but can I turn this round? If I loose weight, and improve my diet, will I be OK?

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  • Hi there Red1962, I also have NASH Cirrhosis, before I was diagnosed I had the same symptoms as you, also I am Diabetic Type 2, believe me, I can understand how scared you are. I came home after the consultant appointment, did plenty of crying, and then looked on the internet about life expectancy being about 5 years, which is tough when you are just turned 50, it's 2 and a half years now since I was told, but I'm sure I had it for a while before that. I don't drink at all, but I am overweight. Try to use the fear to your best advantage, enjoy the gym knowing that it is going to give you extra time and do your best to stop drinking, that way, if you ever need a liver transplant at any point in the future, at least the doctors will be happy to help you knowing you are trying to help yourself. I found swimming is helpful, and if your gym has a sauna and steam room that will help get rid of some of the toxins. I wish you luck, and hope you don't feel like you're alone, you certainly aren't, and i'll keep a look out for your posts.

  • Morning Red1962, join the club I I to have NASH, I was sent of to a dietician by my rheumatologist. Never been asked to go or been check since diagnosis. I understand it is fatty liver it happens to lots of people ours in non alchoholic we dont drink so we have some thing going for us. I admitt I am over weight but also have great mobility problems and just at moment have a herniated disc in back so moving is very painful. I do watch what I eat except when I am depressed and then chocolate is needed. Life is hard some times good luck with your management of it. xgins

  • I was diagnosed over three years ago but have had it since 2007. I had a BMI of 26 and no other problems. Non drinker, blood pressure, diabetes, family history etc. I have a BMI of 23 now and cut fat massively from my diet. Told to eat nothing with more than 8% fat per 100. With an occasional blowout at the weekend allowed. I did no real exercise before diagnosed. I now cycle loads and loads. I did over 4000 miles last year commuting and rides out around home. My bloods have gently decreased with a recent spike, but bilirubin is normal so happy days. I have had a biopsy that diagnosed problem. I rid the fat off my liver within the first 18 months, its lovely and clear but LFT's still not right. Cry after diagnosis?!....you wooose......yes I cried to...loads and loads....my wife has been a star and kept me on the straight and narrow. Its a real 'Why me?' I'm not this, I'm not that etc. Since diagnosis I have never been fitter or healthier. The problem remains to a degree and I will not have any real answers until another scan/biopsy. I have absolutely no symptoms except for the odd bit of mild tiredness. Mind you I have work shifts for 20 years. I am now 42. Avoid Glucose-Fructose Syrup, high fat foods, alcohol and exercise regularly.

  • Diagnosed with NASH, by the way.

  • Thanks all of you for the support. Day 2 since diagnosis, support from family, friends, and bloggers all helping. Just need to develop and maintain some healthy habits now. Thanks again.

  • I just got recently with NASH. Over 70% of my liver is fat and also is enlarged and inflamed! My GI has just recently set me up with a appointment to see a dietitian.

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