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Great support


This is only my second post since joining after my partner became very ill. It is believed he has cirrhosis and has HE as complication. He is at home now, with the HE fluctuating. The fibroscan is delayed by about 4 weeks due to COVID and I have increasing concern about the HE, especially with the long wait to get results and adjust medication as appropriate. I called the BLT helpline for guidance as to what if anything could be done. The person I spoke to was of fantastic support, and suggested speaking to our GP to explain and hopefully facilitate with the liver team in the first instance. We had a call this morning with our GP and she talked through the concerns and will be contacting the liver team to investigate other medications that could be prescribed, Neomycin or Rifaximin. Thank you so much for your help.

Today has been a very difficult day, the HE very bad We have had the terrible news too within the last two weeks that from an MRI and PET scan my partner has a lung cancer, likely spread to an adrenal gland. He has a biopsy on Monday coming so will know more about prognosis and possible treatment. We are both very scared, and today I have found myself having a bit of a meltdown. But I have to stay strong, keep focussed and seek information, support and help as much as I can to keep the lid on.

So once again, a huge thank you to the helpline and all of you for your posts I read which really help me

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My thoughts are with you, HE is a difficult thing to cope with on its own, as I know personally.

The Lung cancer news will be a terrible shock

I know many on here will be thinking of you and will always be open to help in and way they can

Keep strong, there is always hope, my prayers will be with you


davianne in reply to david5354


I, like David, sympathise with your situation regarding your partners HE, and like David, experience this at first hand.

I am so so sorry to hear of the diagnosis of cancer, and I hope and pray that treatment will happen for them very soon.

You are in my prayers,

God Bless you both,


Kayben21 in reply to davianne

Thank you David davianne too for your kind and supportive words. It helps me feel not so alone in what is a dark place at the moment


Kayben21 in reply to david5354

Thank you so much David for your kind and supportive words and thoughts. So very much appreciated.


You are in my thoughts and prayers. Thinking of you both. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx 😘

Kayben21 in reply to Oldham65

Thank you Lynne xx

Oldham65 in reply to Kayben21

You are very welcome. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx 😘

Hi Kayben21

It’s bad enough having one problem without the added complications all my best wishes to you and your partner my thoughts are with you.

Dogbot 🐶🌈

Kayben21 in reply to Dogbot

Thank you so much Dogbot



We are so pleased you found our nurse led helpline service helpful.

Please do call myself or Kirsty again if you need to. We hope you find the forum supportive too.

You are not alone,

Warm wishes

Trust1/Rebecca on the phone!

Kayben21 in reply to Trust1

Thank you Rebecca.... yo were of amazing help and support.

You have my deepest sympathies the lung cancer diagnosis most be so worrying for the both of you. I can only echo what everyone else has said. You are in my thoughts and prayers x

Kayben21 in reply to Bs1524

Thank you so very much xx

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