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edinburgh liver disease patients/ family members


My name is Amy Caffrey and I have recently taken up the post of a support group facilitator for the area of Edinburgh and Lothian for the British liver trust. We are hoping to create support groups for people who are affected with liver illnesses whether it be a patient themselves or their family members. As we know, many people affected by a liver condition find it helpful to speak to others and share experiences. Meeting face to face can really help and the British Liver Trust facilitates a number of support groups across the UK and are now looking to expand and provide support groups for the residents of Scotland.

Do you think that this would be of interest to any of the people who use your services or know of anyone who would interested in getting involved?

If you would like any more information or would like to have a chat about what we do then you can contact me via email.


Amy Caffrey.

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There's always people on Facebook liver disease groups asking about support groups in their area. You would have to join all the forums though! Ones that come to mind are the Facebook Group for AIH facebook.com/groups/AIHorgUK/, the Facebook Group for those with cirrhosis caused by various hepatitis conditions facebook.com/groups/3932852..., and the one for hepatitis C facebook.com/groups/5522462.... Both AIH and HEp C Nomads also have websites where you could post your above message.

Hi Amy, looking forward to seeing what develops in the way of support groups in Scotland. My hubby is currently on the transplant list at Edinburgh though we travel through from South Ayrshire for appointments.

Katie :)

in reply to AyrshireK

Hi Katie,

The British Liver Trust are currently moving into Scotland. I am the first person in office in Scotland and am based in Edinburgh. If you ever need any advise or want any information don't hesitate to contact me. My email is Amy.Caffrey@britishlivertrust.org.uk.



Thanks for the advise Bolly. I will do that :)

i am interested i am looking more for a pain support, ways of dealing with the pain. as with liver disease our immune system is low. and some of the pains are very difficult so bear and talking about pain in aa or na is hopeless as not everyone is in pain and we are not looking for pity. we want to be treated as if we are the same as every one else. its just like an alcoholic going to aa they know they are in the right place and understood by everyone. but talking about illness and pain in those groups is hopeless.i have found anyway. 

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