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Our Anniversary.

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Hi,I'd just like to tell everyone that it was our 58th Wedding Anniversary Yesterday. The years have just flown by so quick . Id like to tell all of you Young People out there.I know it's hard sometimes, when we are ill and in pain to be able to enjoy ourselves. But please make the best of the life you have while you can. Because before you know it the years will have passed you by.

My Hubby and I Love each other today, as much as the day that we were Wed.

Love ❤ 🧡 💛 to all you lovely People on here. 🥰 Wishing you all good Health.

Take Care and Stay Safe Everyone. Gloxxx

35 Replies
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Happy Anniversary Glo! 58 years wow that is an achievement! We celebrate our 23rd this year...not sure I will make it to 58 but you never know! Keep safe and I hope you had a lovely day yesterday, Owlie x

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Gjkas in reply to Owlie

Thankyou Owlie. Its not all Peaches and Cream. But if you pull together and Love each other, youll get there..

You're not doing too bad being Married for 23 years especially in this day and age. Take Care and stay Safe. Glo.xx

Happy anniversary, Glo!! 58 years!! Wow!! It's our Pearl wedding this year, can't believe it!!

Love and hugs to you both!! Hope you have many more happy years together!! Love and hugs Lynne xxxx ❤️🤗🌈💜

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How longs she married then. I was trying to count our Agnes but got all fingers & thumbs.

in reply to Koassilator

🤣 Only you could come up with a reply like that!!

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Gjkas in reply to Koassilator

Hahaha 🤣😄. Glo

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Thanks Lynne, when is your Pearl Wedding Anniversary 💐. I'd like to send you a card.Its hard to believe just how quick the years roll by.

Love & Hugs Glo XXXXXXX ❤💛🌹🌻

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Thank you, that is so kind.

It's 8th September. Can't believe where we are with technology!! All cameras at our wedding, no phones!! Who would have thought we would all have computers etc in our homes,!! Love and hugs Lynne xxxx ❤️🤗🌈💜

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Ill put that date in my Calendar. I won't forget. 👌

I think our Eldest Son might be the same age as you Lynne.

OMG, now I do feel Old .👵

.My hair is still mid Brown, that's my own colour, not tinted or dyed.

John's hair is a lovely silvery colour.

We had lots of photos of our Wedding as well. It's a day that we can never forget.

It had been a long day, so after the Wedding Reception John and I sneaked out of the Hotel through the back entrance. We ran Hand in Hand from the Hotel back to my Mum and Dads house. Everybody was looking, because I still had my Wedding Dress on. But it didn't matter because we were together.

We wanted time on our own. 💏💕

.Love & Hugs Gloxxxxxxx 💛🌹🌻⚘

in reply to Gjkas

Aww, bless you. I will be 55 !!! Take care and stay safe. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx ❤️🤗🌈💜

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Aww Bum ,our Eldest Son is older than you Lynne,he's 57.

Now I feel b....y ancient. 💀☠💀

Hahaha 😆 Stay Safe everyone.

Love ❤ & ((((((Hugs)))))).Gloxxxx💕 💐🌿🌹☘🥀🌻🥀🍀🌹🌿💐

in reply to Gjkas

Ha ha!! Did you say you have a daughter as well? Love and hugs Lynne xxxx ❤️🤗🌈💜

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Hi Lynne, No we don't have a Daughter . We've got 3 Sons .

4 Grandchildren and 9 Greatgrandchildren. I would have Loved to have had a Daughter, but I couldn't have any more Children after my 3rd Son was born.

John and I agreed that we'd have 4 Children, when we first got Married, but it wasn't meant to be.

Our first 2 Sons were born at home.

My Mum was with me all the way through Labour, and she was with me when I gave Birth.

I had to have our 3rd Son in hospital.

I'd much prefer to have been able to have him at home.

But the little b....r was laying across my Tummy, which meant he would have been born bum first. OOOOOOH. Not good.

He turned the right way just before he was born. Lucky Me.

The Labour wand was manic.they were so busy. I kept on telling them ( Shouting ) that he was coming. They said ' No not yet ).

In the end i actually delivered him myself, just as the Sister was coming in to check on me. She was so apologetic. HUH. It was a bit late for that.I came back home with the Baby a couple of hours later.

I had more peace at home. But I couldn't carry another Baby after that. Never mind, my Sons are lovely. They aren't worried about showing affection,neither am i .

It doesn't matter where we are,or who we're with. Especially our Eldest Son. He always says.

