I am new to the sure. Its 3 am and I'm going nuts with constant itch. Can be almost anywhere but mostly in face and arms and ribs. How Can you get a good night sleep? I've tried hyderm cream and aloe Vera lotion and coconut oil, baths with baking soda and more.

I had my gallbladder removed in July but the surgeon messed up and cut the common bile duct and 3 small ducts. It was corrected by another surgeon after 7 hours of surgery. After 7 weeks the drain was removed followed by a number of hospitalization and going septic a few times.

After last discharge it was decided that to go in and repair narrowing bile ducts was too difficult so I was sent home with 6 weeks of antibiotics. Not sure I can last the remaining 4 weeks as itch does not lessen.

Any advice?

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  • this sounds horrendous. i dont know what to say about the itch but im just glad that you have come on the forum and im sure there will be others out there with some experience. i have had my gallbladder removed and my bile duct recontructed. also an ERCP from which i got pancreatitis however iv not got an itch. the thing about scratching is if you draw blood then there is a chance of getting an infection so use a rough sock. usually a mans sock is good and use that to rub the itch as it wont draw blood..or anything that is rough, even a towel that has been dried in the house can be quite rough. i think i know someone who had gallbladder removed and itch i will see if i can get intouch with that person for you. love gracae xoxoxo

  • I wonder if treatment with Ursodeoxycholic Acid might help you. It's the medicine given to those with PBC (Primary Biliary Cholangitis) to help deal with the bile build up which will probably be the cause of your itch. You need to go to doctors with regards to it.


  • I'll book an appointment today, thanks

  • Hi I got my gallbladder in August and I have the very same itch its driving me mad I was at my local nurse who gave me pills and creams the pill take the itch away for a wee while but the creams are useless I also had bloods taken got the results today and they are satisfactory so don't know what's going on I do hope someone offers some advice

    love and best wishes chelli xxx

  • thanks cheli. i hope that your keeping well. speak soon when we are up to it. im just back from the dentist and there is frost on the ground good job i had my thermal leggings on. love grace xoxo💋meant to say glad the blood test results are fine but just the same it leaves you wondering just what is going on and that can be worse, xoxo

  • I use organic apple cider vinegar and drink more water and lemons. It inflames it to scratch it. Eliminating more frequently often removes the bile build up underneath the skin. I have been lucky to keep mine at bay. I hope you get relief soon. Aloha

  • Try atarax it helped me

  • All I can say is I'm from Canada and they do things very differently here! I was told my fibro-scan was really high, I have Chirrosis of the liver, not many cells left in my liver, abulky Spleen, pancreatic enzyme deficiency, severe asthma, portal hypertension, sludge in my bile ducks which is apparently stones, I'm itching nonstop as sores everywhere , myoclonus with jerking, legally blind and lost 45% of my hearing in both ears due to the clinical trials. He wanted to start treatment now, but realize I have so many problems regarding my health I don't think I'll able to tolerate The new drug that's out there have a harvoni or Slovenia whatever the heck it's called. I developed Hep-C from a tainted blood transfusion and our provincial government is compensating financially for me, but took years and years and years of the pills to finalize it and it's not a lot of money but I'm grateful for whatever I get for my children sake. I also had to sign a waiver I guess I wouldn't sue the hospital. They now have taking me off the transplant list and because I refuse to have any more treatment done my body can't take it anymore he keeps telling me my liver specialist that there's no side effects but there are and I suffer a great deal! Sounds like the UK has a lot more to offer than Canada,regarding transplants. It would cost me $100,000 just for transplant. All I can say is I'm using the same stuff as you're using for the itching and it doesn't help at all I don't get relief in the shower I don't get relief anywhere in the minute I wake up to the minute a go to bed I'm in pain itching and nauseous and I know notice at my skin is extremely oily and I drink a lot of water filtered water! I am a British subject and can travel over and live in the UK but will they be able to give me a transplant financially I don't have the money to pay for it? So you see you're in the same boat as everybody else's Is. all we can do is let people know what works and what doesn't work for them. I wish somebody would tell me what works to stop this itching because I don't even want to go outside anymore because everything itches. I have to turn everything inside out because it seems drive me crazy! I know I'm ranting, but I really need some advice from somebody!!! I'm also legally blind and I'm on so many enzymes and so many things yet they won't give me the things that I need to help me sleep they'd rather let me suffer instead because he say everything goes to the liver well I'm at my last stages and I want something to sleep with I don't give a damn what goes through my liver because everything goes to your liver . sometimes I feel in Canada all they do is make you worse because sleep inevitably The most important thing of my life right now when I sleep I feel better but I can't sleep because I'm jerking and I'm's got trimmers and I'm in pain and itching and itching is the worst! I know this is not what you wanted to hear but this is reality for a lot of people with hepatitis C that never drink or did drugs and got it from tainted blood. If you find out any ideas please let me know because I think the worst of it is itching is excruciating it's incessant. If I had to choose pain versus itching I would choose pain. Good luck love I hope you find your answers because I can't seem to find them !!!❣️🇨🇦

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