Don't know what to eat

Don't know what to eat

My LFT is as follows I now some nights have pain in my liver area and bones. Collar bones mainly right side. I am waiting for ultrasound but it is so far away.

I'm also getting acid taste in mouth and it seemed worse when eating a 100g bar of dark chocolate but this is what I have been using to maintain my weight. Now I'm scared I have leaky gut/can't process fats.

Left to one sweet potato and Brussels sprouts, even if I eat 3 sweet potato at 19g sugar each throughout day. I'm rapidly loosing weight and don't know what's safe to eat I don't want my liver to keep getting inflamed.

What am I to eat? I'm worried I will make liver worse.

Additional Info: I have been urinating a lot like 12 times a day I don't know what that means im waiting for a ultrasound but it takes a long time.

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  • have you thought about getting a juicer and juicing some nice fruit or vegetables or making soup. all fruit and veg is good for liver and is not full of fat. also you will good some good vitamins into your body. try not to eat a whole bar of chocolate as its far to hard to digest even for someone who has no digestion problems its not good for you. even if you have a little sweet rice or custard. or tinned fruit or yogurt all that is easy to eat and not as fattening as a whole bar of chocolate. dark chocolate is said to be good for you if the cocoa content is hight but only 1 or two squares. sorry i cant read the tests for you but im sure someone with more knowlegs on liver reading will come along and hopefully put your mind at rest. love and best wishes grace xoxoxo

  • I don't have much money I just need high calorie foods. However if fat is bad and so is sugar and especially fructose I can't understand what to eat. My doctors is closed and they are reluctant on advice. I cant loose much more weight. I appreciate your response, its very comforting to know there are people who care.

  • Am I right in thinking this is not planned weight loss? Weight is 'falling off you' you're saying and you are trying to keep it on.

    There is all sorts of advice on the British Liver Trust page about eating for a healthy liver or for specific liver conditions. This information is at :- .

    If you feel you are getting very thin and are loosing muscle mass you should start snacking on smaller meals containing carbohydrate and protein. My husband has cirrhosis and we were surprised when he was advised to eat lots of the things a normal person would be advised against and eat them often i.e. avoid long fasting periods and have a good supper before bedtime.

    From your blood results some are out of range but not massively so and but definitely needs some more follow up and a referral to at least a gastroenterologist or better still a hepatologist is essential. I am not going to hazard at a diagnosis since I am not a medic and in my hubbies case we have rarely ever seen or received his blood results.

    I assume that your doctor (is it your GP) has referred you for the ultrasound scan and is planning to refer you on after seeing the results of that. I don't know how long you have been waiting for that appointment but if it is any more than a month i'd be tempted to chase it up and ask your doctor to check that an appointment will be forthcoming - it is not unheard of for referrals to go 'missing' and you end up sitting there desperately waiting when it isn't actually coming - the stress and anxiety don't help your liver at all.

    The frequent urination needs checking up too, IF (and I am not saying it is) your liver is poorly it can have a knock on effect on the kidneys.

    You need this ultrasound a.s.a.p. and referral to a consultant. The weight loss, out of range blood results and possible kidney issues need checking out quickly. Push for it on Tuesday (if you are in UK, Monday is a Bank Holiday I think).

    Let us know how you get on.


  • Thank you for reply really appreciate. You just reminded me Monday may be bank holiday which has made me upset but I'm glad I know aha.

    It has lots of diet recommendation cut out fats, sugars etc. Problem is I had trouble maintaining before now I have no idea what to eat and feel pain sometimes. It sucks just want the ultrasound to hurry but its around 12 days away min and I'm just worried. Hopefully an appointment will come through the door sooner somehow.

  • Could you make toast and put lots and lots of olive oil on it? Lots of calories but no fat.

  • Could you make toast and soak it on plive iol? No fat but lots of calories.

  • and also coconut oil. i keep a jar in the fridge and use it as a spread as seemingly it by passes the gallbladder and is very easy to digest.

  • Eatbbeets

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