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Hi everyone, I'm 27. Suffer from Bad health anxiety and I drank quite heavily at the start of my 20s and during rough times in my life. I'm absolutely terrified I have given myself cirrhosis. I had a LFT when I was 23 that came back normal, and haven't really had any symptoms. I didn't drink everyday but have done periods of up to 3 weeks getting drunk every evening. I've had times when I haven't drunk alcohol for weeks. But I'm terrified. I want to change my life around and get fit and active but I'm worried it's to late now and I've already done damage. I'm scared to go to my go incase it is the worst case scenario and I can't put my parents and siblings through me being ill. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated thank you :)

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  • My advice to you is stop drinking and binge drinking is worse I've suffered from binge drinking for twenty years I'm 41 and I'm struggling to stop drinking

  • Thank you, I have stopped now and after researching liver disease and cirrhosis it has put me off for life. Good luck with stopping and thanks again for the advice :)

  • Happy to hear your trying to stop drinking! Have you asked your doctor about something for your anxiety? Try to be honest with him or her. Okay i have cirrosis & i had Hep C for 20 yrs before the i got Cirrosis. And i never drank. Don't worry so much hunni...I know easy for me to say. Try talking to your Dr,

  • Thank you I really appreciate it, Being so worried about this and seeing stories has put me off drinking for life. I know I was drinking to much and to often but was a bit naive. I'm just so worried I've done the damage now and ruined my life. I can't sleep for worrying and I can't tell if it's anxiety giving me "symptoms" or if I really have them. I'm just scared I'm going to wake up yellow one morning.

  • You will certainly not have cirrhosis through drinking as you've not been drinking long enough and constantly enough. It usually takes a minimum of 12 years of continuous drinking. You say you binge drink also . So I would say more anxiety is your problem.

  • Thank you for replying, I really appreciate it. I am on medication now for anxiety and you shouldn't drink when on it. Which I haven't been doing. I'm just so scared. I've read that you don't know your liver is failing until it just stops. I'm due to go on holiday next week and can't get excited about it as I'm worried I'm going to wake up yellow one morning. I know I probably sound very uneducated on liver disease or like a hypochondriac but it is ruining my life. I can't make a doc appointment until Monday but even then I'm scared to go. I feel so stupid for what I might have done to my body.

  • Try and relax Gabrielle ' I've cirrhosis myself for 2 years now I dank every day about 8-10 pints over a 30 year period. my problem was I never gave it a rest I now see my consultant twice a year . he told me people can get cirrhosis normally heavy drinkers after 12 years some people can drink 30-40 years and not get it . so I would say it's highly unlikely you have cirrhosis.

  • Thank you for replying, I am trying to relax a bit after reading comments on here. But keep googling and reading horror stories. Thank you again and sorry to sound so negative and worried when you are going through it yourself

  • Keep to this site Gabrielle . Google is a lot misinformation lots of people on here are knowledgeable and with a lot of experience. good luck and try stay calm and enjoy your holiday

  • Thank you very much, you have helped me feel a bit less worried. I have spoken to my brother who has said he very much doubts I have it as I haven't drunk constantly and also have a healthy diet and drink lots of water. However I am a bit overweight and have read that this can also cause it so mixed with the drinking I'm just worried it's to late to reverse any damage. Thank you for being so kind and reassuring

  • I hope you are attending some sort of counseling from a professional as it sounds you may have unresolved issues and alcohol maybe a type of self medication. I don't think being worried of the unknown is healthy. I have cirrhosis due to hepatitis C for a couple of years along with all the "normal" expected side effects with a few extra from the hepatitis c medication. I try to enjoy each day as it is my last sometimes it maybe just resting. As my dr said you can live a happy lifestyle or just be miserable and quit either way it's up to you. So go get professional help , get a blood test better to know that way you can educate yourself and start treatments if necessary. Get help to change your lifestyle and commit to it.

    DLD 🤠

  • Thank you, I am on a waiting list for my anxiety, I know it isn't healthy to worry so much about the unknown but I can't help it. I wish I could, this fear has been driving me crazy for the past few days it's all I think about from the moment I wake up until I finally fall asleep at night. I'm so scared. I'm constantly checking to see if I am bloated, if I have yellow eyes&takin and looks at my nails and palms. I'm due to go on holiday and I'm worrying something will happen whilst I'm away linked to this. I'm glad you are making the most out of everyday and living life to the full. Thank you for your advice

  • Have you tried anything like adult coloring books or painting ? You will be surprised the amount of concentration it takes or even exercise like swimming. It could help with anxiety . I use the coloring and puzzles to focus on a goal to complete.

    Good luck


  • No I haven't tried anything like that. I'm just waiting until tomorrow to ring the docs to try and get an appointment. I'm so angry for putting myself in this position. I will try the colouring. Thank you x

  • hiya gabrielle27 i too have drank heavily in my teens up in till my forties it becomes a crutch after loosing my dad when i was 24 then my sister died suddenly she was only 41 .I hammered the drink ended up in a abusive relationship he was an alcoholic too so it was bound to be disfunctional .i couldnt wait to get out and get the next bottle of wine then the ould squeeze box became a favourite the wine box 3 litres living on my nerves and so embarrassed still didnt stop because i could tolerate it so i thought big mistake i would not wish the pain even on my violent ex partner ,so i ploded along then became seriously ill with jaundice and was told ihad cirrohisis i been hospitilised numerous times but i didnt want to let my loved ones down,ive been clean now for just over a year and it all down to willpower and having the most amazing son who has give me down the banks but for a reason he loves me as i love him all the world an back ,so all ican say gabrielle you can do it too your only young with the rest of your life in front of you so dont be afraid to seek medical advice from your doctor . please excuse my grammar its not up to much but the best of luck x

  • That is amazing well done to you! I'm so proud of you and you should be too! Thank you so much, I really appreciate you sharing your story/journey . I think I did use it as a crutch however I have now been 6weeks drink free. And I never depended on it everyday, as I could go weeks without a drink. However when my anxiety is bad I seem to drink more. Such a lame excuse I know c

  • I also have lost my dad.. I was 21. So my thoughts are with you most recently I lost my aunt who was basically my mother figure as I don't have a great relationship with my mum. I just used alcohol to get through it but looking back I was a disgrace I'm so ashamed




  • Hiya. Gabrielle 27"thanks for your reply I ts nothing to be ashamed of I too felt like that your doing great so keep the good work, you sound a lovely caring person so take care an ill keep in touch xx

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