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Hi all I’ve not wrote for a while but just need to feel I not on my own . My itching last few days is driving me up the wall to tears again . It’s literally from my scalp to my feet , I take my powders and my skin feels moisturised but not making any difference any ideas or support will be welcome , thank you in advance sherrie x

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i used to use a cooling spray it gave me instant relief, and im sure you know cool showers and baths help x

Shezza123 in reply to jojokarak

Oh I’ve not had that suggested before , where can I buy this from pharmacy or Superdrug kind of shop x

jojokarak in reply to Shezza123

Yes I used to get it from boots but im sure superdrug will have it x

I loved it

Shezza123 in reply to jojokarak

Thank you def gonna get some to try x


Good morning Shezza123,

Sorry to hear about your increased itch, I dont think the current heatwave helps!

As suggested, keeping as cool as possible may help.

If it persists , I would suggest you speak with your doctors as there are alternative medications availble to help manage itch in PBC (Primary Biliary Cholangitis) .

Hope it eases soon,


Shezza123 in reply to Trust9

Thank you just bought some eurax cream to try again and going to get some cooling spray x


I normally itch and the doctor says I should use Claritin daily

Hi is Claritin a cream ? Thanks for advice sherrie x

Just seen b Claritin is an antihistamine am I safely able to take these with pbc ?

exy21 in reply to Shezza123

I take 2-3 daily prescribed by specialist for itch. Also questran when really bad itch. I have AIH/PBC

I second the use of a cooling spray. I also use a cooling moisturiser which has got menthol in it, something like dermacool, I noticed that aveeno also make a moisturiser with menthol in and I’m using that at the moment.

Thank you so much , last night was worse ever I ended up having to put cold wet flannel on my head to sleep x

Speak to your consultant or Doctor. I was prescribed tablets called rRifadin. They worked for me and I stopped taking them after a few weeks no more itching.

Hi my itching stared following my bleed in November, initially there was no questran available so took one piriton before bed. Help d a little then found this

e45 anti itch cream Which is excellent stuff. The bonus was my GP could prescribe it and having a prepaid certificate was helpful.

Shezza123 in reply to KulG20

Hi yes had that cream before but had none at chemist so got eurax instead but only little tube. And itching all over so using loads

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