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Now Really Worried

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Hi all, I posted tis post in mid January, this year:

Hi, early last year due to a lot of personal problems I started daily drinking between 10-12 pints of lager a day starting about mid February 2017. I had an ultrasound done in May 2017 which showed a fatty liver, so I stopped drinking at the end of July and started eating right and exercising. I got a fibroscan done on the 26th of October 2017 by a Hepatologist and the reading was 3.9 Kpa and he said no damage, but Within the last 2 months I have had a couple of major traumas, which has sent me on a 8 week binge of 10-12 lagers a day (very irresponsible I know). Could this have caused me to develop cirrhosis in this time? I have stopped now. Thanks in advance for any help.

Since this post I have been really stupid and thoughtless. My Mum and the person I relied on most died in mid February and I felt completely and unbearably lost and went back on the drink 10-12 pints a night to numb the pain as I was so depressed, I know I have let her down but with my history of depression i felt unable to cope. I have stopped now 5 days in but that makes nearly 6 months of daily drinking and I am now really worried that I have done some serious damage to my liver, I am so annoyed as I have let my Mum down and after a good Fibroscan reading of 3.9 Kpa last October 2017 I feel like I've thrown it all away and am really worried I've now got cirrhosis. Any help or feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Have you any symptoms? Usually at the Cirrhosis stage you'd be experiencing a few?

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Nothing much to speak of apart from the weight gain and some heartburn.

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Not necessarily. By the time I was diagnosed with cirrhosis all I had were occasional unexplained nosebleeds. I did get really bad heartburn and stomach cramps a few years before diagnosis though. The GP just gave me omeprazole for acid reflux.

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Thanks for your kind reply KLDN, in your opinion (I know you can't give medical advice on the forum), would my drinking timeframe and amount be enough to cause cirrhosis after a 3.9 Kpa fibroscan score in October 2017. Thanks in advance for any information and advice.

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I very much doubt it but of course the only way to be certain is get the relevant tests done and please for your own sake take this as a wake-up call. If only I'd had some sort of warning before my cirrhosis diagnosis. Get help asap regarding your trauma coping. The last thing you need is cirrhosis on top of mental health issues.

Good luck!

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Hanc in reply to Hidden

Thanks KLDN, I am seeing the G.P on Thursday.

Hi KR95, I see in my inbox that you replied to my post, but I can't see it when I click on view reply. Would you mind posting it again if it's not too much trouble. Thanks in advance.

Probably, a better chance at alcoholic hepatitis moreso than cirrhosis. It isn't unheard of but rare to get cirrhosis that fast. The only way to avoid getting to cirrhosis is to quit the poison, if you drink levels that well exceed the daily limit.

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Hanc in reply to kurtymac

Thanks for your kind reply and advice, I need to find a new coping strategy.

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