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Sweating especially at night

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I never seem to get a night's sleep, I am awake on and off all night with really bad sweats, i absolutely drip with it. This happens during the day but much more so at night.

Also I seem to have headaches all the time, this is on top of the swollen gassy stomach, upper right quadrant pain and a hernia.

i do have cirrhosis of the liver diagnosed on a fibral scan with a score of 19 and will get results of bloods and MRI in 10 days time. i have been alcohol free for 4 weeks now.

Any tips for a better nights sleep

Thank you


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Unfortunately, I've never come across any advice for relieving night sweats. They are SO uncomfortable and distressing, I know. I've had the same problem: when I first stopped drinking the night sweats were very severe. They did taper off after a while, but after a few months they returned with a vengeance. I've been sober for two years now and only really saw the back of the sweats about 6 months ago. But remember we're all different - the problem in your case may be much shorter-lived - I do hope so. Above all, please don't let it stop you from persevering in the fight for better health - the sweats WILL come to an end and you will be so glad you persevered.

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PeterP54 in reply to Darsmum100

Have you mentioned the night sweats to a doctor? I had these and did not think much of it. Turned out they were a symptom of an illness secondary to my transplant that required urgent treatment. If your primary illness is different to mine, they might have a different cause. Better safe than sorry.

Night sweats are not from liver disease and usually from an infection or varying body or room temperatures, they can also stem from adrenal or chronic fatigue syndrome, and pre or full diabetes, I would recommend a full blood work up and visit with your family practitioner, best of luck

At four weeks your body is still adapting to functioning without alcohol, which could account for some of those symptoms.

As for sleep? That's a tough one. Did you used to have a nightcap to help you get to sleep? Going to sleep sober can be tricky at first if you've been used to dozing off with a few drinks inside you.

I'm sure things will settle down in the following weeks as your body settles down.


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Great points Gary and those are likely the issues at play here. Not to be an Ahole but I have to correct Patrick here. A statement like "night sweats are not from liver disease" is not one that can be made with such certainty. Many people with liver disease complain of night sweats. This forum is filled with posts of members stating they suffer from it. Further there is medically supported documentation that liver dysfunction can cause the body to "overheat" especially in those who are obese and have liver disease related to fatty liver.

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Fibroscan should never be used alone to make a diagnosis. Until you get the MRI and bloodwork all together I wouldnt take a diagnosis of cirrhosis from just a fibroscan nor should any good doctor give one off that alone.

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Mitmab in reply to Hidden

wow maybe I haven't got Cirrhosis then, I see specialist for results of MRI and bloods next week

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I dont want to give your hopes up. But those machines are incredibly influenced by inflamation and in people who have recently quit drinking. Just to give you an example my fibroscan score dropped by 22kpa from the first test which was right after I stopped drinking to the second that was taken 2 months later. Your sitting on the cusp line of your score suggesting cirrhosis. So there is definately a hope there for sure and as I said no doctor should ever diagnose cirrhosis off a fibroscan especially when alcohol is the culprit. The " clinical picture" has to all point to cirrhosis. Never one test alone.

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I’ve had every test going EXCEPT for a Fibroscan. How strange? I asked for one last week only to be told why bother. We know what you have. Fair enough! I’ve also been diagnosed by several different doctors who have looked at my scans. In Australia, you get a scan done and it gets sent to Sydney or some big city for diagnosing. Not sure if that’s the same on NHS?


I’ve been off the booze for over two years now. I still get night sweats. I hate them. You wake up freezing cold with a hot wet bed. I take sleeping tablets but I still wake up every hour or two. Sorry, but I can’t offer you any advice just sympathy.



Did you find out what was causing the sweats cause ive been getting them alot and its not cause of the weather its not even hot

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PeterP54 in reply to Everybod

You must speak with your GP about this.

I had night sweats that were caused by a rare reaction to one of the immunosuppressants I was taking in 2013. It was post transplant lymphoproliferative disorder (PTLD). To all intents and purposes , six years after treatment finished I have been cured of the lymphoma but need a surgical procedure twice a year to replace a stent due to the damage the tumour caused. Your cause may be entirely different of course. Please, please speak with your GP. Don't waste time.

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Everybod in reply to PeterP54

I will thankyou

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