Mum, I Love you to the Moon and Back. A few years ago I was very ill. I was on Life Support in Critical Care a few years ago. I was very ill,i was in hospital for 6 weeks,,but I made it.

He bought me a Huge 4ft Teddy Bear. Im only 11ins taller than him.

I call him TED..😂😁🤣.

I had better finish for now Lynne,

I could go on and on. PHEW

Hope you've had a good day today, and can manage a good few hours sleep tonight💤💤💤💤💤💤💤.

Love & Hugs my Friend. ❤.Glo.xxxx

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Congratulations Gjkas yes sometimes it’s hard work to keep a relationship going too many couples give up when some tough times come along but as you know it’s worth it. The wife and I will have our 40 th wedding anniversary next year but we have been together for 50 years, meet when we were 16 and love each other as much now as in our Puppy Love days 😂💕. Once again Congratulations 🥳.

Stay Safe All

Dogbot 🐶🌈

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Gjkas in reply to Dogbot

Thankyou Dogbot. 50 years together is a WOW factor in itself.

Having your 40th Wedding Anniversary next year is Great.

My Hubby and I first met when we were 4 year old. My Mum and John's Auntie. used to work together making ammunition. Every year for a day in the Summer, there used to be a Char a bang trip to the seaside. Well when I first met my Hubby properly ,i took him home to meet my Mum and Dad. Of course my Mum got the photograph Album out.

Well when we were looking at the photos, John said " Hey Glo, that's me,my Auntie Ada and my Brother. "

In the back row of the photo was my Mum and John's Auntie .Then in the front row was John holding hands with me,👫 im in the middle .Then on the other side of me was my Hubby's Brother Richard.

When the ammunition factory closed down, John's Auntie moved to London.

So we didn't see each other again. It's so uncanny how things work out.

Sometimes I wonder if Life really is mapped out for us.

Well anyway,John and I went to the same High School. But we were in different grades, so never ever met.

Then we met up again when we were 17 and got married when we were 18 years old. Those 58 years have gone by so fast. We say sometimes " where have all the years gone ".I Love that song, " Puppy Love, "🎶🎵👫👭💏💃🕺🎶🎵👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

it brings back some lovely memories

Stay in Love. and you and all your Family

Stay Safe 👍.

Thankyou for your congregation's 🥰

Glo.xx 💖💕🥰

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There is only people of a certain age that will remember that song 😂. That is a fantastic story looking at the photo and recognising himself and family and for them both to have worked in the munitions factory they were the heroes as well as the men that went to fight good on them 👍. So really you have known your husband for all your lives WOW ,

Lovely story 💕

Stay Safe and live life

Dogbot 🐶🌈

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Gjkas in reply to Dogbot

Oh, i will always remember that song sang by Paul Anka", Puppy Love"

Yes when John recognised himself and some of his Family on the Photo in my Mum's Photo Album, we were only 4 years old. It's unbelievable.

John asked my Dad if he could marry me before he even asked me.

My Dad said "John if you can get my Girl down the aisle, you've got my Blessing "

Hahaha 😂😊.

When John asked me to marry him, of course I said Yes .The next day we went to Town and I picked my engagement ring. We got engaged on top of the Double Decker bus. Thats where he put the ring on my finger. No fuss, just the two of us. 💕

It was great,i was so excited. I just couldn't wait to get home to show my ring to my Mum and Dad .💫

Like the song Doris Day sang,

Que Sera, Sera, whatever will be will be.

The Futures not ours to see.

Que Sera,Sera.

Those words are so right, because we've known each other for all of our Lives.

But when we were 4 years old, we had no idea what the Future held for the both of us. John is not only my Hubby,he's also my best Friend.

Wonderful memories for the both of us.

Live and Love each other as best as you can. Because the years roll by so quickly.

Take Care and Stay Safe👍. Glo. 😊.

in reply to Gjkas

That's lovely , Glo. Knowing each other for so long is fantastic. Dave isn't really the romantic type. Anyway, we were at my Mum and Dad's in the hallway. I said to Dave I want a party so he said well marry me then!! I flung my arms around him and said yes!! My Mum dashed down the stairs, (it was about half ten at night) and joined my Dad in the front room where he asked my Dad's permission, I knew everything would be fine but Dave wanted to do it properly. First thing my Dad said was Bloody 'ell , I need my cheese butties to think about this!! We both got on really well with each other's parents. Dave has certainly been my rock over the years. We have been there for each other. He is certainly one of the best. Anyway, that's me off on a tangent again!! Sorry everyone!! Love and hugs Lynne ❤️🤗🌈💜 xxxx

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Gjkas in reply to

Don't be sorry Lynne.

