For my lovely dad

For my lovely dad

I posted on here recently in a hope I would be able to find the answers to save dad, unfortunately dad won the battle but lost the war and passed t

away this morning at 67 years old from liver disease due to alcohol. My dad was such a lovely man and wanted to fight to the end but unfortunately he had out partied his body. I just wanted to post on here to say to everyone who is struggling with those battles with drink that is easily masked as everyone else can do it. Take care of yourselves please listen to the warnings and seek help there's no medals in trying to do it on your own. I know that it's never that easy but try and think of all the people that love you who at the end will be devastated.

I loved my dad and we should've had so many more years together but unfortunately due to alcohol it was cut short.

I've posted a photo collage of some lovely memories of my dad.

Please don't let this beat you

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  • Hello Potter,

    I read your earlier posts, but never replied to them, as I'm fairly pragmatic and don't want to come across negative on sensitive subjects.

    I am sorry for your loss, especially so soon after your wedding, but on the bright side, he was there for it and by the looks of the photos, he was enjoying himself. Time is the only healer and it will get better. Try to reflect on the happy times you had together and not what might have been. I know, easier said than done. Thank you for the collage, it was - I can't find the right word - but I did enjoy looking over them.

    PS You looked beautiful on your wedding day, your husband is a lucky man.

  • Hi

    I'm so sorry to hear of the devastating news that you have lost your Dad. It must be so hard for you. I'm so pleased he was there for your wedding, he looked so proud of you. You looked beautiful. Treasure all your happy memories, no-one can take them away. Please take care. Lots of love Lynne xxxx

  • I pressed " like " to your post but " like " is the wrong word. I pressed it because I admire what you've said. I am so sorry for you and can only repeat what was said in RHGB 's reply. It does get better in time. Take care.

  • I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope you can find peace knowing is no longer in any pain....I hope you can look back and remember all the good times and not so much the bad times...He looked very happy at your wedding and you looked very pretty. I am sure he was proud as punch, let that be your lasting memories, not the past few weeks.


  • I'm very sorry you lost your Dad Potter, my heart goes out to you all. You are a very brave lady, I am glad he was there on your special day.


    Michelle xxx

  • Oh no. So sorry to hear this. I guess hold on to the lovely memories of your dad and the happy times. Thankyou for your kind words of advice to others. Bless you and bless your late dad. Xxx

  • Your collage is wonderful. Xxx

  • So sorry to hear your news. As said by others , remember all the good times, especially your wedding day.xx

  • From Lucy and myself,

    We are so sorry that his illness did not go as you and everyone here had hoped.

    Be content with how you did as much as you could for your father and at the end he was surrounded by a loving and caring family.


  • So very sorry to hear your dad has passed away x

  • Of course, so sorry for the loss of you dad.....My biggest fear? I don't want my children ...32...& be heartbroken. I am only 52...I have 3 beautiful granddaughters

  • Me and my brother are 36 and 29 and we will get through it together but we wanted so much more for dad x

  • So sorry for your loss xxx be proud of the fight you both put up though, you will give hope to many R.I.P

  • Dear Potter,

    Sincere condolences to you and your family.

    I am so sorry for your loss. How brave you are to come on here and give advice and hope in such a devastating time. Your love for your dad and the wonderful images tell us what a wonderful individual you are.

    Wishing you immense strength and this difficult time.

    Take care.


  • Thank you for your lovely comments and I am starting to embrace things for the positive.

    I know how much my dad loved me, Adam. (brother) and Samuel (grandchild) and if he knew how much we are hurting right now it would devastate him. So I'm not going to be sad cause he's gone, I will try and remain grateful that he was here. When I hear Samuels laugh, I wil be reminded of his trademark crazy laugh, when I look in the mirror at my blue eyes just like his, I'll see him smiling right back, and when Adam turns up in some crazy new trend, I'll be reminded of the handsome fashion conscious man he was. Some people pass through life, and some live it and make lasting impressions on people. My dad was one of those people that everyone loved.

    I know my dad will live on in me my brother and his grandchild, and I won't let alcohol ever define who he was.

    Thank you for helping me see that

  • We are all so much more than our conditions. Your dad lives in you all and in your memories. And stirs the hearts of all those on this forum who have read your story. Such it is to be human. Thank you.

  • Damn sorry to hear this so very sad I hope your ok and family. I myself can't get on the list at the moment as they've said I'm not fit enough once again sorry for your loss Bri. Xx

  • Hi I am so sorry for your loss. I am seeeing so many similarities in your post and replies to people that are like what I went through with my dad. I lost my dad at 63 on 10-12-16 to alcoholic cirrohsis. I liked what you said about you will not let alcohol define who he was. I am going to remember that. Because my dad was sober my childhood and an AMAZINGLY father. My teenage years he started drinking (again) from when I was 2 years old (he went to rehab) and he never could manage to quit. It was a rough 15 plus years with him up and down up and down in and out of hospitals and a lot. I'm miss him so much. Here if you ever need to talk. My sisters and I are making it through but I cry a lot, miss him a lot, and wanted so much more for him too.

  • Thank you, when asked about my motivation to stop drinking I show people the photograph on my phone of my eldest son graduating as a Dr in July from the university of Sheffield. We are stood proudly around him, my beautiful wife of 28 years and our second child who is also at Sheffield doing Civil Engineering. Motivation is for me simple, how can I hurt those I love the most. At 52 I nearly died from an internal haemorrhage caused by alcohol and anti inflammatories, the good news was they found liver damage so I can take action. Thank you for sharing the memories of you dad, he would have been proud of you.


  • So sorry to hear about your dad. I can only echo what others have said. He looked so proud of you on your wedding day, and how kind of you to still be thinking of others at this sad time in your life.

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