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Still have a raised GGT

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Hi i have been having blood tests over the last year starting last august. I originally had a blood test because i needed some medication which can effect the liver so the did a liver test before giving me a prescription. My test came back with slightly raised alt and alp and a ggt of 130. I did a second test a month later and my ggt was 170 but with a normal alt and alp. I then has another test in december which had a ggt of 110 and then again in feb with a level of 80. My most recent tests show normal alt and alp but ggt of 85 , i have only had alcohol on 4 occasions so far this year but two of them were about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I also do alot of exersize i have read that in some instances cardio exersize has been shown to increase ggt. I have been booked in for a scan in about 10 days. Does anyone have any experiences that can relate to this or any informatiom that can help. Sorry for the long rambling post..

10 Replies

Hello CumbriaMan, hopefully the forum members will be able to give you the support you need or feel free to call the British Liver Trust helpline which is open Mon-Fri 10 am to 14.45 pm on 0800 652 7330

Best wishes


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Can't offer any suggestions but I've had high GGT, well over 200, for around 10 years and no cause ever found despite numerous scans, mrcp's and biopsy.

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CumbriaMan in reply to bantam12

thanks for the reply.. i have read about quite alot of people who have raised ggt for no obvious reason. Do you still have tests for it ? do you still drink alcohol or have you stopped? I last drank on the 4th July and on 24th June but nothing since and before that i hadnt had any alcohol since march (just one occasion).

From what i read they seem to look for a raised alp and alt along with ggt for many illnesses.

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bantam12 in reply to CumbriaMan

I've not drunk alcohol for many years as I can't tolerate it. I have tests several times a year and see my Gastro Consultant annually, my ALP and ALT are also raised, the levels go up and down but never back to normal. I do take prescription meds which can cause a problem but that's been ruled out as stopping them had no effect of GGT level, I also have other blood results which are raised but again no cause found, think I'm just an oddity !

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My hubby started out with high ggt he doesnt touch alcohol the endocrinologist carried on testing. He was found to have a liver problem known ad alpha 1 anti trypsin deficiency and was transplanted nearly 8 years ago. Maybe you sshould be tested for this. It gets missed a lot.

Good luck

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CumbriaMan in reply to freddie76

i will ask about that too... i googled it and it says some of the symtoms can be

Shortness of breath.


Chronic bronchitis, which is cough and sputum (phlegm) production that lasts for a long time.

Recurring chest colds.

Less exercise tolerance.

Year-round allergies.


i dont have any of those im a fell / marathon runner so would notice any lung breathing problems quite quickly i think but i may not havr symptoms yet i suppose. i will ask about it

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carmik in reply to CumbriaMan

The lung issues do also relate to Alpha 1, but with Alpha 1 you can just have either lung, liver or issues with both. Still worth asking. AIAD is not always thought about.

My husband had no symptoms but they found he has Bronchiectasis too.

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Elevated GGT can also point to low levels of glutathione, try taking a good L Glutamine supplement and see it that helps, as glutathione protects the liver

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CumbriaMan in reply to patrick00032001

thanks for that ill look into that.. is that somthing that i need to get from doctors?

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No, you can buy it over the counter at most pharmacies

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