1st Year Liver Transplant Anniversary

1st Year Liver Transplant Anniversary

On the 1st October 2017 it will be my first Liver Transplant anniversary, and I'll be celebrating my rebirth with an alcohol free chinese buffet. My transplant has been totally uneventful, as I appear to be one of those very fortunate people that don't appear to have suffered any after effects or complications. My heart really does go out to all those that do continue to have problems. It must be so hard having to build yourselves up, and to have all those efforts knocked back time and time again.

This past weekend I've gone and contracted a flu virus. Yes, it turned into full blown Man flu. You ladies have know idea just how much us guys have suffer. This started on Friday night, coughing and sneezing, by Saturday evening I was shivering and head was all bunged up, ears blocked, and was just starting on my second rain forest in tissues. I was expecting this to last for weeks as I know that our immune systems are turned down, so I had thought that my body was going to have it's work cut out fighting this. Today is Monday, and I'm feeling so much better, the coughs gone, hardly any sneezing. My head's still blocked so I'm still having to say, "What" or "Say again" to the wife twice and normal. All this, without taking anything, only the odd paracetamol.

But it's one of those days that make to think just how good it is to be alive.

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  • Good for you mate. Congratulations. It's actually a bit of a relief to catch something and get better, just to know that you still have an immune system.

  • Many thanks Joe.

  • It's great to hear good news good on you

  • Thanks Treeclimber

  • Fantastic enjoy your buffet :) hope they have aromatic duck! Nom


  • Miche, thanks so much for the reply. I am a Londoner and my wife comes from Stoke-on-Trent. Up here everyone uses the word "Duck", I get sick of it being called "me duck" so having to eat it as well as listen to the word would drive me to Chinese crackers. .

  • Hahaha hilarious, well I've had the nickname Daffy for way over 20 years, even my 9 year old godson and closest friend calls me it...so I sort of relate... quack...(sorry)...

  • Many Congratulations. My partner Terry celebrated his 1st anniversary in July this year without complications too. He says it's the best feeling ever !xx

  • We are both very luck people as I know a lot of people who sadly go on to have no end of problems. But they all have the same thing in common, they are all fighters and have a determination not to give in. I have nothing but admiration for every single one of them.

  • Hi

    Many congratulations. Do pleased for you.

    I've got Nash with fibrosis, can't lose weight cos if thyroid, liver nurse said if you don't lose the weight, it will be cirrhosis then transplant!!! I've done everything I can to lose weight but to no avail. My consultant is now seeing me know 17th October instead of January. I'm so scared I will need a transplant. Sorry to parrot on. You are brilliant. Lynne

  • It's so sad to hear of your situation Lynne. you've really been in the wars, but your battle's not over yet, DON'T GIVE UP STAY STRONG. All you can really do is to believe in yourself and remain positive. At the fibrosis stage the liver is becoming scared, but hopefully won't be at the cirrhosis stage for a while yet. I suspect you know all this anyway. Try not to worry and think too much about it. You'll most likely be in a much better position after your appointment on the 17th Oct. It's at times like this I wish I had the medical knowledge, but obviously I don't, and I'd never try to be something I'm not. Are you on any hormone replacement therapy for your thyroid? Is the consultant your seeing going to be a hepatologist, or a obesity specialist?

    Don't need to apologise for rabbiting on, that's not your fault, your a woman. (only joking, ha ha).

  • Ha ha.

    I'm on levethyroxine for my thyroid but they said they have to build it up gradually xxxx

  • Many congrats. Hope you continue to feel good and enjoy life! It must be so nice having a second chance.

  • Congrats to you. I hope yo have many more...

  • Hi

    Happy anniversary. My hubby says man flu is a Bitch, and that I have no understanding how awful it is, and I'm a mean unsympathetic so and so when he goes it. I will so enjoy telling him you beat it so quickly.

    I won't tell him about the Chinese food though as he loves it including the duck.

    Hearing good news is inspiring so many thanks.


  • Please pass on to your hubby for me, and tell him he's a very lucky gent to have found such an understanding person as yourself. Man Flu is a terrible illness. It makes childbirth a walk in the park. (I can see l'm going to be in deep dodo here).

  • You will make my hubby's day.

    😀 Gx

  • Just showed him your comment. He said you are absolutely right.

    Enjoy the fizz without the rough bizz.


  • Congratulations, that's amazing x

  • Congrats so happy to hear this.

  • Thanks all so very much. I wanted to share this with you all, especially those of you who are having liver related problems. Don't give up. There is light at the end of the tunnel. And life is so special when your given a second chance. My donor liver and l thank you all, and wish you good health and happiness.

  • Good show Richard and Happy Liver Birthday

    All the best

  • what a great post ! love the card 😁..congrats . I'm stage f4 fibrosis .high reading .off the scale .mild HE , insomnia yet lethargic .with osteopenia in my hip. transplant has been mentioned should the liver deteriorate .your positivity helps me and many others waiting ..keep smiling 😊

  • Happy liver anniversary and I hope you have many many more to celebrate 👍🏻🤗

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