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Warts an'all

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Hi my lovelies

This is a question for my transplantee friends. Do you have veruccas (plantar warts to some)? I have 2 and a 3rd coming I think on the same foot. I was going to buy a treatment then looked them up on the internet. It appears that we are prone to them due to immunosuppresseurs & have problems getting rid of them. I have an appointment with my hep guy next week and one with the dermatologist next month. I think I'll let them decide treatment. Have you had any?



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Not me Isabelle, but I shall be on the lookout for them now! Alf

Hi Isabelle

I had one on my finger 7-8 months post transplant, wasn't going away for several months. I used bazuka extra strength and it made it go away in less than 10 days. Doesn't work for everybody though. My daughter had quite a few on her hands and it didn't do a thing for her. She's not even on immunosuppressants or any other medication. Hers started going away a few weeks ago after she had them for a good couple of years. We were told to give her zinc or zinc containing multivitamins which we did. Coincidentally that's when they started going away so zinc must really help getting rid of them.

Good luck!



Thanks for the heads up, the mycophenalate is causing me a lot of skin issues, my wife has one and I am aware that they are easy to pass on, I’ll get the magnifying glass out.


Hiya hunni I had a strange lump turn up on the arch of my foot a year or so ago I went gp he said it was a verruca and told me to buy the removal cream I used it for the ten days no improvement, back to GP referred me to a podiatrist they said it was something else (can't remember what lol) seen them for 2 months they tried removing it, it was torture they couldn't so it was hospital podiatrist ... They still don't know what it is and I have had scans and x-rays I still have it now but it's not painful anymore ... You should see a podiatrist first before dermatology x

Hope you have more luck than me 😊

Hi Isabelle

No. But I’ll look out for them attacking me. I’m 4 months + since tp. I can’t remember (there’s a surprise) when you had “yours”.


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19 months nearly

in reply to Isabelle2

Gosh Isabelle that’s a long time ago! Do you think it’s something to do with the immusuppresant tablets then? Asked a doctor? Or a liver consultant more like!


Yes my hubby did dont touch them yourself.you definitely need your dermatologist to make the arrangements for you.Immunosuppression can cause major issues if you dig around yourself and you could end up with sepsis.

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Yes I'm lucky I have an appointment for next month

Hi . My H has them over both legs . We've asked docs and his consultant about them but no-one seems that concerned . Would be interested in anything you get told as just seems another thing I'm getting nowhere on . Thanks.

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I'll keep you posted

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Have you actully been referred to a dermatologist? my hubby was given one as soon as growths and rashes started appearing after transplant

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Here in France you have a yearly appointment with a dermatologist because of the cancer risk with immunosuppressants. Mine is 23 Feb

Yes I had a couple on one foot. Tried Bazuka, Occlusal and other such treatments but to no avail. Then tried the Duck Tape cure - it worked! Duck or Duct tape is a strong waterproof tape used in the building industry. B&Q or any good DIY shop will sell it. Plenty of descriptions of the treatment by Googling Verucca Duck Tape Method. There is even a Scottish NHS site (nhsinform.scot). Doesn't work for everyone and look out for possible irritation caused by the glue on the tape. Stop using if at all unsure. Must be two years since I "cured" mine.

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