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Normal ultrasound high ggt

I did a complete blood work and it turned out that I have ggt of 119. I had been taling anti biotics three weeks before and I still have severe cough for which I take anti histamines. My ultrasound is clear. I don’t drink at all and my bmi is 24. My ALT is normal but ALP is a slight high than reference. I am very much worried about my ggt values though

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Many antibiotics are notorious for causing temporary "cholestasis" (thick/muddy bile).

This can raise ALP and GGT as well. Antibiotic cholestasis typically resolves on its own within a month or so after the end of therapy.

Foods high in lecithin, like whole egg (the lecithin is in the yolk) can help thin thick/viscous bile and get it flowing again.

Hope you get better followup labs soon!


Thanks for the reply. I have been prescribed acitibile by my doctor for a week. Hope that I get better!


hi-this does sound like could be related to medicine-doesn't sound like fatty liver given your other info-not a huge worry I would say-my suggestion would be once your other symptoms are clear-get tested again a 6 weeks or so to see if there's a pattern?


I have a blood test scehduled next week. I should stop googling for a while 😁


yep very good idea! best K


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