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Anybody feel really sick taking Ursodeoxycholic?

I am advised to take Urso 300mg 3 times per day but it makes me feel really sick.(I've been taking it on and off since 2004 because it really doesn't agree with me but they say there is nothing else)

I am fortunate in that I have no symptoms from the PSC despite having being diagnosed in 2004 and informed I likely had it back in 1986 when I had a Parkes pouch operation. The Urso is causing me more problems than the PSC ever has. Anybody in a similar situation?

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I'm not 100% knowing about Urso use with PSC but from what I saw in another PSC support group ( it seems uncertain that there is a benefit. I would talk to your liver specialist about the benefit versus the symptoms you are experiencing.


Thanks for your reply.

They give the reply "well something is better than nothing" so I've persevered but I've had about enough of it now. It can't make any sense to take something that makes me feel off at best sick at worst just to keep the blood test looking okay especially when I don't experience any noticeable symptoms without it.

Thanks for the link.


I felt sick at first but now I take my tablets with food and I find it helps.


I was diagnosed with PBC in Jan. 2008, and was prescribed Urso then. I could take it for about three days at the most, then I would become constipated, and so on. In the end I stopped taking it. In my case, my liver function tests are not any worse now, than when I was taking Urso, And like you Mark, I was told it was better than nothing ! just not in my case.


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