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Day 46 - update on hubby

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We moved house on Friday. Although hubby was absolutely dreading it he has settled really well. He even told me he really likes it at our new house 🥳. Hubby has been keeping himself busy and seems to have a new burst of energy. His mood is good too.

Hubby had a 24hr ECG last week and has an echocardiogram at the end of the month, as a follow up from the blackouts he had earlier in the year.

Hubbys neuropathy has been bad again and he is complaining about having pins/needles/discomfort in his feet. He is very wobbly on his feet too.

On the downside Hubby is drinking everyday, he keeps saying that he is going to cut down again soon 🤔 but I am not holding my breath.

I am keeping busy unpacking boxes.

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Glad to hear your move went well, and your hubby is embracing it! Sorry to hear he's still drinking, I hope you're okay and as you said keeping busy with the unpacking ect. Best of luck, thinking of you, Steve :)

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mumof3girls in reply to Steve_7

thank you

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Thanks for the update, is hubby still in touch with the alcohol team?

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mumof3girls in reply to Trust1

yes he still talks to them most weeks, but ignores them other weeks

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Trust1Administrator in reply to mumof3girls

That must be really hard on you as well....please do remember you can call our helpline if you need a chat....

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