That was lovely. He'y what were you doing in the hallway . 💑 💖.🥰 .

No don't tell me. 😚🥰😍.Hahaha.

I'm just being wicked now..

🙉 🙈 🙊 .

How many Children do you have Lynne 👶👶👶.

Take Care and Stay Safe.

Love & ((((((Hugs)))))),Glo xxxx❤💐

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Belated happy anniversary. That being two days ago another day over 58. 🤭

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Gjkas in reply to Koassilator

Aww, Thankyou so much for your good wishes for our Anniversary.

Time goes so quick. Enjoy yourself while you can. Take Care and Stay Safe. 😚 Glo.

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Gikas and Mrs Gikers HAPPY ANNIVERSARY... have a wonderful time

all the best

Paderico X

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Gjkas in reply to Paderico

Thankyou so much Paderico.😊

Take Care and Stay Safe. 👍 Glo.xx 😚.

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He obviously made a great choice 👩‍❤️‍👨 💕. Good luck to both of you. My wife loved the story but now I’m in trouble because it only took you two one year to get married 😂🤣.

Stay Safe

Dogbot 🐶🌈

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Gjkas in reply to Dogbot

Im glad your Wife loved the story ,even though it got you into trouble, I just can't stop laughing. 😉😆. 🥂🍾 Cheers.

At least you got Married in the end,and you've stayed Married. It proves you Love each other, that's the main thing. .

He'y ,tell your Wife for me that she made a good choice, and so did you. 👍❤

Good Luck to both of you too.💏 💖

Take Care of yourselves Glo.xx 😚😉

in reply to Gjkas

You are s lovely lady, Glo. I'm so glad you have got each other and have known each other so long too. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx ❤️🤗🌈💜

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Gjkas in reply to

Aww ,Thankyou Lynne. What a nice thing to say. Yes I'm so glad that we've got each other as well.

He's a gem. Yes weve known each other for most of our Lives.

He's quite a quiet Man. He can't dance for Toffee, i think he's got 2 left feet.🕺👟. He don't mind a waltz because he don't have to move much

and we can hold each other close .

Hmm, i like that as well. 💑 ❤ .

Hahaha. 🥰

Take Care of yourself and Stay Safe.

Love & Hugs ❤ .Glo.xxxxxxx 💐🍀

Hi Glo

Firstly ‘ Happy belated 58th wedding anniversary to you and John’

Secondly thank you for those kind words to us all.

Both take care

Love Trish 💞

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Gjkas in reply to

Hi Trish, Thankyou for your Anniversary Greetings to us. It's hard to believe that we've got a Son older than Lynne.

I feel Ancient 💀.But yet I don't.

I don't feel as Old as i am.

Except for when I've got a really bad day.

Then I feel like I'm ready for the Knackers Yard. 🥶 😱 😰. .

What i said,i really meant .

Everyone on here is lovely and friendly.

I hope that they can enjoy life as much as they can. Because the years just fly by and you can't do a retake, once you've let a day go by, you can't get it back.

I wish everyone on here a Happy, Healthy Life.

Talking about Health. How are you Trish.

I know that you haven't been very well, and your Temperature has been going up and down..Is everything okay now, i hope so. I know we all have Health issues on here, some worse than others.

But Pain is Pain no matter what or where.

You Take Care and Stay Safe.

Love ❤ & (((Hugs ))).Glo & John .XXXX

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What a beautiful post - many congratulations on your 58th - some going - smiling through adversity is a strong characteristic - love and peace hug your way :) xxxxx

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Gjkas in reply to sunnysmile

Hi Sunnysmile, i thought that I'd sent you a Thankyou message for our Congratulations message from you..

But I've been checking my messages and I can't find it.

So Thankyou so much for your good wishes on our Anniversary..

sunnysmile is a lovely name.

Love,peace and Hugs to you as well.

Have a good day and Stay Safe 😚. Glo.xx

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sunnysmile in reply to Gjkas

Hi Glo - you are so welcome. Take carex

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Gjkas in reply to sunnysmile

Thankyou sunnysmile .

Stay Safe🤗 .Glo.xx

Happy anniversary from us all at the Trust :)

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Gjkas in reply to

Thankyou so much Trusr 1.

This Forum is just perfect. I've made many Friends on here. If I get very Low,

I know that I can just pick up my phone and there's always someone on here that can help me out..Love Glo.xx 🤗

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