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Sixth anniversary!


Sunday January 13th 2013 at approximately 0830, I was wheeled in to the operating theatre at King's to receive the gift of a new liver. Man, those six years have flown by.

I've had ups and downs, and episodes of poor health suffering from pulmonary embolisms. But I have made it through.

What a wonderful gift it has been, and I shall be forever grateful to the donor and her family. All made possible by the almost super-human liver team at King's. From the cleaners to the surgeons, to me they all shine like stars in the universe.

Here's to the next six years!

Thank you.


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Many happy returns Martin. To many more...

and to the six after that Martin! Great to hear these stories. Very best wishes. Alf

I know. It really makes us appreciate every day!


Great stuff Martin!

It is truly great to hear from people who have had a successful transplant. This is the one time I can honestly say that I hope I have a long way to go before I get “there” 😁



Happy 6th birthday! May your health continue to improve.

Best wishes.

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Thanks Jahida... Nice to know you are still alive and kicking too. 🤓

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