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Query re endoscopy to view duct in pancreas.

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Hello everybody

I have a slightly prominent duct in my pancreas and elevated enzymes in my blood tests.

I am having (my first!) endoscopy in a 2 weeks. I am wondering whether the camera ever picks any other issues up apart from what it's looking for. Such as other issues with the bowel or stomach?

I would be interested if anyone out there has much experience of endoscopies revealing anything other than what the original thing was it was looking for.

That sentence sounds a little clumsy but I hope you know what I mean!


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As l understand it, it will pick up any abnormalities but worth asking when you go for the procedure. Best of luck.

Oh and yes l understood what your last sentence meant 🀣

smilingjane in reply to Laura009

Ha! Thanks for getting back.


Yes it does pick other issues up.

Had endoscopy for gall stones and ended up with a Whipple’s procedure. So well worth discussing all options

smilingjane in reply to R1100S1

Gosh, that's quite an op! How are you now? πŸ€”

R1100S1 in reply to smilingjane

10 months out (hopefully) slowly getting there thanks its a BB long recovery period

smilingjane in reply to R1100S1


Ah, you mean b***** b***** ☺

Just looked at your bio and you have really been through the mill.

So sorry and hope it's a bit easier now for you.

Take care x

R1100S1 in reply to smilingjane

Yes was being polite 😊 getting there thanks

smilingjane in reply to R1100S1

Good, all the best going along x

My endoscopy (I have had many over last 6years) have picked up oesophageal varices, lesions in the stomach, hernia and confirmed Portal Hyoertension. They are very informative so well worth having x


Thanks do much for getting back.

You okay now?


Yeps thank you, still tested everything 6 months but no worse, so good. I hope everything works out good for you as well xx πŸ€—

Thank you πŸ€— x

Yeah, when they go in they have a good look at things they pass.

smilingjane in reply to Kristian

Thanks for that Kristian 😊

The Endoscopy involves a high definition camera going into your body. I was allowed to watch it which I found fascinating. The images are so clear. They found Polyps ulcers and inflammation which I wasn’t expecting. It will pick up all sorts but it’s best to know and very worthwhile having done.

smilingjane in reply to Edwen_

Thanks for that Edwin.

I am pleased In having the procedure after all the positive comments on here.


Jan_Noack in reply to Edwen_

I had one endoscopy in 2013? It foudn a hiatus heria probably the cause of my GORD. However I had to be put under anesthetic so wasn't awake. I was suspected to maybe have a blockage to my gallbladder but this was not checked? nothing else was reported on at all? I asked if the opening could be closed and he said the procedure doesnt't work. I asked about my raised liver enzymes and was told I probably had a fatty liver and to diet and lose weight. I was 58Kg , but going onto prednsione in 2016 for PMR I gained weight to 65KG (max 68KG). I have what looks to me like ascites. The GORD worsened with prednsione. I begged for an injection.. no luck so far. I asked again if I could be looked at in case I have Barrets Oesphagus forming from the acid.. and I was told he could easily do a procedure? So I am confused but I know its isn't liver. Irt all seemed to start at the same time though..the raised liver enzymes, yellow in whites of eys, extreme fatigue, increased itching in skin and cough from GORD, increased COPDastham from GORD and extreme fatigue then PMR...then prednisone and relief of many symptoms. My eyes are no longer yellow patches in the whites, my skin is still itchy though, my liver enzymes went down the I reduced eating to a spoon of protein equivalent a day for 4 days up to test.

Do lover enzymes reduce when you almost stop eating? (like in diabetes 1..your sugar levels go back to normal when you stop eating ..or only eat tny amount of protein per day)... oops sorry , back to question

I asked if I could NOT go under anesthetic for a 2nd endoscopy and was told it was always done. I said my grandmother had one with no anesthetic and told ..that was the old days. Then told I could have something to numb ...oh gee I've forgotten.. I wold like to know how you stayed awake for the procedure. What did you have? Soory for losing track ... sigh my memory is going too (I also now have moyamya syndrome in brain blood vessels). I suspect its is all related...

Hi Jan-knowak

Just read your Bio. You have certainly had what sounds like a traumatic time with doctors. I feel for you. And I feel so angry when I hear of the hurt others have been caused by the medical profession. And being asked to loose weight when you were 57 k. :( Outrageous!

I do hope you are managing a little better now and you take care.

The folk on here are with you.

😊 xx


Yes you can have an anaesthetic spray in your throat. Apparently some doctors allow you to watch by facing you towards the screen others prefer to face you away from the screen during Endoscopy. I had a choice, either the spray in the throat or a sedative. I chose the spray because I wanted to watch.

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