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abnormal GGT result

Has anyone any experience of the following- I had private blood tests done Dec 15 as a general health check. Some abnormal results included raised GGT of 65 so Doc advised abstain from alcohol for 4 mths and repeat test. I did have 2 weekends during the 4 mths where I had a few drinks but on the whole didn't drink. Just got repeat tests last week and now GGT 89. I am surprised and now worried that something more serious is going on. My other liver enzymes are all normal, I only normally have a few glasses of wine at the weekend and wouldn't class myself as a heavy drinker. Could this be an indicator of liver damage already. Won't get speaking to Doc for 2 weeks so could use some advice as I know you all have a lot of insight into liver problems. Have been searching the forum since my Mother passed away with liver cirrhosis(never touched alcohol in her life)with no explanation-a complete shock-late diagnosis.

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that's not a particular high level of GGT but its not just alcohol that raises GGT-it could be fatty liver or something else. However the fact that your mother had undiagnosed cirrhosis may indicate some genetic issue-dont think abstention will alter those results but if you're concerned it may be worth a try. age/weight/gender also factors

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Needs checking urgently.definitely sounds as though this could be a genetic problem.

Please get tested for Alpha 1 Antitrypsin deficiency.

My husband started this way  (high ggt)

Ended with cirrhosis and transplant.

Your mother should have been tested to make sure her pronlem wasnt genetic.

Don't let them fob u off

Good luck keep us posted


Probably meed to go to an.nhs docs and get some autoimmune tests done...explain your mums histoty and your lifestyle change you should have  a more extensive bank of blood tests.

Just remember ggt can b raised for other reasons good luvk cazer.


It's a good sign that your other enzymes are within normal range. I'm currently under investigation as both alt and GGT were high after a routine check due to fatigue. My first GGT was 170 and been for another blood test yesterday for comparison. I'm also on a waiting list for ultrasound. I'd suggest that you contact your GP and let them know about family history. They may choose to investigate further if they have any concerns. 


Thank you all for the replies. I have booked an appointment today for 19th May with GP. Maybe I'm over reacting but I'm so much more aware of liver disease now from witnessing what happened to my Mother. Looking back she had all the classic symptoms but they weren't picked up by her GP's. By the way I'm in my late 40's, female,have never been overweight, no medications, really good diet- loads fruit/veg, hardly any processed stuff,never sugary/fizzy drinks. General health really good, can't remember last time I was sick not even a cold. I'll update if I have any further tests


Get your iron levels checked, Genetic Haemochromatosis a possibility, especially given your family history.


diet sounds good also good news not overweight as this can be a factor-get checked out but don't worry too much.


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